Israeli soldiers eat 300,000 Donuts on Hanukkah

Israeli soldiers eating donuts 
By: Aryeh Savir

(Scroll down for video) We all love donuts, However, Israeli soldiers will eat an estimated 300,000 of them during the holiday of Hanukkah, according to a report by the Tazpit News Agency.

One of Hanukkah's delights in Israel is the eating of the traditional Sufganiyah, the deep-fried round jelly doughnut topped with powder sugar. The IDF doesn't want to miss out, and so the provisions branch has acquired over 300,000 donuts which will be devoured by the fighting forces.

The regular size Sufganiyah packs 500 calories per unit, with potentially disastrous implications on the warriors' fitness, and so 85% of the donuts are 'mini' sized, carrying a lower calorie value.

Pnina Yechezkel, head of food acquisition system in the Ministry of Defense explained: "We all have children and relatives in the army and want them to enjoy the holiday atmosphere and the sweet fun on Hanukkah, while maintaining their fitness. The soldiers will enjoy warm and fresh Sufganiyot and watch their waist."

On Hanukkah, Jews observe the custom of eating fried foods in commemoration of the miracle of the oil and the renewal of the Temple. In Israel there is a national hubbub around the Sufganiyah on Hanukkah. Angel Bakeries, the largest bakery in Israel, reportedly fries more than 250,000 sufganiyot every day during the eight-day Hanukkah festival. One can buy the basic jelly filled version, and today there are more artistic versions filled with dulcet de leche, chocolate cream, vanilla cream, cappuccino and even the light green pistachio filling. This year, with the celebration of Thanksgivukkah, Thanksgiving and Hanukkah on the same date, one can find cranberry filled Sufganiyot.

Granddaughter of Hamas Prime Minister dies after Israeli doctors fought to save her life

Ismael Haniyeh with his granddaughter Amal 
By: Sarah Weiss

The 1-year-old granddaughter of Hamas Prime Minister has died after a long illness, according to a statement released by the leaders of the Gaza Strip.

Israeli doctors tried to save the child’s life last week, but they failed in their efforts.

Ismael Haniyeh agreed to transfer his granddaughter to Israel, in a last-ditch effort to save her life.

The girl was taken to Israel in serious condition, but was returned to the Gaza Strip a day later after Israeli doctors determined that they could not help her.

A statement from Haniyeh's office said that the girl, Amal, died in a children's hospital in Gaza on Wednesday.

Amal's father, wrote on his Facebook page that she had suffered brain damage.

Haniyeh’s office declined to comment about his granddaughter seeking treatment in Israel, but a friend of the family said the move had no political significance.

Hamas and Israel are enemies and there is little travel between the two territories, but Gazans often receive medical treatment in Israel.

Groom’s pregnant former girlfriend seen on video crashing his wedding and beating his bride

Bride and mistress seen fighting 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A pregnant woman stormed the wedding of her baby’s father and beat up his bride.

It seemed like a scene of the Jerry Springer show, only this incident took place at a real wedding.

The incident occurred in the Chinese city of Shenzhen, and it was all captured on video.

A pregnant and uninvited guest showed up to the wedding of her former boyfriend and started fighting with the bride, while the groom watched helplessly and tried to break the two women apart.

Interestingly enough, The pregnant woman came dressed in a wedding gown in hopes to get her former boyfriend back and marry him.

She fought with the bride and pushed the bride to the ground a couple of times, while telling the bride that her new man was supposed to be her husband.

The groom and his best man tried to separate the two, and to get the uninvited guest to leave, but she wouldn't hear of it.

She then told the bride that she was pregnant with the groom’s baby.

When the bride asked the groom about the baby, he began screaming at his former girlfriend.

“I told you to have an abortion and you didn't do it. Now, you are 8 months pregnant,” the groom screamed.

The groom also said that he wasn't sure if the baby was his.

The groom then told his former girlfriend that their break up was her mother’s fault since her mother pressured him into buying a house, and he couldn't afford to do so.

In the original video, the bride is seen speaking angrily to the groom, and it seems like she was demanding answers from him.

