South Florida flooded with Nazi posters and leaflets

Anti-Jewish leaflets 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) Anti-Jewish leaflets were thrown in south Florida, by a group who calls itself the “The American Nazi party.”

The flyers had a swastika and images of uniformed Nazi soldiers.

The pamphlets were distributed by a neo-Nazi group based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They were found on driveways, under car wipers and mailboxes of houses in the Mangowood neighborhood of Palmetto Bay.

It is the second time in two years that leaflets from this organization have been distributed in this neighborhood.

The last time these Nazi flyers were distributed, many people called police, but after an investigation, police said that other than littering charges the white supremacist did nothing wrong.

When Edward McBride, who is listed as the "Commander" of the American Nazi group, was asked about the incident, he said: "We are basically trying to wake people up to the problems that are happening in the country.”

McBride and others in his group believe that Jews and other minority groups are destroying the United States.

The Anti-Defamation League of Florida, does not seem to take the threat to seriously.

“They are a small, white supremacist group,” ADL’s Florida Region Director Hava Holzhauer said.

Haolzhauer also said that the Oklahoma-based organization is a relatively inactive group, but added that bigotry must be exposed and challenged wherever it appears.

“We need to speak out when there’s a message of hate,” Haolzhauer said. “Whether it be through an educational program in schools, writing a letter, or responding to a flyer that’s left in somebody’s driveway,” she said.

This time, instead of police, the U.S. Postal Service is investigating the incident since the group placed the flyers into people’s private mailboxes, which is against the law and is punishable by fines.

Police to shut down illegal Borough Park area ‘sweepstakes cafes’

A Borough Park area sweepstakes cafe 
By: Debbie Gross

Police in Brooklyn, New York, are looking to smoke out illegal “sweepstakes cafes” that are popping up in the Borough Park area.

Local authorities said that new "sweepstakes cafes" are offering cash prizes for customers who play games online.

Officials have ordered local police officers to notify the Office of Organized Crime Control of the NYPD, when they come across these cafes, which have been popping up in Brooklyn and Queens.

Detectives have recently been visiting these cafes to see if they are breaking the law, but the legal line in the sand is blurry.

In some cafes, customers who pay to play Internet games and win, receive additional playing time or long distance telephone cards. That is perfectly legal.

However, some cafes automatically enter their customers into online contests that pay cash prizes, which is illegal.

The “sweepstakes cafes” are a new illegal gambling trend similar to Joker Poker machines or electronic slots, according to a note from the police in New York.

"Many cafes are promising cash prizes for the games," the statement continued. "We must remain vigilant of illegal gambling on the Internet," the statement also said.

In May, the City Council approved a bill to allow the Department of Consumer Affairs to pull the licenses of cafes that are caught giving away cash prizes.

Teen slams his head into steel beam while ‘subway surfing’ on Brooklyn’s F train

F train station in Brooklyn New York 
By: John Roberts

A Brooklyn teen was hospitalized and is in serious condition after slamming his head into a steel beam while “subway surfing” on an F train, according to emergency workers in New York.

The 17-year-old boy slammed his head into the steel beam on Tuesday, police said.

Isa Islam of Brooklyn, was rushed to Lutheran Hospital in critical condition after the 2:20 a.m. incident.

Islam crashed into a beam while the southbound train traveled between Smith-Ninth Street and Fourth Avenue stations.

It was the second such accident in a week.

Last Wednesday, a homeless man was standing barefoot on a train while he was high on synthetic marijuana in Manhattan. He was killed after his head slammed into a steel beam.

The 45-year-old was on top of a southbound train Number 6 when he hit his head on a beam at the 96th Street station. After hitting his head, he fell between the cars.

A witness said that he saw the man smoking synthetic marijuana, and he also said that the man was hallucinating before he got onto the train.

How thousands of Israelis risk their lives to help Syrians

IL4Syrians volunteers 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) Thousands of Israelis are risking their lives to help suffering Syrians.

Most people working for charities or aid projects have no reservations about being open about it, but a group of young Israelis are putting their lives at risk to deliver aid and medical assistance to the Syrians.

Israeli doctors and aid workers are doing their work in secret because of the animosity between Syria and Israel.

