Palestinians admit to murdering Israeli army colonel as a gift to Islam

The two suspects 
By: Shifra Unger

The Israel investigations bureau revealed that the two Palestinians, who allegedly killed a former Israeli army colonel, admitted to the charges.

Sraya Ofer was murdered in his home in Brosh, in the Jordan Valley, while his wife, Monic, managed to escape.

The two suspects have revealed during questioning that the killing was a deliberate terrorist attack.

The suspects told investigators they had come to Brosh two weeks before the killing to gather information.

When they learned that Ofer was a retired IDF officer, they decided to kill him.

“The killing was committed as a gift to the Palestinian people and Hamas prisoners. It was also a gift to God in honor of Eid al-Adha," the suspects said. Eid al-Adha is a Muslim holiday.

As we reported earlier, two Arab men were arrested and charged with murder after they admitted to killing a former Israeli army colonel, according to a report by the Tazpit News Agency.

The Shin Bet, Israel's security service, has announced today that they have arrested two Arabs for the Murder of IDF Col. (res.) Sraya Ofer in the Jordan Valley early this past Friday morning.

The two, Uda Farid Taleb, aged 18, and Bashir Ahmed Uda Haruv, aged 21, both from a village near Hebron, admitted they committed the murder, and implicated others during their investigation.

They further told of a failed attempt to commit the attack two weeks ago. This information complies with Monic Ofer's testimony about recent suspicious sightings of young Arabs around their home.

The murder weapons were recovered near the murder scene, together with other forensic findings.

The Shin Bet wishes to stress the investigation is still being conducted and that the motives for the attack are still unclear. They have not ruled out the possibility that the attack was criminal, a robbery gone badly.

Monic Ofer, still hospitalized because of the wounds she sustained during the attack, stated that "the State should act with extreme force to send a message to these people."

Ofer will be buried today at the Kfar Vitkin cemetery.

Israeli scientists turn water into oil

Oil and water 
By: David Ross

Israeli scientists have invested a process, which turns water into oil, according to a statement released by the Ben Gurion University of the Negev.

A replacement for oil has become a burning need in the 21st century. BGU researchers have invented a process to make a green feed alternative for crude oil out of two of the most common substances on Earth – water and carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas detrimental to the environment.

Prof. Moti Herskowitz, Prof. Miron Landau, Dr. Roxana Vidruk and the team at BGU’s Blechner Center for Industrial Catalysis and Process Development have developed a green feed that can be converted using well-established technologies into liquid fuel and delivered using existing infrastructure to gas stations.

As opposed to other alternative fuel sources, such as electric cars, which require additional infrastructure, this green feed would merely replace oil as the input for refineries. Herskowitz, the incumbent of the Israel Cohen Chair in Chemical Engineering, is also the VP & Dean of R&D at BGU.

The process is patent pending, “and we are ready to take off,” demonstrate and commercialize it, asserts Herskowitz. Bench experiments have been conducted and scale-up should be relatively simple, he says.

Herskowitz unveiled his revolutionary breakthrough at the Bloomberg Fuel Choices Summit in Tel Aviv on Wednesday, November 13th. He gave his presentation at 2:15 p.m.

“It is an extraordinary challenge to convert carbon dioxide and hydrogen to green feed,” he says, “The technology is based on novel specially tailored catalysts and catalytic processes. Well-established, commercially available technology can be directly applied to the process developed at BGU.

It is envisaged that the short-term implementation of the process will combine synthetic gas produced from various renewable and alternative sources with carbon dioxide and hydrogen. Since there are no foreseen technological barriers, the new process should become a reality within five to ten years,” he says.

Noting that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made it clear that one of the national priorities of the State of Israel is to develop alternatives to oil, Herskowitz believes that, “As technological breakthroughs, such as carbon dioxide capture from various sources including air and water splitting, become technologically and economically feasible, this process will become the dominant technology for production of liquid fuels.”

