Block of homes in Devizes shaped like swastika

The housing block shaped like a swastika 
By: David Ross

A block of homes in one British town was built to resemble a swastika, according to new photos uploaded to the Internet.

The housing block that looks much like a Nazi swastika was discovered in the town of Devizes by a local resident through Google Maps.

To make matters worse, the housing development is located on Waiblingen Way, which was named after a city in Germany.

"I was looking at aerial photos and I was stunned by it," Tony Bolwell said after discovering the buildings.

Devizes is twinned with Waiblingen, near Stuttgart, in southern Germany, since 1966.

This was about the same time that the block was built, but Wiltshire Council said it did not know who designed the houses.

It is not the first building to get architects in trouble for a similarity to the symbol of hate.

A U.S. naval base in San Diego, California, also attracted controversy when Google Earth images revealed that it looked like a swastika.

There were even reports that the U.S. Navy is going to spend $600,000 to camouflage the roof with trees and adjustments in order to alter the appearance.

Hotel made entirely of ice ordered to install fire alarms

Ice hotel 
By: Eva Fett

Ice and fire don’t mix, but an ice hotel was ordered to install fire alarms.

The famous Ice Hotel, located in the northern Swedish town of Jukkasjarvi, melts every spring and has to be rebuilt come winter.

To the owners’ surprise, a hotel spokesperson said they understood how there are things that can really catch fire, such as pillows, sleeping bags and reindeer skins.

"For us, the most important concern is the safety of our customers, so we will comply," Beatriz Karlsson said.

The frozen hotel, located 124 miles above the Arctic Circle, is open every year from December to April.

Because the ice and snow constantly shifts, putting in alarms have proven a bit of a challenge.

“The environment is wet, and ice and snow are moving, so it had to be taken into account," Karlsson said.

The hotel tested the alarms with the local fire department last winter, and all seemed well.

Only one incident has occurred since its implementation, and that was when a client was having a cigarette in a broom closet, she said.

Teen kills his father for saying that he couldn’t handle Megan Fox in bed

Jason Beckman and his father Jay Beckman 
By: John Roberts

A teen was offended when his father made fun of his manhood.

The teen claimed his father told him that he would not be able to handle Megan Fox in bed.

In a fit of rage, Jason Beckman, then 17, of South Miami, Florida,
grabbed a gun and shot his father to death.

The teen waited until his father, Jay Beckman, 52, who was a South Miami city commissioner, went to the shower to kill him.

Beckman was arrested for murder and was held without bail.

Beckman told his cellmate, Michael Nistal, that during a conversation with his father about the actress Megan Fox, his father told him that he “wouldn’t know what to do with that.”

Beckman, who talked openly for years about his hatred against his father, grew enraged by this insult.

“He took a shotgun, and shot his father in the face and neck,” the cellmate told authorities.

Beckman was charged with first-degree murder.

His defense attorneys suggested that the shooting was accidental.

Child Protective Services supervisor leaves her foster child handcuffed to porch with dead chicken around neck

Wanda Larson and Dorian Harper 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A woman who was honored for helping young children, is now behind bars for abusing them.

Police were called to a home to investigate and animal, but instead of an abused animal the officer found a child cuffed to the porch with a dead chicken around his neck.

The woman, who works for Union County, North Carolina, as a Child Protective Services supervisor, was arrested after an officer found her 11-year-old foster child, freezing on a porch, with his ankle cuffed to the railing.

Wanda Larson and her husband, Dorian Harper, are behind bars for a host of charges.

When the officer attempted to speak with the 11-year-old, a man appeared on the porch with another child, who released several dogs at the officer.

The deputy went back to his patrol car and called for backup.

At that point, the man removed the handcuffs from the child and put the dead chicken in a barrel.

When other officers arrived, they entered the home and found five children between the ages of 8 and 14 living in the house.

All children and animals were removed for the home.

It turns out that the couple had adopted four children and were foster parents of the 11-year-old.

Harper and Larson were charged with intentional child abuse causing serious injury, false imprisonment and cruelty to animals.

Larson, who is currently employed as a supervisor at the Department of Social Services in Union County, was also charged with willful failure to fulfill her duty as a public official.

Harper is being held under a $500,000 secured bond.

Larson’s bond was set at $525,000.

Blind man gets his money back after writing his name and address on $1 bills

Gary shows off a $1 bill with his message 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A disabled man came up with an ingenious way of saving and making money.

The man of Phoenix, Arizona, writes his name, address and a message on every dollar he spends, so people can return the money to him.

"Normally, I do not look at the money I get," Amy Perez said.

Perez could not help but notice that their was something written on the back of a dollar bill, which was used at his sandwich shop.