When they visit the refugee camps on the border of Syria, they have to change clothes in order to blend in and have to be smuggled into and out of the country.

Syria does not recognize Israel and its citizens are forbidden to go there, which has meant that Israel has been eager to stay out of the Syrian civil war.

A small number of wounded Syrians are being treated in Israeli hospitals.

However, a non-profit Israeli organization has been working under the radar since 2005 worldwide, and in the past two years, its attention has been focused on Syria.

The organization has provided up to 670 tons of food, 300,000 dry foods, 70 tons of items for sanitation and 20 tons of medicine.

The support does not stop there. The group, called "IL4Syrians," has been sneaking specialists for post-trauma care in conflict zone areas to help.

1,200 Israelis are working for the organization, and they desire to remain anonymous in order to protect their lives and work.

Volunteers, who have completed their military service, come from a variety of backgrounds and work in four fields. They work in medical, post-trauma, mass feeding and rescue. They train Syrians to work as nurses and community helpers in refugee camps.

KFC Syria shuts down due to severe food shortage

KFC in Syria 
By: Anav Silverman

The popular fast food restaurant KFC decided to shut down in Syria due to a severe food shortage, according to a report by the Tazpit News Agency.

The country's crippling food shortage and bloody civil war. According to a recent report in the Atlantic, four million Syrians are currently facing food insecurity, with more than half of the Syrian population living in poverty.

KFC had to leave the country because it could no longer acquire the necessary quantity of chickens for its fast food meals. Poultry production has decreased by half since the Syrian civil war began in 2011. When chickens from local Syrian farms could no longer be produced, the American franchise decided to import chickens from Lebanon. But violence on the roads and sky-rocketing diesel prices made importing impossible.

KFC first opened in Damascus in 2006, Syria's first American restaurant, whose fried chicken is a popular commodity across the Middle East. Operated by the Americana Group, there are 450 KFC restaurants in 12 countries across the Middle East region, including Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon. The United Arab Emirates opened its 100th KFC branch this year.

But Syrians need much more than fried chicken and fast food. With the impending winter, many Syrians will not survive because they are simply starving - they are cut off from food supplies, electricity, water and any aid after being under siege for months. The situation is especially hard on children. Der Spiegel reported that while three-year-old Ibrahim Khalil survived the Assad regime’s chemical weapons attack on August 21, the toddler died ten days later of hunger. And Dr. Aminn Abu Ammar of Muadhamiya stated that many children in his Damascus suburb are already so weak that "even an ordinary cold could kill them."

In addition, as the Syrian economy dramatically deteriorates, a “violence-based economy” has emerged, according to Rabi Nasser of the Syrian Center for Political Research in Damascus in a Deutsche Welle report. Smugglers, racketeers, and criminals are reportedly creating their own monopoly for selling food and medicine and encroaching on legitimate businesses in the war-torn country.

According to a recent UN-commissioned report, 115,000 people have been killed in Syria and millions of others have been displaced in the past two years. About 4.4 million Syrians are now living in extreme poverty with half of the country unemployed.

Syria’s neighboring country, Israel, has been quietly aiding refugees, both sending supplies and providing Israeli hospital care and medical treatment to wounded Syrians – children and adults - caught in the crossfire.

The Israeli non-profit, IsraAid, has sent approximately $100,000 worth of supplies throughout the past year, and other Israeli groups comprised of private citizens like Hand in Hand, have also collected and sent clothing and supplies to Syrian refugees located in Jordan. IsraAid recently sent to Syrian refugees in Jordan sacks of dry goods filled with lentils, powdered milk, pasta, and tea.

The question remains whether the international community will take a loud and effective stand on the Syrian situation or will it allow Assad to continue to exert brutality and violence against his people, while the rest of the Middle East enjoys its KFC.

Man sells his testicle to researchers for $35,000

Mark Parisi 
By: David Ross

A man is making money by being a guinea pig for researchers.

Mark Parisi of Las Vegas, Nevada, plans to donate one of his testicles for medical research for $35,000.

Researchers may not have much of a choice over the price as not many people would give up their healthy testicle voluntarily.

Parisi has revealed that he constantly takes part in these trials in order to earn extra or save money.