Regarding other alternative fuels, Herskowitz maintains that his invention represents a game-changer. “The liquids that have been used over the past decade are ethanol (alcohol), biodiesel and/or blends of these fuels with conventional fuels, as will continue to be done in the foreseeable future.

These alternatives are, however, far from ideal, and there is a pressing need for a game-changing approach to produce alternative drop-in liquid transportation fuels by sustainable, technologically viable and environmentally acceptable (in terms of GHG emission) processes from abundant, low-cost, renewable materials,” he says.

The Blechner Center for Industrial Catalysis and Process Development has a proven track record of commercializing applications from its basic research.

It developed the Aleol product line of fine aroma chemical products which Makhteshim-Agan has set up Negev Aroma at Neot Hovav to produce.

The Blechner Center for Industrial Catalysis and Process Development, founded in 1995 has developed the infrastructure and the expertise required to deal with a wide variety of challenging topics related to basic and applied aspects of catalysis and catalytic processes. This was accomplished with major funding of well over $14,000,000 from various sources such as science foundations and industrial partners.

The Blechner Center played a key role in the Center of Excellence funded by the Israel Science Foundation, participated in three different programs of the European Framework Programs and is part of the I-CORE program in renewable fuels.

Researchers at the Blechner Center have developed a novel process for converting vegetable and algae oils to advanced green diesel and jet fuels and a novel process for producing zero-sulfur diesel.

Israelis suddenly fall in love with hot black models

Black models in Israel illustration 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) Black models have replaced the once highly sought after blond-haired white models in Israel, according to a report by Channel 2 News.

Yohanes Azano, a modeling agent for Ethiopian said that two years ago, she did not dream of having a fashion show.

“We've worked hard. We're just as talented as the white models," Azano said.

Just one year ago, another agent, Yisraela Avatowin, complained that Israelis were not interested in black models.

"This is the reality, there are not many successful black models in the industry,” Avatowin said last year.

“Winds of change are upon us. The last Miss Israel, who is also Ethiopian, really helped,” Avatowin said.

Hagit Naor, president of the popular clothing company Golf, said how excited everyone was to meet the beauty queen.

"When we met, we realized that we had to work with her. She is strong and determined,” Naor said.

Ethiopians are also being scooped up for reality TV shows and for singing gigs.

However, Knesset member Pnina Tamnu Shata warned that we need to see blacks integrated in all sectors of the economy before we celebrate.

It may be a while until the Ethiopians are truly integrated into Israeli society, but it seems that the process is well underway.

Smell like pork all day with the new bacon deodorant

Power Bacon 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) Now you can smell like bacon all day and all night thanks to the new pig smelling deodorant.

A company based in Seattle, Washington, introduced “Power Bacon,” a bacon-scented deodorant.

J&D's Foods was launched by two friends, who decided that everything should taste and smell like bacon.

The first product they launched was bacon flavored seasoning salt that makes everything taste like bacon.

As soon as the product was available, people began seasoning eggs, popcorn, chicken, and green leafy vegetables with their product.

Justin Esch and Dave Lefkow are behind J&D’s Foods.

Since the inception of the company in 2007, J&D’s Foods has launched BaconPop, Baconnaise, Bacon Lip Balm, BaconLube, Bacon Sunscreen, Bacon Croutons, and even Bacon Coffin for those who simply love bacon death.

"We realize that everybody loves bacon," Esch said. “Well, now everyone can smell like bacon 24 hours a day," he also said.

Woman with the world's largest breasts seen doing exercise at a gym

Chelsea Charms 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A woman showed off her massive 177XXX breasts.

Interestingly enough, her huge breasts do not keep her from going to the gym in order to keep the rest of her body skinny, and to keep her back from hurting.

How far would a woman go to get attention? One woman decided to get huge breasts in order to get noticed, and to get ahead in her career as an exotic dancer.

There are women, who use their breasts to make money, and Chelsea Charms, 37, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, is one of them.

