Two Arab men beat Jews outside Damascus Gate of Jerusalem’s Old City

By: Moses Gold

Two Jewish men were left with injuries after several Arab men assaulted them outside the Damascus Gate of Jerusalem’s Old City.

The incident occurred on Saturday afternoon, when several young Arabs attacked Jews who were on their way back from prayer services at the Western Wall. Two Arabs assaulted the Jews, and then fled from the scene. One suspect has since been arrested.

"I came back from the Western Wall with three friends," Nachman, 21, who was injured in the incident, said.

"After we passed the Damascus Gate, two Arabs suddenly came out of a car, and one of them punched me in the face," he said.

Nachman's eyeglasses broke from the blow, and blood came gushing out from his nose.

"I was shocked and I could not defend myself," he said.

“I saw two military police officers, who were standing nearby, and I went to them for help. Meanwhile, the Arabs attacked my friends, who defended themselves. Police arrived and arrested one of the Arabs," Nachman said.

Nachman was transported by ambulance to Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital, where he was treated for a nose injury.

He needed three stitches to the nose and was released later in the day.

"Such beatings will not deter us," Nachman said. "Certainly, I will continue to go through the Damascus Gate. Why not?" He said.

Syrian mother in labor runs across Israeli border to give birth in Safed hospital

A Syrian mother holding her newborn in Israeli hospital 
By: Debbie Gross

A mother, who felt that she was about to give birth, ran across the Israeli border in order to give birth at a Safed hospital, according to Israeli border officials.

The Israeli military said that a Syrian woman escaped the bloody civil war in her country, and has given birth at an Israeli hospital.

The Israeli army has taken in dozens of wounded Syrians, who arrived at the border in the past two years, and transferred them to Israeli hospitals for care.

However, a spokesperson for the Ziv Medical Center in Safed, said that Sunday's event was the first time a Syrian baby was born in Israel.

The hospital said a 20-year-old woman at an advanced stage of labor reached the Israeli border from her besieged city after she was unable to gain access to a local hospital.

She gave birth to a healthy baby boy weighing 3.2 kilos or 7 pounds.

Syria is an old enemy of Israel, and its citizens are banned from traveling there. They face possible imprisonment if caught.

Palestinians crowd Israeli gas stations as gasoline shortage skyrockets

Palestinians form long line at Israeli gas station 
By: Aryeh Savir

Palestinians are crossing into Israel in large numbers in order to purchase some gas for their vehicles as a gasoline shortage in the territories is skyrocketing, according to a report by the Tazpit News Agency.

Since the early hours of the morning hundreds of Palestinian cars have been riding over to Israeli gas stations because the stations in their towns no longer had any.

Tazpit News Agency has learned that the cities of Ramallah, Shchem and Hebron are dry of gas because they have neglected to pay their bills to the fuel providing companies. As a result the Arabs have been flocking to Israeli owned gas stations to fill up. Gas can still be found in Jenin and Jericho.

There were long lines in front of stations in the Israeli towns of Kdumim, Karney Shomron and Kiryat Arba. Many came with cans to fill and take back with them. Eventually traffic became so jammed that the IDF had to get involved and blocked the road leading from the PA to Kdumim.

Incidentally, the PA also owes close to 1 billion NIS to the Israeli electric company. Israel's Government is still searching for creative solutions to enable the PA to pay their debts.

5 IDF soldiers suffer serious injuries after bomb goes off near Gaza

Injured IDF soldiers 
By: Aryeh Savir

(Scroll down for video) Five Israeli soldiers suffered injuries after a bomb went off near the Gaza border, according to a report by the Tazpit News Agency.

IDF officer, Lieutenant Achiya Klein, who was wounded last Thursday during an IDF operation to dismantle a terror tunnel on the Gaza border, regained consciousness today. Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba stated that Klein, who has been hospitalized for the past four days, has begun communicate with his surroundings.

Klein, wounded with another four soldiers, sustained the most serious wounds in the incident, incurring an eye injury. His state is still categorized as serious and he will require additional surgery in the future. Klein’s doctors have been quoted as expressing careful optimism about saving his eyesight.