Bully seen forcing another student to kneel down and shoving cucumber in victim’s mouth

The victim with a cucumber in her mouth 
By: Debbi Gross

A teenage girl took a lot of heat after she bullied another girl and posted the pictures of the abuse online.

The teenager attracted much criticism for forcing another student to kneel on the road and for stuffing a cucumber into her mouth.

The girl, whose name was not released, is a student at Shanghai Trade School. She was punished by the school for the bullying incident.

The girl was ordered to write an apology to the victim after photos of her behavior began to circulate on the Internet and many people were outraged by her behavior.

In her letter of apology, the teenager said she had frequent conflicts with the victim, who is a student from another school, which led to bullying on the weekend.

One of the pictures showed the bully grabbing the victim’s hair while she was kneeling, and another photo showed the victim with a cucumber in her mouth.

The girl uploaded the pictures on her blog, sparking a heated debate online with many people angry and criticising the bully’s behavior.

Seems like the bully did not like the feeling of being bullied, as she removed the pictures from her blog and apologized publicly.

She wrote on her blog that she thought she could handle conflicts on her own, but she did it the wrong way. She also said that she regretted having been criticized by the commenters.

School officials said that although the fight occurred outside of the school the student had been punished.

The school also ordered the girl to see a psychologist.

Hot woman seen on video stopping random men in street to ask for sex

Woman asks men to come to a motel with her 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A young woman was seen on video walking up to random guys and asking them to come with her to a nearby motel.

Rather than calling it prostitution the woman called it a "social experiment."

In the video, which was recorded in Taiwan, the woman is seen walking up to many men, some of whom were alone while others were in groups.

She asked the men if they would like to come with her to the local motel. Most men were shocked by her question.

Many asked her to repeat what she said, as they had a hard time believing what they heard.

The woman calmly repeated her question. “Can you come to the motel with me?”

The reactions of the men is quite interesting, and all the men turned her down.

Most men politely turned her offer down by saying they were busy or uninterested. Others just shrugged her off and kept walking.

It was reported that a similar experiment in Western countries, where a beautiful woman approached random men for sex, 83 percent of men agreed to walk into the motel with the strange woman.

Can it be that the men in Taiwan are more faithful to their partner, or are they just more suspicious of the too-good-to-be-true offer?

At the end of video (see below) you can see an interview with the men after they turned the woman down. They explain their reasoning for turning the woman down.

While some said they are in a relationship, others said that they thought the woman was a scammer or a thief, who wanted to rob them while having sex inside the motel room.

Two men dubbed the Spiderman thieves try to escape police by scaling down 10 story hotel

Men jumping from hotel balcony 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) Two men put their lives in danger after stealing two cases of beer, which was worth about $30.

Suspects Gabriel Sauceda, 22, and Chad Walker, 20, tried to evade police by scaling down a 10-story hotel in Santa Ana, California.

The two were at a party at the Embassy Suites hotel about 5:00 p.m., when the two decided to go get beer.

The two managed to steal a case of beer from a store close to the hotel.

One hour later, they returned to the store to steal another case of beer.

This time however, the store clerk saw them and followed the men to the hotel, where he called police.

When police entered the hotel room the duo immediately ran to the balcony in an escape attempt.

Police in the area reported seeing the two men trying to escape by jumping from balcony to balcony.

Sauceda fell and broke his leg in several places. He had to be rescued by firefighters and taken to a local hospital.

Officers who waited for the duo outside the hotel, arrested the pair without incident. They were charged burglary.

Cancer survivor going out on her first walk gets killed by car

Bill and Sally Ann Okuly 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A woman who went out on her first walk in 6 months, was killed in a car accident.

Sally Ann Okuly, 59, of Virginia, survived cancer and a devastating motorcycle accident. Sadly, she was struck and killed by a car during her first walk outdoors.

On Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m., Okuly felt good enough to leave her home for the first time in 6 months.

Her husband, Bill Okuly, said that she went to get coffee and a newspaper from a gas station close the their home in Woodbridge.