Her natural breast size was D. Although many women would be happy with D cups, Charms said she wanted bigger.

Charms went under the knife three times to get her massive breasts, which are still growing.

During her third procedure, her doctor did an experimental procedure in which a polypropylene string, also known as “silly string implants,” was inserted into her breasts.

The polypropylene string causes irritation to the breast pockets, which produces serum that fills the implant pocket on a gradual but steady basis. That is why her breasts keep growing.

Charms said that she wanted to be big, but neither she nor her doctor realized at the time that the string will cause her breasts to keep growing.

There were a number of women, who had the silly string implants done before it was banned.

Due to a number of medical complications, the device has been banned in the United States and European Union.

Charms is very happy with her huge breasts. She said that it makes her good money and she gets paid to travel the world to do shows.

Her breasts get her a lot of attention, as men and women stop to check her out wherever she goes.

Because the polypropylene string implant procedure was banned, the Guinness Book of World Records decided not to name Charm as the woman with the world’s largest breasts, as it would be unfair to other women, who want to top her record, but cannot do so by using this method.

The current world record for the biggest breast is held by Maxi Mounds, 41, from the Long Island, New York area.

Her bra size is 42JJ, and her breasts weighs about 20 pounds each. Charms’ breast weigh about 30 pounds each.

Men can now have ‘real sex’ with virtual characters with a sex stimulator

Man tries the sex stimulator 
By: John Roberts

A company has created a new product, which allows men to have sex with a virtual character.

The Japanese company, Tenga, introduced the ingenious device that allows male users to have virtual sex.

Many virtual reality fans attended the Oculus Game Jam in Shibuya, Tokyo, where they were able to test some of the latest inventions.

One new device introduced was a virtual sex stimulator for men, intended for those who are willing to stick their privates into a contraption.

The gadget is basically an industrial masturbator powered by a Novint Falcon controller.

At the same time, a hot female character is seen on a screen. The virtual character imitates the action of the contraption, which allows the man to “feel” as though the character was pleasuring him.

A video uploaded to YouTube showed a man trying the device while people around him are heard laughing. They seem to like this idea.

Man impregnates his sister-in-law then dumps his wife to marry her sister

Two women fighting over one man illustration 
By: David Ross

A 29-year-old woman was betrayed in the worst way possible by the two people closest to her.

The woman of South Africa, was dumped by her 33-year-old husband.

The man told his wife he is leaving her because he has a new lover.

If that was not bad enough, the man told his wife that his cheating ways resulted in his lover becoming pregnant.

When the woman asked who he was cheating with, the man confessed that his lover was her older sister, who is now pregnant with his baby.

His wife was broken-hearted, and her family is also in shock.

The family called a meeting, which was attended by the elders of the family, the cheating man, his wife, and her pregnant sister. The meeting was held in Rockville, Soweto.

At the meeting, the man gave his reasons for dumping his wife for her sister.

"My new lover gives me wonderful sexual pleasure. She is also a better cook than my wife," he said.

He also said that he got his wife’s sister pregnant because he loves her and “only God could separate them.”

The man told the elders of the family that he intends to marry his new lover because she had everything it took to be his wife.

A family member said that the couple had been married for 10 years.

"We always heard the wife complain that her husband was not coming home at night, but we never thought he was dating her sister," that family member said.

New ‘Liberation Wrapper’ helps woman eat burgers without exposing their big mouths

Liberation Wrapper 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A new product that helps women eat burgers with dignity turns out to be huge success.

When a woman goes out on a date, she wants to make a good first impression.

Many women order food, which they can eat without having to open their mouths too wide.

In Japan, people with small mouths, who are referred to as ochobo, are considered very attractive.

Eating with an open mouth is seen as rude in Japan. Therefore, it is considered good manners to cover the mouth while eating.

Freshness Burger, which is the largest burger chain restaurant in Japan, discovered that while burgers are a hot seller with men it is not so for women.