In an interview with Tazpit News Agency, Achiya’s father, Yechezkel said his son was improving. "Achiya is doing fine. We are optimistic about his eye sight; all the other injuries are insignificant.”

“The rest of the family is doing OK", he added.

Klein, aged 22, the fifth of six children, from Kfar Eztion, was injured with four other members of the Samur Unit, an elite Engineering Corps unit, the equivalent of the American Tunnel Rats. The force was hit near the Gaza security fence after a bomb went off on Thursday night (Oct. 31). They were on an operation to uncover additional parts of an underground terror tunnel that was uncovered a month ago.

Yechezkel spoke of the reports of prayers being held world-wide for the speedy recovery of his son. "We have heard that people have been praying and reciting Psalms for our son's recovery all around the world. We are very moved by these gestures and urge everyone to continue with their prayers. We truly believe they help."

Achiya's grandparents are Holocaust survivors and his grandfather is an ex-IDF soldier himself. Visiting at Achiya’s bedside, he told Achiya while shaking his hand: "You will be strong and overcome this like we have overcome in the past."

"We have educated our children by the values of Zionism and contributing to the State of Israel. He did what he was tasked to do. We will contend with this reality and prevail" Achiya’s father concluded.

Another visitor to the recently wounded soldiers was IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz, who also expressed his gratitude to the soldiers who put their life in harm's way to defend the citizens of Israel. "The soldiers were wounded, but the mission was completed," Gantz stated.

Relating to the ongoing terror threat for Gaza Gantz said: "We will continue to operate in Gaza. The threat from the terror tunnels is significant, and we will continue to work in that regard as long as necessary. Months after Operation Pillar of Defense the security situation is much better. Obviously, threats remain from the Gaza Strip and we will continue to deal with them."

New tweeting bra lets the world know when you take it off

Woman taking off her bra illustration 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) If you want the world to know the moment you take your bra off then the tweeting bra is for you.

A Greek Marketing Group has created the first "Tweeting Bra,” as part of a campaign of Nestle Fitness.

The social networking bra uses a special mechanism hidden under the bra hook to send out the notifications.

When the bar is disengaged, it sends a signal to a cell phone, which in turn notifies a server that generates the tweet.

A popular Greek TV presenter, Maria Bacodimou, will wear the tweeting bra for two weeks in order to advertise the product.

Whenever she will remove her bra, a tweet will be sent to her nearly 150,000 followers reminding them to perform a breast examination. The tweeting bra also has its own Twitter account.

Unfortunately, the bra only sends Tweets in the Greek language at this time.

Woman walks in on her married boss having sex with another man at her workplace

sex in library illustration  
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A woman walked into her place of employment, to find her boss having sex with a man, who was not her husband.

Jamie Kurz, who worked as a librarian assistant at the Estancia Public Library in New Mexico, was fired after she refused to stay quiet about her boss’ affair.

Kurz said she came to work early one morning, and noticed that there were two vehicles in the parking lot, even though the library was still closed.

One car belonged to her boss, who is the director of the library.
The other vehicle was the town’s maintenance truck.

Kurz entered the library, and she went to put her thing down.

That’s when she heard noises coming from the children's section of the library.

She went to investigate, and found her boss having sex with the city’s maintenance man. According to reports, Kurz said both were married to other people.

The lovers asked Kurz to keep quiet about their affair.

She felt it was inappropriate and reported the incident to the town clerk named Julie Carter, who then informed the mayor, Sylvia Chavez, about the incident.

Both Kurz and Carter were fired shortly thereafter.
Now, Carter and Kurz are planing to sue the city.

Attorney Joseph CampBell, who is representing Kurz, said that both women are protected under the whistleblower laws.

School official seen on video stealing huge sculpture from restaurant

Jon Paul Romero 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A school official was left red-faced after he was caught on video stealing an expensive sculpture.

The elected member of the Pojoaque Valley School Board in Jaconita, New Mexico, was seen stealing a 55 pound, 4-foot-long bronze iguana sculpture from a table inside a restaurant at the Buffalo Thunder Resort and Casino.