Okuly, a mother of two, never made it across the street as she was hit by a car that failed to yield and fatally hit her while she was crossing the road.

The driver who killed the cancer survivor was identified as Amanda Styles-Mays, 24.

She was arrested and charged with reckless driving and failure to stop for a pedestrian.

The Okulys would have celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary the day after her death.

California court orders sauce maker to stop making stinky chili

The Red Sriracha Hot Chili sauce 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A company was left in limbo after a court ordered it to stop making stinky sauce, according to court proceedings in California.

The manufacturer of Sriracha, a popular spicy condiment, has been ordered to cease operations due to the odor. However, food lovers need not worry, as the company was not told to shut down all operations.

A California judge ruled on Tuesday, that the factory, which manufactures the trendy hot sauce should be partially closed after neighbors complained of a terrible odor.

Residents of Irwindale, a small town east of Los Angeles, filed a lawsuit last month, saying that Huy Fong Foods refused to take sufficient measures to reduce toxic fumes strong enough to irritate the eyes and throat.

The Red Sriracha Hot Chili sauce, sold in clear squeeze bottle with a green cap, has become one of the most popular spices sold in the United States.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert O'Brien ruled on Tuesday, that the plant must cease all operations that cause the odor, and make quick changes to help mitigate the terrible situation.

The company said that it had installed filters, but that wasn't enough to solve the problem.

Six week old baby in critical condition after being raped by her uncle

The suspect being taken into police custody 
By: John Roberts

A 22-year-old mother was left traumatized after her own brother raped her newborn baby.

The six-week-old baby girl is fighting for her life after being raped by her 24-year-old uncle.

The baby is in an intensive care unit after being taken to Kimberley hospital in South Africa, around 2:00 a.m. on Wednesday.

The baby underwent an emergency surgery to repair the damage done to her intestine.

It all began after the mother had put the baby to sleep in a bedroom in her mother’s home in Galeshewe.

The mother and grandmother watched television in the living room.

A short time later, the mother heard her baby crying and went to check on her.

When she entered the room, the baby was no where to be found. The child had disappeared from the bedroom and the curtain had been removed.

Screaming that her daughter had been kidnapped, the baby’s mother ran to a relative’s house and asked them to help search for her baby.

Meanwhile, the frantic grandmother followed the voice of the crying baby and found that it was coming from a shack in their backyard.

When she forced the door open, the 24-year-old pushed his mother out of the way and ran, while zipping up his pants.

When relatives and neighbors heard the grandmother screaming they ran to the backyard.

"When I got there, the baby was lying in bed and there was a lot of blood," a family member said.

The baby was taken to the hospital.

Local residents apparently chased the man and caught him a few blocks from the house.

It is alleged that he had lifted the baby out of the room through the window.

According to his mother, the suspect is mentally unstable.

The suspect had been involved in an altercation with police a week before the incident and was shot by police during the incident.

The suspect was arrested by police.

“The baby is currently in the intensive care unit at the hospital in critical but stable condition," Department of Health spokesperson Lulu Mxekezo said.

iPhone thief sends victim handwritten list of all 1,000 contacts

The handwritten contact list 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A man in China was angry after his iPhone was stolen.

Bin Zou had his phone with him before he shared a taxi with other men, but when he left the taxi his phone was gone.

Zou said that the phone must have been stolen by the man, who sat next to him in the taxi in the central province of Hunan.

Zou sent a series of threatening texts to the thief demanding he return the Apple device immediately.

“I know you're the man who was sitting next to me. I can assure you that I will find you," Zou wrote in a text message.

“Look through the contact numbers on my phone and you will know what trade I am in. Send back the phone to the address below,” he said in another text.

The tone of the message was undoubtedly a threat.

Zou reportedly works in the pub industry, which in China, is widely known to have ties with gangs.

Not long after sending his text messages, Zou was surprised to receive a package containing 11 handwritten pages with all his 1,000 contact names and numbers.

"It takes a while to write 1000 numbers. I suppose the thief's hand was swollen by the time he was done," Zou said.