Many women refrain from eating burgers because they would have to open their mouth too wide while eating.

This was affecting sales for Freshness Burger, and they decided to do something about it.

That is when Liberation Wrapper was born.

The burgers are now placed into the Liberation Wrapper.

The wrappers have a picture of the lower part of a woman’s face and neck.

The face features a small mouth with a polite smile printed on it, so women can hide behind the wrapper while they eat their burger.

Women can now indulge in their burger without the person in front of them seeing their mouth wide open.

The Freshness Burger company said that since it introduced this new product, sales of the classic burger for women increased by 213 percent.

Overworked robot commits suicide by jumping onto stove top

The robot before and after it got burned  
By: Eva Fett

A woman was shocked to find that her robot had committed suicide.

Scientists have tried to create robots that can take over people’s jobs.

Although the vision for a human sized, working robot had failed, some were successful in creating small robots to do small tasks.

One Irobot Roomba 760 robot in Hinterstoder, Austria, that was designed to clean people’s houses, was reportedly “fed up” with having to clean the same house every day, and decided to end it all.

The robot somehow reactivated itself, made ​​its way to the counter and pushed a pot aside. It walked onto the stove top, got burned, and that was the end of it, according to firefighter Helmut Kniewasser.

"It very quickly began to melt and it became stuck to the stove top. It then caught on fire. By the time we arrived it was a pile of ashes,” Kniewasser said.

The whole building was evacuated, and there was a lot of smoke damage mainly in the apartment in which the robot had “committed suicide.”

The 44-year-old homeowner, who was not at home at the time of the incident, is still puzzled as to how the robot activated itself, and how it ended up on the hot stove.

"I don’t know about the allegations of the robot committing suicide, but the homeowner insists that the device was switched off,” Kniewasser said.

“It's a mystery how it came to be activated and ended up making its way to the hot plate,” he added.

It took an hour to clean up and make the building safe before residents were allowed back inside.

Ohio denies death row inmate’s request to donate his organs to ailing mother and sister

Ronald Phillips 
By: Sarah Weiss

A man on death row has one last wish, to donate his organs to his family members, who are sick and in need.

Ronald Phillips, 40, of Ohio, was sentenced to death for the rape and murder of his girlfriend's 3-year-old daughter in Akron. The crime took place back in 1993.

Ohio Governor John Kasich rejected his appeal for clemency.

Now, Ohio is moving forward with his execution after denying his last minute request to allow him to donate his organs to his sick mother and sister before he is killed by the state.

His lawyers said that Phillips’ mother is suffering from a kidney disease and is on dialysis, while his sister has a heart condition.

Donating his organs to his mother and sister will give them a better chance of survival.

One of the reasons cited by prison officials for rejecting the application is because they believe that is just a way for Phillips to push off his execution date.

Phillips’ lawyers said that the request was not a delaying tactic, but rather an attempt to make a final gesture of good.

Prison officials took one quick look at his request and determined that they could not find a way to accommodate him.

Moving Phillips to and from a hospital was among the issues that raised significant security risks so close to his execution.

Phillips is scheduled to die by injection of a sedative and pain killers that has never been used in a U.S. execution.

The prisons department is leaving it up to Phillips' family if they choose to harvest his organs after his death, although it is unclear whether it would be possible to do so by the time Phillips’ body is returned to his family.

Attorney Tim Sweeney said that Phillips did not request to donate his organs before because he hoped his case would go another way.

"He was very hopeful that he would be granted clemency and/or receive relief from the court," Sweeney said.
What a shame.

Girl, 14, confronts 54-year-old female home intruder with bow and arrow

Marcia Watson and Mariah Reed 
By: Shifra Unger

A 14-year-old girl was horrified to find a 54-year-old strange woman inside her home in middle of the night.

Mariah Reed of Oak Hill, Florida, told deputies that she was awakened by the doorbell and she assumed it was her mother.

She turned off the home alarm, unlocked the door and went back to bed.