"It was written by hand in bright red, so it stuck out," Perez said.

"Please return this bill to me, I am very poor," the message on his $1 bills read.

Gary, whose last name is being withheld, is a 60-year-old retired man, who is legally blind.

He decided to try and see if anyone will send him the money back to him.

It worked. He is not only getting his $1 back, but good-hearted people are sending him additional money.

Gary said that idea came to him when he had health problems, and he had to take time off from work.

Since then, every time he goes to the market, gas station or convenience store, he pays with $1 dollar bills so it might one day come back to him.

Gary gets back about 2, dollars bills a day, occasionally people send him a donation.

Last month, he made $60 and in the previous month he made $94 from his clever idea.

The unusual entrepreneur keeps a log book of every dollar he receives in the mail, and it all adds up to thousands of dollars.

"This is great, why didn't I think of that?" One person wrote when he returned the $1 bill to Gary.

Interestingly enough, Gary is not doing anything illegal.

Defacing currency is only illegal if it makes the bill unusable or is intended for fraud, so technically Gary is not breaking the law.

Gary explains that he is not getting rich by doing this, but it is helping him pay the bills, and it gives a lot of people a good laugh.

Teen, 16, kills mother, paralyzes father after they want him to attend anger management classes

Travis Montgomery 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A young teen was so out of control that he stabbed his parents after they demanded he attends anger management classes.

Travis Montgomery, 16, of Alabama, has been charged as an adult after he stabbed his mother to death, and for the attempted murder of his father.

Montgomery Police said that Travis attacked his parents in their mobile home on Sunday night, in Haleyville, the day before he was expected to begin a program for anger management.

Montgomery's mother, Renae Montgomery, 46, was pronounced dead from her injuries at the scene.

His father, Wade Montgomery, 49, was flown by helicopter to the Alabama Birmingham Hospital, where he was in stable condition, but he will most likely remain paralyzed.

Deputies were called to the Montgomery family trailer at 4:00 a.m. on Monday morning, after a neighbor heard the father call for help, according to Marion County Sheriff Kevin Williams.

Investigators who arrived at the scene found Renae Montgomery stabbed to death in the hallway.

Her husband managed to crawl to the living room window, where he managed to call for help.

Mr. Montgomery was stabbed in the neck and back, and suffered a partially collapsed lung.

Authorities believe that the couple's son attacked his parents around 11:00 p.m. on Sunday night, stabbing both of them several times.

After the stabbing, the teen fled the crime scene in his father's truck.

He was arrested at 11:00 a.m. on Monday, at the Royal Oaks Apartments in Haleyville.

Investigators are still trying to determine the exact reason behind the fatal stabbing. They said that the teen and her mother did not get along, but that he was close to his father.

A relative said that the 16-year-old was supposed to go to a class of anger management, but did not want to.

Travis Montgomery is being held in the Marion County Jail without bond. He refused to talk to the deputies and requested a lawyer immediately after his arrest.

93-year-old man keeps his promise and takes his deceased wife skydiving

Jack Hake 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A 93-year-old man kept his promise to his wife, and took her

Jack Hake of Wimborne, Dorset, United Kingdom, kept his promise, but he made it happen after his wife died.

Hake and his wife wanted to raise money for medical equipment. The two decided to do a skydiving charity fundraising event to raise money.

Hake raised over £600 ($1000) for the daring jump, but sadly, by the time he was ready to skydive, his wife was no longer alive.

Hake decided to continue on with his plan and to bring his wife along for the jump.

The brave pensioner, who has weak bones and had a triple bypass surgery, said he was not afraid of the jump.

He placed a bag containing the remains of his wife Veronica inside his jumpsuit.

He has completed a 10,000 foot jump with the ashes of his late wife strapped to his chest.

The couple married 70 years ago and did everything together, according to Hake.

Hake, who is a World War II veteran, was carried into the plane and was attached to his skydiving instructor as he jumped out of the plane over Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire.

"There were about 150 people waiting for me on the ground, it was amazing," Hake said about his skydiving experience.

Boy, 8, loses testical after being kicked in the groin by classmate

James Fletcher with parents Anne-Marie and Daniel Fletcher
By: Eva Fett

A young boy in the United Kingdom, was severely hurt when he was kicked in the groin.

James Fletcher, 8, of Alvaston, Derby, was kicked between the legs and ended up being rushed to a hospital.

His furious mother, Anne-Marie, 28, said that her son kept quiet about the assault until 2:00 a.m. the following day when the pain became unbearable.

When he was questioned, the boy told his mother that a classmate had kicked him hard and he was in pain.

James, who has recently been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, told his mother that he was playing with a friend when another boy approached him and kicked him between the legs.

