Two men rob Williamsburg area convenience store at gunpoint

The suspect pointing a gun at the cashier 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) Police are looking for two men, who allegedly robbed a convenience store in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn, New York, according to statement released by the New York Police Department.

The robbery occurred early on Sunday morning, police said.

The suspects entered a store at 123 Park Avenue at 2:20 a.m., pointed a gun at the cashier, and then removed an undisclosed amount of money from the cash register.

The suspects also took several packs of cigarettes before fleeing to foot, according to the authorities.

Police have released video surveillance of the robbery.

This is not the only violent crime reported in the Williamsburg area recently.

As we reported earlier, a popular charity worker was robbed and shot while handing out charity food boxes in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York, according to a report by Behadrei Haredim.

Just a week after Lipa Breuer, 64, was found seriously wounded on a street he died at a local hospital.

Breuer was a volunteer for a charity named “Shabbat Pekelach,” which distributed food for the needy on a weekly basis.

Breuer was reported missing by his family, and he was later found unconscious and beaten on a street. He was transported to a Queens hospital in serious condition.

Hospital officials said that Breuer was admitted into the hospital about an hour after leaving the charity organization's storage facility with his car.

Police said that Breuer was robbed and shot while waiting for a traffic light to change. The suspect put the victim in the back of the car and drove off to Queens. When they arrived in Queens, the suspect dumped Breuer on the street. The suspect later abandoned the vehicle and fled with the food boxes.

Police are looking for the suspect, and so far, no arrests have been made.

Breuer was the manager of a large Satmar girls school named Bracha Sima, in Williamsburg for many years.

He also managed the popular Bracha Sima wedding hall. Four years ago, he retired and began volunteer work for several charity organizations.

Drunk Brooklyn mother, 21, leaves 6-week-old son alone on Flatbush area street

Scene of the incident 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested and charged with putting a child in danger after abandoning her child on a Brooklyn street late at night, according to police reports in New York.

Brooklyn Police said that they arrested a 21-year-old after she got drunk and left her 6-week-old boy alone in his stroller in the street.

Alevtyna Savchuk left her cellphone with the baby when she left him between two parked cars on East Ninth Street and Avenue V around 11:30 p.m. on Sunday.

Passersby who saw he abandoned baby called police, who took the baby Coney Island Hospital in stable condition.

The police found the mother's cell phone and discovered her identity.

Savchuk was located one block from where the baby was found. She was taken to the same hospital and treated for intoxication, police said.

Once both were at the hospital police discovered that she was the mother of the baby.

Savchuk, who lives in the area, was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

3 border guard officers injured after Palestinian driver slams into checkpoint

Israeli security checkpoint illustration 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

Three Israeli border guard officers suffered injuries after a Palestinian rammed his car into a checkpoint outside Jerusalem, according to military officials.

The Israeli military said that a car crashed through the A-Zayim checkpoint late on Tuesday, wounding three guards. The checkpoint is located near the town of Ma'aleh Adumim, just outside of Jerusalem.

Witnesses at the scene said that the car had Israeli license plates.

One of the guards managed to fire several shots at the tires of the car, but did not succeed in stopping the driver.

The attacker fled from the scene.

Magen David Adom paramedics treated the wounded guards at the scene, and transported one guard to a local hospital for further treatment.

Soldiers are searching for the vehicle, and so far, no arrests have been made.

The motive for the attack is unclear.

Woman gives birth to 6 healthy children in the West Bank

Ghada Hammad 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A woman is delighted after given birth to six healthy children, according to a report by

Palestinian health officials said that in a rare occurrence, the Palestinian woman has given birth to sextuplets, four boys and two girls, in a West Bank hospital.

The babies, who were born by Caesarean section six weeks premature, all weigh between 1.6 pounds to 3 pounds.

The mother, 34-year-old Ghada Hammad of the Gaza Strip, believes that this birth is a sign from God, after she had been unable to give birth the first 11 years of her marriage.