Surveillance video showed how Jon Paul Romero walked out the door of the casino with the giant lizard, which is valued at $6,000.

Santa Fe County sheriff's deputies found the iguana statue in Romero's living room. They took it and returned it to its owner.

“If you're stealing a 55-pound bronze iguana out of a public place, which has lots of security cameras, then you need to check yourself and see what's going on because that's not normal,” the restaurant owner said.

Romero's lawyer said his client had been drinking alcohol the night he stole the statue.

The district attorney said that since it was not a violent crime, he will not press charges against Romero for the theft if he goes for counseling.

This option is offered to first time offenders.

Romero was also banned from the Buffalo Thunder Resort and Casino.

School board members said they are disappointed and surprised by Romero’s actions. They also said that Romero is very dedicated to his job.

Lively funeral complete with hot girls marching band

Lively funeral complete with music 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) While most funerals are a sad event, some choose to celebrate the end of their loved one’s life and accomplishments, with music and dance.

In most countries, a funeral is a somber affair. People are sad about the loss of their loved one, and nobody likes to say goodbye to their friends and loved ones for the last time.

However, in some parts of Taiwan, a funeral is a time to celebrate in style, with music and the sexy girls marching band.

One funeral coordinator in the southwestern region of Taiwan, posted video of several happy funerals in session.

In the center of the room lies the closed casket. Surrounding the deceased, is a band of beautiful women wearing mini-skirts.

They march around the casket as they play Taiwan’s hit music songs.

Some internet users apparently like the idea of sending a loved one off with music, here is what some people wrote:

“Careful, you’ll wake the dead!”
“This is livelier than my wedding.”
“I’d like to request a funeral like this.”
"My grandfather would have loved this."

Friends steal llama from circus and take it for a train ride

Five men with stolen llama 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) Five men were seen on video with a stolen llama.

They apparently wanted to take the llama home via train.

The five friends, who stole the llama from a circus in Bordeaux, France, eventually, headed for the train station.

It was early morning on Thursday, when the five young men, who had just left a nightclub in the Bassin a Flot area, were walking in an area where a French-Italian circus resides.

Seeing the llama in its cage, the group decided to free the animal and have some fun with it. They walked with the llama to the center of the city before heading to the train. They also stole a stuffed lion and a trombone.

When the conductor saw the eight-year-old llama on the train, he alerted the authorities.

The llama was removed from the train and was tied to a lamppost until authorities were able to locate its owner.

The friends took advantage of the chaotic situation, and they left the scene without being noticed.

They took another train home, but they did not get far, as surveillance cameras revealed their identities.

They were arrested by police. They were held in custody for several hours before being released. They will be prosecuted by the Criminal Court of Bordeaux.

The llama was returned to the circus unharmed.

Woman arrested after performing oral sex on boy, 6, at gas station

Michelle Lucus 
By: John Roberts

A woman violated a 6-year-old child by molesting him inside a gas station restroom.

Michelle Lucus, 46, of Ocala, Florida, was arrested after she molested her friend’s child.

A trip to the gas station turned into a nightmare for the 6-year-old boy.

During an interview with police, the boy said that Lucus took him along to a nearby Chevron gas station to pick up some things for the family.

Lucus and the child entered the store. Lucus allegedly invited the boy into the bathroom with her. When the boy refused, Lucus grabbed his arm and forced him into the bathroom.

Once inside, Lucus locked the door, pulled down the boy’s pants and proceeded to perform oral sex on him, according to the Marion County Sheriff's Office.

The boy later told his father about the incident, and he called the police.

During questioning, Lucus admitted to entering the bathroom with the child, but said she could not remember what happened next.

She was arrested and charged with sexual assault on a child and false imprisonment of a child.

Man freaks out after seeing tooth in Snickers bar

Snickers bar illustration 
By: Debbi Gross

(Scroll down for video) A man was angry when he found a tooth inside his Snickers bar.

He accidentally swallowed the tooth, which left him disgusted and worried.

Robert Galvan of Almond, Wisconsin, went to the media after he found a tooth in his snack, the Snickers bar.