Parisi has admitted that he often volunteers for clinical trials throughout Nevada, where he is used as a guinea pig by the establishments for many processes.

Parisi said that it has saved him thousands of dollars in medical expenses. He is able to get free health check-ups, in addition to being paid several thousand dollars for participating in these experiments.

Now, Parisi is willing to undergo surgery to have one of his testicles removed in exchange for $35,000.

Parisi said that he is not worried about it because he will get an artificial replacement testicle instead.

It was reported, that in the past, Parisi was ready to undergo a flat line study during which his heart was to be stopped for one minute.

However, the FDA stepped in and did not allow the procedure to be done.

Beauty pageant winner offered sex change operation as prize

Transgender beauty pageant 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) Why would these sexy women want a sex change? The answer is: because they are not women.

The Miss Trans Brazil beauty pageant contest consists of men who live and dress as women.

Many of them have not yet removed their male private parts.

The organizers of the beauty pageant contest caused controversy after they offered a sex change operation to the winner as the prize.

Brazilian law prohibits sex change operations, so the proposed procedure would be performed in a hospital in Thailand.

Thailand hospital representatives were present at the event.

However, the organizers explained that the winner can use the gift certificate for things other than a sex change operation.

The winner will receive a voucher that can be used at the Thailand hospital for services, including a sex change and cosmetic surgery.

28 contestants participated in the Miss Trans, which was held at the Joao Caetano Theatre in Rio de Janeiro.

The event was sponsored by the government’s Social Assistance and Human Rights Department as part of a campaign to combat homophobic violence in the country.

The winner, Raiica Ferraz, 21, of Sao Paulo, who works as a hairdresser, chose to have cosmetic procedures done to make her face more feminine.

Ferraz will not have a sex change.

“I don’t need a sex change. I already feel like a woman. I have been taking hormone tablets since the age of 17 to create my curves and increase my bust size, and I am really happy with the results,” Ferraz said.

Majorie Marchi, contest organizer and an activist, said there is a need for affirmative public policies inclusive of transsexuals, and until that is achieved, they would make themselves very visible and hard to ignore.

Florida woman helps her three teen daughters advance their careers as prostitutes

Paula Howard and Samantha Howard 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A mother went out to a bus stop with her daughters to help them with their careers as prostitutes.

Paula Howard, 50, of St. Cloud, Florida, allowed men to choose from three of her teenage daughters, who are 16 , 17 and 18-years-old, for sex.

The mother pimped out her daughters to random strangers for $20 an hour, and then used the proceeds to support the family, police said.

Osceola County Police received an anonymous complaint about a mother who is helping her daughters find men to sleep with.

Police conducted an undercover operation to crush the “family business.’’

Howard was caught red-handed after she waved a plain clothes police officer over to where she was standing.

When the officer was standing next to Howard, one of her daughters walked over and offered sex for money.

Soon thereafter, a second daughter came over and did the same.

The mother was arrested for child abuse, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and prostitution. Her bail was set at $36,000.

The 18-year-old daughter, Samantha Howard, was also arrested and charged with prostitution, as she is an adult.

The two younger sisters, were placed in protective custody.

Elderly man gets into car accident while checking out hot women

Man checking out hot woman illustration 
By: Debbi Gross

(Scroll down for video) A man was seen on video getting into an accident while he was checking out women in short skirts.

Checking out beautiful women is human nature. However, driving while doing so can lead to serious accidents.

An elderly man in Taiwan, was driving his motor scooter when he spotted several hot-looking women in a marching band.

As he turned away his eyes from the road to check out the women, the elderly man swerved into the next lane, causing an accident.

Members of the all female marching band were heading to a funeral.

Although the women witnessed the accident, they went ahead with the march. After all, they were still in the midst of a funeral ceremony.

Luckily, the old man was not badly hurt and walked away with minor injuries.

Woman assaults police officer after her beer goes missing

Deborah Morales 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested after she assaulted her mother and a police officer over beer.

Deborah Morales, 41, of Corpus Christi, Texas, is in serious trouble
over food and beer.

Police were called after Morales assaulted her 70-year-old mother when she could not find her beer or her dinner.

Morales became angry and confronted her elderly mother. During the argument, she punched, kicked and slapped her mother.