Instead of her mother, it was 54-year-old Marcia Watson, who entered the house.

The teen suddenly heard an unfamiliar voice in the house, so she texted her mother.

Rees’ mother confirmed that she was not home yet. That’s when the teen realized that she made a mistake and unlocked the door to a stranger.

"I panicked and got the bow out of my closet," Reed said.

She confronted the woman and asked her to leave.

“She was like, ‘Are you going to shoot me with that?’ I said, ‘Get out of my house right now,’” Reed explained.

Reed then locked herself in her room and called 911.

The teenager told the dispatcher that Watson entered the house and turned on all the lights.

When officers arrived, Watson apologized and said that she accidentally entered the wrong house. She then started rambling about alcohol and picking flowers.

Authorities said that Watson lives on the same street as Reed. She was arrested for trespassing.

Woman violently sick after finding worm inside chicken sandwich while feeding her grandchildren

The worm in the chicken sandwich 
By: Sarah Weiss

A woman became very ill after discovering a long worm inside her chicken sandwich while feeding her grandchildren.

The woman said she spent the night terrified and being violently ill after having discovered the worm in the chicken tikka sandwich she bought at Iceland.

Kathy Thompson was biting into the spicy Indian snack when she saw the worm on her plate.

The grandmother of Barnstaple, Devon, United Kingdom, said that she later imagined the worm crawling inside her stomach while trying to sleep.

She was chewing the sandwich when she saw this worm on her plate and she spit out the food everywhere.

"I cut it into slices and I was sharing the sandwich with my young grandchildren. I immediately snatched the food away from them. It was disgusting," Thompson said.

"I spent the night shaking, and I was feeling the tingling in my stomach every time I thought about it. I have another sandwich in my freezer, but I do not even want to touch it now,” she said.

A spokesperson for the frozen food giant said that the company was investigating the incident.

"We can confirm that Thompson has been in contact with our customer service department regarding the foreign body is her chicken sandwich," the spokesperson said.

“We hope that she will return it to the store so it can be further investigated. As soon as we get the results of the investigation we will contact Thompson,” the spokesperson also said.

Man marries his beloved tree

Richard Torres kissing his bride 
By: Shifra Unger

A man who is also an environmentalist, decided to marry his beloved tree, according to video uploaded to the Internet.

The environmental activist married his tree during a ceremony in Argentina.

The groom was dressed in a crisp white suit and a blue hat. Richard Torres also carried a bouquet of flowers as wedding guests went to greet his bride at one of the major parks in the capital on Sunday.

The Peruvian actor and activist read some wedding vows and was given a ring. He even gave the tree a long kiss to keep the ceremony authentic.

Torres said that the ceremony was intended to draw attention to environmental problems.

While this is the first event that the actor performed outside Peru, it's just a start of his defense of the environment, and he plans to bring his unique style of activism to other Latin American countries.

Mike Tyson admits to using fake penis to pass drug tests

Mike Tyson 
By: David Ross

Boxing superstar Mike Tyson admitted to using a fake penis filled with someone else’s urine to pass drug tests.

Tyson admitted to being under the influence during some of his biggest fights, and he used a fake penis filled with someone else's urine to fool drug testers.

The former world heavyweight boxing champion admitted in a new book that he spent a significant portion of his turbulent career addicted to cocaine and marijuana.

"I was a full-blown cocaine addict," Tyson wrote in his book Undisputed Truth, released on Tuesday.

Tyson, now 47 and retired, described his ferocious appetite for drinks and drugs going back to when he was just 11-years-old. He said that he given alcohol as a baby in New York.

He admitted to being high before entering the ring for a match against Lou Savarese in June 2000, and coming up with an ingenious method to avoid detection by the official testers.
"I had to use my Whizzer, which is a fake penis filled with someone's clean urine, to pass my drug test," Tyson said.

Tyson received a $200,000 fine when he tested positive for marijuana after a fight against Andrew Golota in Detroit, Michigan. Tyson said that at the time, he forgot to bring along his Whizzer.