Galvan eats 3 Snickers bars a day, but when he found the tooth, he was so disgusted that he was unable to touch another bar.

Galvan believed that the human tooth was logged between the peanuts and the chocolate.

Galvan told reporters that he was deeply concerned about contracting a disease as a result of consuming the contaminated snack.

Days later, Galvan went to the dentist. The dentist told him that a piece of one of his teeth was broken.

It was then that he learned that the human tooth in the Snickers bar, was in fact, his own tooth.

Galvan knew where the tooth was.

Thankfully, he cleared up the misunderstanding so the rest of us can continue enjoying Snickers bars.

Justin Bieber seen on video storming off stage after fan assaults him with bottle

Justin Bieber moments before walking off stage 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) Justin Bieber has a problem controlling his anger.

The star was seen in video storming off a stage during a concert after a fan threw a bottle at him, according to video uploaded to the Internet.

The incident has outraged Bieber’s Brazilian fans.

The bottle managed to knock the microphone from his hand, and the singer, 19, looked at the crowd before turning around and walking off without saying goodbye.

Fans waited for 30 minutes, but were disappointed when his entourage began packing the equipment away.

Earlier, the star has stirred up anger after he kicked a Brazilian flag that had been thrown at him from the crowd.

Bieber, who was launching the Brazilian leg of his Believe tour, had irritated fans after arrive an hour and 20 minutes late at one event.

He was also more than three hours late with meeting fans who had paid up to $1,500 to spend a few seconds with him.

Alligator caught with broom and dustpan in Chicago’s O’Hare Airport

The alligator at the airport 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) Passengers traveling through an Illinois airport freaked out after an alligator was spotted crawling around, according to police reports in Chicago.

Millions of visitors pass through O'Hare airport every year, but an alligator is the least expected creature to be rushing to catch a flight.

The alligator seemed to come out of nowhere, at Terminal 3 on Friday.

"I was there, and a passenger pointed out that there was an alligator a few feet away,” on concerned traveler said.

Security personnel were alerted and police were called.

"I figured someone was playing with us," Chicago police officer Anthony Oliver said.

Department aviation workers captured the alligator with a broom and dustpan, and Chicago police held it until the animal control department came by.

An official of the Chicago Herpetological Society said that it is very fortunate that no one was hurt.

"What if a child grabbed it, thinking it was a toy?” The official said.

Officials are still investigating how the alligator ended up in the airport.

"A traveler probably realized that they could not carry it through the checkpoint, and let it go," an official said.

It gave a lot of people a lot of laughs, but it is illegal to have an alligator as a pet in Illinois.

Ohio man kills his wife because he loved her

John Wise 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A man told police that he killed his wife out of love, according to court proceedings in Ohio.

Now, the trial against the Massillon man is about to begin.

Specifically, Jury selection will begin on Monday, in the murder trial of the man accused of fatally shooting his wife, who was sick in a hospital.

The defendant, John Wise, is expected to testify before jurors, and tell them about the anguish he felt for his wife Barbara, who suffered a triple cerebral aneurysms.

The 68-year-old has been under house arrest since last year. He could face life in prison if convicted of the aggravated murder of his wife, with whom he was married for 45 years.

“Wise wants understanding, not sympathy, in what friends have called a mercy killing,” defense attorney Paul Adamson said.

Mercy killing is not a legal defense in Ohio, so Wise's lawyer will argue an insanity defense.

Missing woman found dead in concrete inside home were husband is living with new wife

German police searching home illustration 
By: Eva Fett

A man was arrested and charged with murder after his dead wife was found inside the concrete of his home, according to police reports in Germany.

Police found the body of the woman near Bonn, on Wednesday, set inside concrete and hidden behind a wall, five years after her disappearance.

The body of the woman, known as Sigrid P., was discovered in the basement of a family home in Konigswinter near Bonn, North Rhine, Westphalia.

The husband of the dead woman, who lived in the house with his newlywed wife, has been arrested.

Police discovered the body when carrying out a search in the house with bulldozers. The body was found when officers opened the basement walls.

The body was taken to a hospital for a forensic evaluation and is undergoing an autopsy.