The boy was taken to Royal Derby Hospital, where doctors found that one of his testicals was swollen and badly damaged. Doctors were unable to save his testical. His other one was also injured.

Doctors performed a surgery on the boy to remove the damaged testical.

Anne-Marie and her husband Daniel, 31, a burglar alarm engineer, wanted to pull James out of Landau Forte Academy Moorhead in Alvaston.

However, James insisted that he want to go back to that school.

He told his parents that he is not scared of the bully. They allowed James to return to the school.

“I think he showed amazing bravery,” his mother said.

His parents, who also have two sons, Daniel, 11, and 14-month-old Joshua, are upset that whoever did this to their son was not punished for the actions.

Police and the school are looking into the assault.

Tesco issues ice cream recall after being laced with painkillers

Tesco ice cream cones 
By: Moses Gold

Tesco, a company that runs a large chain of supermarket, has issued a recall on its own brand of ice cream after it was found to be contaminated.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) said that Tesco had issued a recall notice on all Tesco brand chocolate and nut ice cream cones following two incidents where painkiller tables were found in the ice cream.

A spokesman for the supermarket said there have been no reports of any illness.

The Food Standards Agency has warned customers not to eat chocolate and nuts ice cream cones, which contain 4 in a box, after pills were found in two cones.

Tesco has taken all the ice cream cones off their shelves.

"We are urgently investigating this incident with our supplier and ask all customers to return the product to their local store," the Tesco spokesperson said.

Tesco's ice cream supplier, R&R Ice Cream, said they are responsible for the contaminated cones.

So far, no other Tesco products are known to be affected.

This incident marks the fourth time this year that Tesco has recalled products.

Earlier, Tesco asked customers to return a batch of Belgian chocolate salted caramel and hazelnut ice cream for incorrect labeling.

Tesco brand yeast extract was also recalled this year due to a high level of histamine in the product.

In another incident, Tesco recalled ready-made meals after they were found to contain moldy rice.

New York woman tells police her cocaine is really homemade soap

Soap illustration 
By: Moses Gold

A New York woman tried to wiggle her way out of an arrest by telling police that her bricks of cocaine are really homemade soap, according to police reports in Pennsylvania.

The woman said that the bricks found in her rental car she was driving on Interstate 78 were homemade soap, but Pennsylvania State Police said they were cocaine.

Annadel Cruz and Alexander Bernstein were detained in a white Mercedes with Tennessee plates after traveling 60 miles per hour in a 55 miles per hour zone on I-78 westbound near exit 54A in South Whitehall Township, according to court documents.

Police in Fogelsville said police smelled marijuana coming from the passenger side of the car and Cruz, the driver, said that she smoked marijuana, but not in the car.

Cruz, 26, said there were no drugs in the car and gave police permission to search it.

Bernstein, 30, also told police that there was no marijuana in the car and gave police permission to search a white bag that was in the trunk.

While looking in the trunk, police opened a factory compartment in the side wall and found a plastic bag with two packages wrapped in packing tape and red tape.

Cruz told police the packages were homemade ​​soap, but tests showed that the white powdery substance was cocaine. Cruz also had a small amount of marijuana concealed in her bra.

The two, both of New York City, were charged with possession with intent to deliver cocaine, possession of cocaine, conspiracy and possession of drug paraphernalia. Cruz is also charged with possession of a small amount of marijuana and traffic violations.

The two were brought before District Court Judge Jacob Hammond and were booked into Lehigh County Prison.

Man kills 16-year-old girl after she threatened to testify in court that he raped her

Franklin Davis 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) A man will be executed after being convicted of killing a girl because she planned to testify in court against him, according to court proceedings in Texas.

The Dallas jury, which took a break after six hours of deliberations on Friday, returned to deliberations at 8:45 a.m. on Saturday. In just over an hour, the death sentence was handed down.

The jurors received the case in the punishment phase against Franklin Davis. The same jury on Tuesday sentenced Davis to death for murder in the killing of 16-year-old Shania Gray.

The girl claimed that Davis raped her, and she planned to testify against him. Davis admitted to killing the teenager, but denied sexually assaulting her when she was 14-years-old.

Investigators said that Davis shot the girl while in a park in Irving, and then stepped on her throat. Her body was found in the Trinity River.

Tennessee cheerleader walks free despite being caught sleeping with 12-year-old boy

Elizabeth Garner 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) A female cheerleader walked out of court a free woman despite being convicted of having sex with a 12-year-old boy, according to court proceedings in Tennessee.

Elizabeth Garner, the NFL cheerleader for the Tennessee Titans, was sentenced to probation after sexually assaulting the boy earlier this year.