University student seen on video stapling his testicles after losing video game

Nathan Bells preparing to staple his testicles 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A university student stapled his own testicles after losing a bet he made with a friend.

Friends reported that the student stapled his testicles after losing a game of FIFA 13.

Nathan Bells injured himself after playing a round of soccer on his Xbox with his friend Saber Da Silva.

Bells, 20, is studying at the University of Leeds.

"It brought a tear to my eye. I usually beat Da Silva. He got lucky,” Bells said.

A student news website published the photo of Bells stapling his scrotum.

"It was very funny,” Da Silva said.

A video of the painful incident has also been circulating on social media websites this week. The video has also been uploaded on the Huffington Post.

Man posing as police officer demands discount at donut shop

Charles "Chuck" Barry 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A fake police officer demanded that he be given a discount on his purchase of donuts just like real police officers, according to police reports in New Jersey.

Pasco County Police said that a local man is accused of police impersonation and improper use of a firearm.

Charles "Chuck" Barry posed as a police officer in order to demand discounts at Dunkin' Donuts on State Road 54 in Trinity.

Barry received a 10 percent discount on several occasions. However, he became annoyed when employees refused to continue giving him discounts.

Barry showed employees a sheriff’s badge and was also wearing a holstered pistol.

"He mentioned that he was a U.S. Marshal. He also mentioned that he was an Air Marshal, which raised a red flag," a spokesperson for the local sheriff's office said.

Barry is not a U.S. Marshal or an Air Marshal. He works at a print, fax, copy center.

Detectives arrested him on Tuesday, when he returned to the donut shop to demand a discount.

Police said that Barry’s sheriff badge belonged to his father, who was a police officer in New Jersey.

Barry was released on bail and his gun permit was revoked.

Florida man calls police on his neighbors because they refused to drink with him at his birthday party

James Collins 
By: Moses Gold

A man was arrested and charged with misusing the 911 emergency telephone system after he allegedly called police to complain that his neighbors refused to drink with him, according to police reports in Florida.

Fort Pierce Police said they were called to a house in the man’s house at 8:35 p.m. on a report of a domestic disturbance. When they arrived, they found a man who made ​​the call, James Collins, intoxicated.

"James Collins said that his neighbors were still bad, and they would not drink with him," a police report stated. An officer told Collins not to call 911 again.

However, Collins, who police said was celebrating his 56th birthday on the day of the events, called 911 again about 30 minutes later, to report that his neighbors still do not want to drink with him.

Collins was arrested on charges of disorderly intoxication and misuse of 911.

Michigan masseuse pours acid on customer because he arrived late to massage appointment

Drew S. Thorngate 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with assault after he allegedly assaulted his customer because he arrived late to a massage appointment, according to police reports in Michigan.

Kalamazoo Police said that an argument over a massage appointment led to the brutal beating of a 30-year-old man, who police found last week in a dumpster in the Vine neighborhood.

Public Safety Detective Brian Beauchamp testified on Friday before Kalamazoo County Magistrate’s Court judge Nicholas Schaberg that the victim, who was identified only by his initials F. V-P, contacted Drew S. Thorngate to request the services of a massage.

Thorngate admitted to detectives that when he met the victim in the 500 block of South Rose Street, a heated argument broke out.

Thorngate then took a baseball bat and beat F. V-P in the back of the head, the court was told. The defendant then dumped him in a garbage can.

Thorngate later returned to the scene with bleach, threw the bleach on the victim and fled.

Detectives were able to identify Thorngate as the suspect in the case through the use of phone records.

Thorngate later confessed to assaulting F. V-P with the baseball bat.

Thorngate was charged with “assault with intent to commit murder.”

Thorngate is being held in the Kalamazoo County Jail.

The victim was at Bronson Methodist Hospital where he is recovering in the intensive care unit.

Police said on Wednesday, that the victim remains in critical condition.