"Thank God, I am really very happy," she said. "Thank God, this is the happiest feeling for a person, I couldn’t give birth for many years. I was unable to give birth 11 years. I had a daughter before. She is three-years-old. I cannot describe how happy I was then. I'm even happier now with these children. Thankfully, God made ​​up after waiting for all these years," Hammad said.

The hospital said that four babies are able to breathe on their own, while the other two are receiving respiratory support. All are expected to be healthy.

4-year-old girl’s school drawing used in court to evict noisy neighbors

The drawing (left) Maria Jimenez partying (right) 
By: Shifra Unger

A young girl in England, helped bring peace to her neighborhood with a drawing she made at school.

The young child’s crayon artwork revealed how her neighbor’s partying terrorized the her and others on her street.

As part of a school project, the 4-year-old girl was asked to draw a picture. She drew a picture of herself as a baby, her dog and her house.

Next to her house, she drew another house, which she colored red and brown.
After the child drew the house she told the teacher to label it “new house, gangs and loud music.”

After being questioned by the teacher, the child explained that her new neighbor was very noisy.

After seeing the drawing, the child’s mother, Louise Thomas, 37, of Moston, Greater Manchester, decided to help out in the eviction process of the family.

There has been an 11-month legal battle to get the offending family evicted.

Authorities used the child’s drawing in court to show the impact the family’s partying was having on the neighbors. Thankfully, the drawing helped evict Maria Jimenez, 45, and her two teenage sons.

The teens shouted insults at the children, jumped on cars, used gardens as toilets and partied until 5:00 a.m, according to the neighbors.

Two girl’s burned with acid after refusing married man’s marriage proposal

One of the victim 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) Two friends were badly burned in an acid attack.

A man of New Delhi, India, threw acid on a teenage girl and her friend, after one of them rejected his marriage proposal.

The incident took place in Begumpur, west of Delhi.

The suspect, who was identified as Manoj, wanted to marry a girl identified as Parvati, 18.

When she repeatedly rejected his advances he threw acid at her while she was walking to the market with her friend, 16-year-old Gayatri.

Manoj ran away after burning the girls with acid. He was finally arrested by officers of the Delhi Police Department.

The defendant, who is already married, desperately wanted Parvati to be his second wife.

"He was bothering my daughter for a long time. We've filed a police complaint. After he was beaten by police, Manoj said that he will stop harassing her, but that evening he threw acid at her," Parvati’s distraught mother said.

Parvati suffered burns to about 50 percent of her body while Gyatri received burns to 20 percent of her body.

The two children were initially admitted to a nearby government hospital, but later were taken to the Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Hospital.

Man, 26, kills old man, cooks his heart and tongue with beans

Plate of beans illustration 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested after he killed and ate an elderly man.

The 26-year-old man of Nouilhan, France, broke into the home of a 90-year-old man and beat him to death.

The suspect then cut the elderly man into pieces. He removed the victim's heart and tongue before cooking himself a meal with the body.

It is alleged that the young man entered the house and hit the old man in the head with a metal object, which he took from the man’s tool shed.

He then cut out the victim’s tongue and heart, and set the rest of the body on fire.

Authorities found the burned body along with what appeared to be meat and beans in a bowl at the scene. It is still unclear if the body parts were actually consumed.

The young man fled before police arrived. While police were on the hunt for the suspect, he attacked another person.

The 26-year-old man was found shortly before midnight.

He was arrested by the authorities and taken into custody.

During his arrest, he reportedly acted "very calm" and "not aggressive."

Chicago woman seen on video boarding train with no clothes

The woman 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) Police in Illinois, were called after a woman was seen on a train wearing no clothes.

After she boarded the Chicago subway without clothes, the woman claimed to be the "Goddess of the Train," witnesses told police.

The woman was fully clothed when she got to the L Train at the Granville station, but stripped before boarding the train.

The woman reportedly told the riders to get off the train. She was seen on video kicking passengers.

The woman was also seen kicking a police officer as he tried to handcuff her.

Police believe that the woman suffers from mental illness.

The train was delayed for about 15 minutes until the naked woman was taken away in handcuffs.