The incident took place inside a bathroom of the boy’s home. Garner was arrested in March after following the child into the bathroom. Garner patted the boy’s penis through his pants and tried to take them off for oral sex.

Garner asked the boy if he had ever been with a woman. Garner told police she was drunk at the time and thought that the boy was a grown man, who also attended the party.

Garner was released on $30,000 bond on charges of aggravated sexual assault.

Garner pleaded no contest and was sentenced to 18 months probation. Garner must also attend AA meetings twice a week and undergo periodic drug tests. She has also been ordered to stay away from the boy.

Man kills roommate with poisoned milkshake after fighting over rent

Timothy E. Gochenour 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A man admitted to killing his roommate with a poisoned milkshake after they argued over rent, according to police reports in Florida.

Indian River County Police said that a man died early on Friday, after drinking a lethal milkshake laced with prescription drugs.

The death occurred in the 400 block of 12th Street SW in Vero Beach.

Deputies responded to the residence early on Friday, in order to check the welfare of 51-year-old Michael Gray.

Gray's wife, who was out of town and had not heard from him in several days, called police.

At 12:30 a.m., deputies made ​​contact with Gray's roommate, Timothy E. Gochenour, 41, inside their home.

Police officers discovered that Gray had died and his body was in a bed, covered with blankets.

Gochenour told investigators that he had been in an argument with Gray for several days over rent and privacy issues.

He said that on Thursday night, he put a lot of prescription drugs in a smoothie and gave it to Gray with the intention of killing him.

When Gray fainted he put him in bed and covered him with blankets. The prescription drugs are believed to be a combination belonging to both Gray and Gochenour.

According to the Sheriff's Office, Gochenour is a registered sex offender.

Man who was caught raping underage girls blames his twin brother

Aaron Lucas 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A man who was caught raping little girls through DNA evidence, is blaming his twin brother for the crimes, according to court proceedings in Texas.

The Fort Carson military officer will be allowed to blame his twin brother at trial, a judge ruled on Friday.

Fourth Judicial District Judge David Shakes ruled it would be inappropriate to prevent the lawyers of first lieutenant Aaron Lucas from blaming the identical twin, Brian Frederick Lucas, as an alternative suspect in the crimes, given the fact that they share the same DNA.

In criminal proceedings, DNA is widely regarded as irrefutable proof, but only in the absence of an identical twin.

The judge cited evidence that in addition to sharing the same DNA, Brian Lucas also owns a black Acura as described by a young woman, who was sexually assaulted in Madison, Alabama, in 2007, in a crime pinned on Aaron Lucas.

Aaron Lucas, 32, is scheduled to go on trial in the Fourth Judicial District Court for raping 11 children, who were approached by a stranger in the Pikes Peak region.

Michigan sisters offer their jewelry to hitman to kill husband

Diane Marie Hart and Vickie Lynn Brill 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) Two sisters were arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit murder after they allegedly hired a hitman to kill the husband of one of them, according to police reports in Michigan.

Muskegon Police said that the Ravenna sisters Diane Marie Hart, 45, and Vickie Lynn Brill, 50, tried to hire a murderer to kill Hart's husband.

The women allegedly offered jewelry and $5,000 to an undercover agent of the Michigan State Police posing as a murderer for hire. The meeting took place a day after Diane Hart filed for divorce, according to court documents.

Both sisters are charged with solicitation of murder. That carries a maximum sentence of life in prison.

The husband, Gene Hart, contacted state police on Sunday, and said that he had heard some "very troubling concerns" from his brother-in-law, who lives in the Upper Peninsula. His brother-in-law told him that the women planned to have him killed.

An undercover agent then contacted and met with the sisters, who allegedly hired him to kill Gene Hart. The women offered to exchange an item of property in return for the killing.

The women were arrested and booked into jail.

Maine bus driver tapes children’s mouths with Hello Kitty duct tape

School bus illustration 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A bus driver in Maine, who wanted some peace and quiet decided to duct tape the mouths of students.

The bus driver for Surry Elementary School, was removed from her post last week, after two fourth grade girls told their principal that the driver used tape to shut their mouths on the bus.

First Student, the Ohio-based company that provides bus service to the school and employs the drivers, said the driver is on administrative leave while the company is conducting an internal investigation.

School principal Cathy Lewis said that regardless of the outcome of the investigation, the driver will not return to her position.

Lewis said she learned earlier this month that the bus driver, who started working at the school this school year, had been putting duct tape on the mouths of students or passing it around so that they can put tape on their own mouths.

Two girls told the principal that they shouldn’t have their mouths taped because they weren't the loudest on the bus.

When the parents of the two girls asked the driver about the tape she told them that it was just a game.

She said that most of the children on the bus thought of it as a game.