The elderly woman was able to escape and called the police. On arrival, officers found that Morales was dunk inside the house.

Morales was escorted out when she began to struggle and tried to flee from the officers. She stumbled and fell onto a recycling bin.

She began kicking and scratching the officers as she resisted arrest. She remained uncooperative and she also refused to identify herself.

Morales was taken to City Detention Center where she was charged with injury to an elderly person, assault, causing injuries to a public servant and resisting arrest.

New York company produces rape resistant underwear

Woman wearing anti-rape underwear 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A New York based company is producing a new type of underwear that will give women more piece of mind.

The new underwear look like a combination of the typical undergarment and shorts, but its developers call it protective clothing because it could protect women from rape.

AR Wear is currently looking for public support for its range of anti-rape underwear, shorts and eventually travel shorts, which will aim to thwart sexual assaults because they will be almost impossible to remove from the woman's body.

The concept is based on research that suggests that resistance to rape reduces the risk of rape without increasing the risk of violence.

"They have to be resistant to pulling, tearing and cutting, while still be comfortable to wear during normal activities. Our underwear fits easily under outer clothing and are comfortable," the company said on a fundraising site.

The underwear works by creating a skeletal structure inside the pants, along with bands around the legs and waist that can be locked in place.

AR Wear said that its prototypes are almost ready for production.

Teacher, mother of 6, sentenced to 8 years in prison for having sex with students

Jamila Williams 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A math teacher has pleaded guilty to having sex with her students.

Jamila Williams, 36, of Grand Rapids, Michigan, has been sentenced to at least eight years in prison after she had sex with four teenage students.

Williams was sentenced to between 8 and 15 years in prison after she admitted to four counts of criminal sexual misconduct in relation to sexual encounters with two 15-year-olds and two 16-year-old students.

In exchange for her guilty plea, prosecutors agree to drop three counts of criminal sexual conduct against her.

Williams, who is a mother of 6, four of which are her biological children and two are step children all between the ages of three and 19, is banned from having unsupervised contact with children under 16-years-old.

Williams taught in the Grand Rapids University Prep Academy when the incidents took place.

Investigators said Williams had sex with children in a number of different places that included her classroom, a victim's home, a restaurant and a car.

At Kent County Circuit Court, the teacher apologized for her crimes, but she denied the accusation that she preyed on her victims.

“I don’t feel sorry for you,” Judge Paul Sullivan said during sentencing. “You brought this on yourself and you are smart enough to know different,” the judge added.

Police sent to boy’s home after he flicked a rubber band at his classmate

By: Shifra Unger

What happened to child’s play? Why are police getting involved when boys play ruff?

A 12-year-old, in Leicestershire, England, was left in tears after receiving a visit from two police officers at his home at about 7:00 p.m.

Police came looking for a boy at his house over an incident that happened at school.

The 12-year-old boy was playing with a rubber band when he flicked it at an 11-year-old boy. The rubber band accidentally hit the younger boy in the face.

“The mother of an 11-year-old boy reported that her son had been flicked in the face with a rubber band. The mother claimed that her son was also traumatized by the rubber band incident, therefore, she called the police,” an officer told Angela Brightwell, the mother of the 12-year-old boy.

Brightwell said that her son was also left traumatized by the police visit during which the police called him a bully and confronted him outside and in front of the neighbors.

The officers berated the 12-year-old for five minutes before they left. They had not filed any charges against the 12-year-old as no crime had been committed, according to Brightwell.

1,000 men willing to pay 10-year-old girl to take off her clothes

The 10-year-old girl Sweetie 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) Researchers in the Netherlands said that they caught one thousand men, who were willing to pay a 10-year-old girl to take off her clothes, according to a report by a children’s rights organization.

The researchers said that the one thousand men from around the world got in touch with the girl in the Philippines, during a ten week investigation, many of whom wanted to pay the girl to undress in front of a webcam.

Children's rights organization Terre des Hommes, created the fake profile of a girl called Sweetie, in an online chat room, and specially trained researchers were surprised by the flood of responses.

A researcher, who described it as terrifying, said that the real concern now was the number of girls in developing countries who enjoy Internet access, whose parents and criminals try to make money by exploiting them.