A spokeswoman for the Chicago Police Department said that the woman was taken to St. Francis Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

Woman, 71, hits 38-year-old man because his phone kept ringing during movie

Annette Dimon 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) An elderly Florida woman, was annoyed when a man’s phone rang a number of times during a movie, so she slapped him.

Annette Dimon, 71, attended a screening of “12 Years a Slave,” when Jean Pierre Louis, 38, who was sitting in front of her, refused to shut off his phone during the movie.

After his phone rang several times during the movie, Dimon kicked the back of his seat in an attempt to stop him from using his phone.

Louis became annoyed by the elderly woman kicking his seat.

When he stood up and turned around, Dimon pushed him on the shoulder and hit him in the face.

Manatee County Police were called. When a deputy sheriff asked Dimon why she hit Louis, she claimed that he hit her first.

Dimon told the deputy that Louis hit her hand when she reached for him.

The 38-year-old man, who was not injured, refused to press charges, telling the deputy that he did not want the old woman to go to jail, and that all he wanted was an apology.

Dimon apologized to Louis.

Louis signed a waiver of prosecution against Dimon. He was provided with a victim’s rights brochure.

Gang caught after stealing $45 million from ATMs in New York

ATM card illustration 
By: Eva Fett

Gang members were caught in New York, after stealing more than $45 million from ATMs, according to police reports.

The FBI said that six people were arrested and charged on Monday, for participating in stealing $45 million from two banks in the Middle East.

The five men and one woman, all residents of Yonkers, are accused of being members of a global computer crime organization, who stole MasterCard debit card information.

The six were arrested on Monday, after withdrawing more than $28 million from more than 140 ATMs in New York City, according to the U.S. attorney's office.

Hackers stole debit card data from the National Bank of Ras Al-Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates, and from Bank Muscat in Oman, in December 2012 and February 2013.

They broke into the payment processing companies used by both banks, and raised the balances and withdrawal limits on the cards. The gang withdrew $5 million between December 21 and December 22, and $40 million between February 19 and February 20.

The five arrested on Monday, were identified as Anthony Diaz, 24, Saul Franjul, 23, Saul Genao, 24, Jaindhi Polanco, 29, and Jose Angeley Valerio, 25.

A sixth defendant, Franklyn Ferriera, was arrested separately.

Florida man exposes his privates in public and tells police 'I was just airing my penis'

William Gibson 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A man had a weird excuse for exposing himself in front of many people including seniors.

William Gibson, 50, of Florida, exposed himself outside the Goodwill store in Winn Dixie Plaza on Jensen Beach boulevard.

A 65-year-old female Goodwill employee witnessed the incident and called police.

Witnesses told police that Gibson first put his hand down his pants and smelled his fingers before dropping his pants for all to see.

When sheriff's deputies arrived at the scene Gibson did not know why they were making a big deal of it.

He told police that he was just "airing out" his penis.

He also kept saying that he was going to hurt the Goodwill employees, who called the police, according to police.

He was charged with lewd or lascivious exhibition in the presence of the elderly.

A judge ordered $75,000 bond for Gibson.

This is not the most outlandish excuses by a flasher. One man, who was accused of masturbating in public, claimed that he was scratching a rash.

The man then decided to prove his claims by whipping out his privates and showing it to the responding officer.

Rather than arresting him for exposing himself again, the officer accepted his excuse and allowed him to walk free.

New York police officer in critical condition and being badly beaten outside restaurant

Hayden Holder arrested 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A New York police officer is in a coma after being beaten by a thug.

Sergeant Mohammed Deen, 40, of the NYPD, was severely beaten outside the St. John’s Express restaurant and bar in Queens, New York.

The incident, which took place at 5:00 a.m., was caught on video and posted online.

The man who beat up the police officer, was identified as Hayden Holder, 29, of Jamaica. He was arrested and charged with felony assault and attempted murder.

Deen, who is an 18 year veteran of the police force, was not on duty at the time of the incident.