Currently, Gerd P., her 74-year-old former husband, is the prime suspect.

In February 2008, Gerd said that his 38-year-old wife, had left him following arguments and money problems.

Police became suspicious after receiving a tip from Gerd’s neighbor about unusual construction activity.

Canadian couple gets 20 months jail after death of mentally disabled woman

Betty Anne Gagnon (center) 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A couple was arrested, charged and convicted in the death of a mentally disabled woman, who was under their care, according to court proceedings in Canada.

Now, the couple was sentenced to just 20 months in jail.

Denise and Michael Scriven have been sentenced to prison by a judge in Edmonton, for their role in the death of a mentally disabled woman, Betty Anne Gagnon.

The Scrivens, who are accused of failing to provide the necessities of life, were convicted in court on Thursday, nearly four years after Gagnon died after months of deprivation, neglect and beatings.

“The treatment towards Gagnon, 48, was insensitive, cruel, degrading and humiliating, and cannot be justified in any way,” Justice Sterling Sanderman told the court.

"They participate in heinous activities," he added.

Sanderman said he believed that the Scrivens are remorseful and have largely rehabilitated themselves.

Sanderman said that imprisonment for 20 months was appropriate.

Mentally disabled due to lack of oxygen at birth, Gagnon died in November 2009, weighing only 65 pounds.

The couple, who lived on a rural property east of Edmonton, admitted that they kept Gagnon locked in a basement, an area for dogs, or in an unheated bus.

Her deteriorating condition coincided with the growing use of crack by the Scrivens, prosecutor Scott Niblock told the court.

Pizza delivery man, 25, stabbed to death on final day of his job

Thavisha Lakindu Peiris 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) A pizza delivery man was murdered on his final day of his job, according to police reports in the United Kingdom.

South Yorkshire Police said that a pizza delivery man, who was found stabbed to death at the wheel of his car, was making his last delivery before starting a new job.

Thavisha Lakindu Peiris, 25, was found dead by his colleagues in his car in Southey Crescent, Sheffield, at 8:30 p.m. on Sunday.

The man was supposed to start a new job as a consultant on Monday.

"Right now we have no clue in positive terms of who is responsible. He was not found on a major road so we believe that this is someone local or someone with contacts in the community,” police said.

Friends of Peiris said they could not understand why anyone would want to hurt Peiris, born in Sri Lanka. He had been working for Domino’s Pizza on Halifax Road after completing a degree in computer science at Sheffield Hallam University in 2011.

Police said that more than 50 officers are working on the case and the car was being examined by forensic experts.

Peiris left the restaurant at 7:50 p.m. to make a delivery in Southey Crescent. The customer kept calling the restaurant to say that he had not arrived, so colleagues set off to find him.

He was found dead in the driver's seat of his Toyota Yaris in a parking space close to the destination of the delivery.

The car doors were locked.

Connecticut couple caught abusing their daughter with electric dog collar

Eduardo and Paula Montanez 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A couple was arrested and charged with child abuse after they allegedly used an electric dog collar on their little daughter, according to police reports in Connecticut.

Danbury Police said that a local couple is facing charges after investigators discovered that an electric dog collar was used to punish their daughter.

Eduardo and Paula Montanez, a husband and wife, were arrested on Tuesday, five days after a school employee contacted the Department of Children and Families to report the suspected child abuse.

An investigation revealed that a PetSafe bark collar was used on the couple’s 9-year-old daughter. Police said the couple forced the girl to wear the collar and bark like a dog.

According to police, the girl told a teacher about her problems at home.

Marks on the child’s neck show that the abuse occurred frequently. The victim also told investigators that the couple had beaten her several times.

Eduardo Montanez, 43, was arrested and charged with third-degree assault, two counts of risk of injury to a minor and cruelty to a person. He was in court on Wednesday, and a judge set bail at $250,000.

Paula Montanez, 34, was charged with two counts of risk of injury to a minor, conspiracy to commit third-degree assault and conspiracy to commit cruelty to a person. Her bail was set at $200,000.

The 9-year-old victim is in state custody, police said.