The information gathered during the investigation will be passed to Interpol.

‘Rape Club’ gang members brag about drugging underage girls and gang raping them

The Roast Busters 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) Police in New Zealand are investigating a so-called “Rape Club” after young men bragged about drugging underage girls and then, raping them.

Prime Minister John Key said that the claims made by the Auckland-based group are disgusting, and he ordered police to nail down some hard evidence against them.

"It's just extremely troubling and disgusting behavior," he said.

"It's very difficult to prosecute members of this group since no one is willing to file a complaint. It is also a very difficult position for a young woman to get in," Key also said.

The group called Roast Busters, boasted of using social media sites to meet girls as young as 13-years-old and then having sex with them after plying them with alcohol.

The men also named their underage victims on Facebook.

One underage girl said that the group took advantage of her after she was given alcohol until she passed out.

"You could say I was raped. I had sex with three men at once, " she said.

Police said that they are taking the matter seriously, and have been investigating the gang for almost two years, including tracking their Facebook page.

However, they said that the case has stalled because the victims are too traumatized to testify about what they have been through.

"We hope that someone will be brave enough to file a complaint with us, and go through with it," police said in a statement.

Man sleeps in grave with his dead friend for 13 years

Fabio Beraldo Rigol sleeps with his dead friend 
By: Eva Fett

A homeless man was found sleeping in a grave with his dead friend. The Brazilian man, who is homeless, said that he has been sleeping with his dead friend for the past thirteen years.

Fabio Beraldo Rigol, 47, was found when locals realized that he keeps slipping into the Brotas Cemetery in Sao Paulo. He chose to sleep in a crypt with six burial chambers, one of which held his dead friend.

Rigol said that one night, many years ago, it was raining heavily so he decided to seek shelter in the cemetery.

"I remember that I asked permission to enter the place," Rigol said. "After all, it is not nice to break into someone else’s house," he said.

During the day, Rigol walks the streets of the city because “the cemetery is too quiet.” He said that he has not seen any spirits and not afraid to sleep next to a corpse.

"I do not fear the dead," he said. "I have more fear of the living," he added.

Rigol, a former office worker, became homeless when his family kicked him out because of drug abuse.

He turned to drugs after losing his job in a company that went bankrupt.

Texas businessman takes his female employees on vacation to rape them

Henri De Sola Morris 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A Texas businessman was convicted of rape after he took his female employees on vacation to rape them, according to a statement released by the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Henri De Sola Morris, 66, president and chief executive officer of Solid Software Solutions LLC, which does business as Edible Software Inc., has been convicted on five counts of transportation, announced United States Attorney Kenneth Magidson.

Morris, a naturalized U.S. citizen residing in Houston, admitted that between February 2010 and February 2012, he traveled in interstate commerce and committed, and attempted to commit, the drug-facilitated sexual assaults of several women. Three of the women were present in the courtroom today as he acknowledged his guilt.

According to the plea agreement, five women relayed similar experiences of being in compromising situations with Morris after he provided each woman with a drugged alcoholic beverage he had prepared. Each woman reported instances of memory loss that followed the encounter consistent with being administered drugs commonly used in drug-facilitated sexual assault. The women also reported unwanted contact with Morris and, due to their impairment, were unable to defend themselves against him. One woman described how she knew what was happening but had lost physical control of her body and could not stop Morris from even undressing her.

The women all worked for Morris at one time and had taken business trips with him at his request to various states, including New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. The plea agreement indicates that on those trips, Morris gave the women drugged alcoholic drinks and later gained access to the women’s rooms and engaged in unwanted sexual contact while they were incapacitated.

In one instance, a woman attempted to dilute the drink Morris gave her using a bottle of soda. However, shortly after consuming only part of the beverage, she already felt intoxicated. She later awoke in her hotel room and heard a “click.” At that time, she saw Morris standing over her naked body and taking pictures with his cell phone. She also had scratches on each of her hips and bruises on her arm. During a later conversation with the woman, Morris admitted he was “lonely.”