Deen was knocked down by Holder, who kept punching and kicking him as he lay on the floor.

Holder left the off-duty officer on the floor and went for the officer’s wife.

Holder tried breaking the window of Deen’s BMW sedan to reach Deen's wife, but when he was unable to break it, he returned to beat Deen.

The person who recorded the incident, was heard laughing while saying: “He is dead!” Other witnesses were screaming for the 29-year-old to stop.

When police arrived, Holder tried to escape, but officers were able to detain him.

Deen suffered serious injuries and was placed in a medically induced coma by doctors at Jamaica Hospital.

Police believe that the fight between the two began at a nightclub in Ozone Park, and when the two met again while buying food things turned violent.

Police said that both men were drunk at the time of the incident.

After losing $1 billion bank chief and church leader seen on video buying crystal meth

Reverent Paul Flowers 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A minister and a former bank chief was seen buying illegal drugs after losing more than $1 billion, according to police reports in the United Kingdom.

The Reverent Paul Flowers, a Methodist minister, was recorded on video buying hard drugs a few days after being questioned by members of parliament about the collapse of his bank.

In the shocking video, Flowers, 63, is seen in his car discussing the type of cocaine and methamphetamine he wants from a dealer in Leeds. Then, he is seen counting cash to complete the deal.

Flowers apologized for his actions. He said that it was stupid and wrong, and blamed the pressures of his job at the bank.

Flowers was the president of the Co-operative Bank until May of this year, when he resigned as the bank's financial problems became apparent. The bank lost 700 million pounds or more than $1 billion in the first six months of this year.

The day after his appearance in parliament, Flowers sent a text reading: "I was grilled by the Treasury Select Committee yesterday, and then I went to Manchester to get wasted with friends."

11 killed after mob of axe wielding men attack police station

Chinese police station illustration 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) A violent mob of men were killed inside a police station, according to police reports in China.

Xinjiang Police said that nine men, who were armed with axes, were shot dead during an attack on a police station in the restive western province in China.

Two auxiliary police officers were killed during the clashes on Saturday, near the city of Kashgar.

Two other police officers were wounded.

Xinjiang, where Muslims make up a large part of the population, has seen several clashes this year.

Last month, five people were killed when a car crashed into a crowd at Beijing's Tiananmen Square, an attack authorities blamed on an Islamic group.

There are nine million Muslims living in that province.

There were violent clashes in Xinjiang in April, June and August of this year.

Brooklyn train kills man urinating on tracks

Brooklyn train station illustration 
By: John Roberts

A man is dead after a train mowed him down while urinating on the tracks, according to police reports in New York.

Brooklyn Police said that a straphanger, who went out on the tracks in an underground tunnel to urinate, was hit and killed by a southbound number 2 train in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens on Saturday night.

The unidentified man, 40-years-old, was at the Winthrop Street and Nostrand Avenue station at 11:40 p.m. when he was hit, police said.

The man has walked on a narrow walkway that extends into the tunnel when he was hit, police said.

This was not the first time that a person was killed while urinating on the train tracks.

In July, a Brooklyn homeless man was killed when he decided to urinate on the train tracks.

Man offers wife to sleep with George Clooney look-alike as birthday present

George Clooney look-alike 
By: Sarah Weiss

A man offered his wife an indecent birthday present.

The successful George Clooney look-alike said that a married man offered him 5,000 pounds or about $7,500 in exchange for sleeping with his wife as her 40th birthday present.

He turned down the offer because it just felt so wrong.

Gary Tate, 56, also has a cleaning business named Clooney’s cleaning, despite appearing in countless red carpet events during the past 16 years.

"I've been doing this since 1997. George was becoming famous as he had a role in the TV show ER, and that's when people started to comment on my resemblance to him," Tate said.

In 1998, a local newspaper did one of those do you know someone who looks like George competitions. Out of thousands of photos that were sent in, I won. My life as a lookalike started then, Tate said.

Tate, who lives in Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom, was surprised by the man, who asked him to sleep with his wife in return for thousands of pounds.