Knowing he was about to leave for another trip with a female employee, the FBI obtained a search warrant that was executed at Bush Intercontinental Airport as he was headed out of town. The search resulted in the discovery of drugs, some of which were later identified as benzodiazipams, that a toxicologist has indicated can cause physical impairment and memory loss, especially when mixed with alcohol. The toxicologist reviewed the statements of the women and found their experiences to be consistent with someone ingesting these drugs with alcohol. Viagra and Cialis, drugs commonly used for erectile dysfunction, were also found during the search.

At the time of the search, photos of the woman he previously photographed were recovered, which corresponded to the dates of her travel with Morris.

Each count of transportation carries as punishment a maximum of 10 years in prison and a possible maximum $250,000 fine. Morris will also have to register as a sex offender. U.S. District Judge Melinda Harmon, who accepted the guilty plea, has set sentencing for February 7, 2014. Morris was permitted to remain on bond pending that hearing.

The case was investigated by the FBI-Houston Division Violent Crime Task Force, composed of agents and officers from the FBI, Houston Police Department, and the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, with the assistance for the Drug Enforcement Administration. The case is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorneys Sherri Zack and John Jocher.

Mississippi woman, 23, tries to sell her baby because her bills were too high

Bobbie Jo Stojic 
By: Debbie Gross

A woman was arrested and charged with trying to sell a baby after she allegedly tried to sell her baby to a strange woman for $5,000.00, according to police reports in Mississippi.

Bobbie Jo Stojic, 23, was released on $5,000 bond after her arrest.

Stojic allegedly offered to sell her 4-month-old son for $5,000 in a text message she sent last month to a woman of Kenner, Louisiana, after she responded to a Craigslist advertisement offering baby clothes, according to a court document.

The women had been discussing the costs associated with the legal adoption of a child before Stojic allegedly offered to sell her child in a text message.

She told the woman, “if you want the baby, you can have him for $5,000.00," police said.

Stojic denied the allegations.

Stojic had mentioned in the text messages that she was having money problems and was in danger of being evicted from her home.

The woman reported the conversations to the Department of Human Services in Mississippi, which has reported it to the sheriff's office. The child is in state custody.

A Mississippi law that took effect in July 2009, made ​​it a crime to sell or buy a child or offer to buy or sell a child. A conviction is punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $20,000.

California city bus passenger, 18, lit on fire while he was asleep because he wore a skirt

Oakland city bus illustration 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A city bus passenger, who wore a skirt, was lit on fire while he was asleep in his seat, according to police reports in California.

Oakland Police said that an 18-year-old man is hospitalized in stable condition with serious burns on Tuesday, after he was burned while riding in a bus during rush hour.

The incident occurred when the passenger, who was asleep, was burned by another passenger in the back of a city bus in Oakland, shortly after 5:00 p.m. on Monday, transit spokesperson Clarence Johnson said on Tuesday.

The passenger woke up after he felt that his clothes were on fire. He tried to put out the flames, and other passengers came to his aid to help put out the flames that severely burned legs, Johnson said.

Once the driver realized what had happened, he stopped the bus and called for help.

The suspect fled the scene before police arrived.

The victim was taken to the burn unit at St. Francis Memorial Hospital in San Francisco, with second and third degree burns.

There were at least 12 passengers on board when the incident occurred.

New York Police force detainee to perform in exchange for being released

Quinshon Singles (left) 
By: Sarah Weiss

Several New York City police officers are under fire after forcing a detainee to perform a rap song in exchange for being released, according to a new lawsuit filed this week.

The lawsuit that was filed in federal court also names the New York Police Department as a defendant.

Quinshon Singles, 28, and Donyale Kitchens, filed the lawsuit alleging that Singles was arrested and forced to play a rap song by a group of police officers in 2011.

The incident occurred while Singles was visiting Kitchens. Several police officers, one of whom is being investigated for an unrelated illegal entry charge, came to the door and asked for their consent to search the apartment.

Kitchen refused and the officers said they would return later with a warrant. The officers later returned with the keys they received from the building super.

The lawsuit claims that Singles and two other men, were handcuffed while officers searched the apartment.

The officers turned their attention to Singles after they learned that he was an aspiring rapper.

"The officers then told Singles that if he performs a rap song he will be released,” the lawsuit states.

"After Singles performed for the officers, they released him,” the lawsuit also states.

The search did not uncover any illegal items.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for illegal search and illegal detention.