The lookalike was single at the time of the offer, but ultimately, he rejected it.

"When I asked him why he wanted me to do that, he said: ‘we have an open relationship, and Clooney is crazy, so I am asking you,’” Tate said.

“He kept raising his offer, but I turned him down,” Tate added.

Michigan police officers steal marijuana from thief

David A. Pomeroy and Michael Notoriano 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) Two police officers were arrested and charged with armed robbery after stealing marijuana from a phone thief, according to court proceedings in Michigan.

The two police officers, one of Detroit and the other of St. Clair Shores, were arrested in connection with an armed robbery at a gas station in Detroit.

Detroit Police Sergeant David A. Pomeroy, 47, and St. Clair Shores Police Sergeant Michael Notoriano, are charged with 18 offenses arising from the incident.

Dwayne Weathington, 24, of Detroit, is accused of stealing a phone from the 16-year-old daughter of Notoriano, at a gas station.

"The 16-year-old was riding her bicycle with a friend when she was robbed," the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office said.

After stealing the phone, Weathington fled from the scene.

After using a GPS tracking feature on the phone, Pomeroy and Notoriano tracked down and confronted three men, 26, 27 and 28, of Detroit.

"The two officers confronted the men at gunpoint," prosecutors said.

Pomeroy took a gun and iPhone from the victim’s car while Notoriano took $300 and a bag of marijuana from the 28-year-old’s pocket.

Before releasing the 28 -year-old, Notoriano hit him in the face with a gun.

Pomeroy is accused of armed robbery, two counts of false imprisonment, robbery with a firearm, willful neglect of duty and two counts of failing to respect the law of illegal search and seizure.

Prosecutors charged Notoriano with theft, two counts of false imprisonment, two counts of felonious assault, two counts of ethnic intimidation, felony use of a firearm, willful neglect of duty and two counts of failing to respect the law of illegal search and seizure.

Professor commits suicide after man lured him into a relationship by posing as an underage girl

Daniel Timothy Duplaisir and James Arnt Aune 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A man is behind bars after causing a professor to commit suicide, according to court proceedings in Texas.

The Louisiana man was sentenced to one year in prison on Monday, for running an extortion scheme that authorities believe led Texas A&M University professor to suicide by jumping to his death from a parking garage on campus.

Authorities said that Daniel Timothy Duplaisir lured James Arnt Aune into an online relationship with an underage girl. Later, Duplaisir pretended to be the outraged father of the girl, and demanded money to keep the relationship a secret.

Duplaisir told a court that he did a horrible thing, and that he will never do something like this again.

The professor left behind his wife and two autistic adult sons.

Duplaisir was also ordered pay $1,500 in restitution, the amount he extorted from the professor.

Duplaisir intended to be a minor transsexual girl named Karen McCall, according to investigators. After corresponding with the 59-year-old professor as the girls, Duplaisir contacted the professor, and threatened to expose the relationship if he did not pay $5,000 for the treatment of his daughter.

The day before the professor committed suicide Duplaisir threatened to call the police.

Aune paid $1,500.

The next day, he jumped from the car garage roof. Aune died later at a hospital.

Ninety Nine Restaurant employee gets stuck in ceiling while trying to break into manager’s office

Ninety Nine Restaurant location illustration 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A restaurant employee was caught inside a ceiling while attempting to break into the manager’s office, according to police reports in Massachusetts.

A Hudson fire chief said that a Ninety Nine Restaurant employee trying to get into a locked office on Sunday, had to be rescued by emergency services after getting stuck in the ceiling.

26-year-old Joseph Parker of Marlborough, tried to retrieve keys from the office in the basement of the restaurant located on Washington Street.

"He thought he could gain access by climbing on the roof in the manager's office," the fire chief said.

Around 10:10 p.m. on Sunday, restaurant employees called the fire department to get him out.

It took firefighters about 20 minutes to disassemble pipes so that Parker could be freed. The service in the restaurant went on as if nothing was happening.

Parker, who was checked out by paramedics at the scene, refused to go to a hospital. He complained of numbness.