Female Walmart shopper horrified to find man masturbating in the women’s bathroom

Brian Hounslow 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A Walmart customer was left traumatized after entering the women’s bathroom, according to police reports in Oklahoma.

Tulsa Police said that a woman complained on Wednesday, after finding the naked man in the bathroom.

Beth Davis said that she entered the bathroom in the 66th and Memorial Walmart around 8:30 a.m., only to find a naked man standing next to the mirror and masturbating with his pants around his ankles.

Davis said that the only thing she could think of is to go out and shout for help. "There's a naked man masturbating in the bathroom," she reportedly cried for several minutes.

The man soon came out of the bathroom, saying he did not know it was the ladies room.

Davis quickly took out her cellphone and recorded the suspect.

The man, now identified as 37-year-old Brian Hounslow, was seen running out of the store in the last few seconds of the recording.

Another customer went after Hounslow, taking down his car license plate numbers before he was able to drive away.

Less than two hours later, Tulsa sex crimes detectives arrested Hounslow in his Broken Arrow home.

Davis said on Wednesday night, that she is still shocked by what she saw.

Hounslow is now facing a charge of indecent exposure and was released on $5,000 bond.

Georgia lists slavery as occupation on jury duty questionnaire

Slave listed on jury duty questionnaire 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) People were outraged after slavery was listed as an occupation on jury duty questionnaire in Georgia.

Now, court officials have apologized for writing slave on the jury duty questionnaire and promised that the list has since been changed.

DeKalb County Court Administrator Cathy McCumber said that the questionnaire, which went online a month ago, was based on an internal list that has been used for the past 13 years.

The inclusion of "slave" in the list of occupations on the questionnaire was discovered on Monday, when a man in search of "sales" noticed the offending item.

McCumber said that the word was removed quickly from the questionnaire.

The company that designed the software said that entries in the drop down menus are created by the user.

Wisconsin man calls police to report his one night stand is snoring like a train

Man annoyed by his woman's snoring illustration 
By: Moses Gold

A man called police to report his one night stand because she was snoring as loud as a train, according to police reports in Wisconsin.

Waukesha Police said that a drunk man called 911 to complain that a woman is not letting him sleep.

Benjamin Todd Duddles, 41, demanded that police should remove the female from his bed.

The extremely intoxicated man first said that he did not know how the woman got into his apartment, but later admitted to officers that she just wanted to sleep in his bed.

“The caller stated that he let her in, and then they just went to bed. After falling asleep, she began to snore like a train, and now, he wants her out," according to the police report.

When police arrived at the scene, the couple admitted that they drank together, had sex and she fell asleep.

Police told the man that it was not a police matter because he invited her in, and advised him to send her to the couch.

Texas police officer handcuffs and sexually assaults woman during traffic stop

Jackie Len Neal 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) A police officer was suspended from his position after he allegedly sexually assaulted a 19-year-old woman in the back of his patrol car, according to police reports in Texas.

The San Antonio police officer denied the allegations that he sexually assaulted a 19-year-old on Friday night, after pulling her over for a traffic violation.

Official Jackie Len Neal said that the accusations are false.

However, San Antonio police said that Neal may have committed similar offenses in the past.

"The sexual assault that led to the arrest took place on the south side, after Neal pulled over a 19-year-old woman. Neal was in uniform, in a marked patrol car, and on duty when the sexual assault occurred," police spokesperson Javier Salazar said in a statement.

The 40-year-old, is an 11 year veteran of police force. He has been placed on administrative leave.
Police said that Neal took the woman to the back of his patrol car, where she was handcuffed and assaulted.

The cameras on board Neal’s car did not work, but the GPS showed that the patrol car was stopped at a particular place for 18 minutes. It is the same place where the victim reported that the assault took place.

Neal was charged with felony sexual assault, and was released on bail on Monday.

Another woman made a similar complaint about Neal a few years ago, but she refused to testify against him in court. The department is reaching out to her again.

Police are urging other possible victims to come forward.

Florida mother slams her toddler’s head into the wall because she was whining

Chelsea Huggett 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested and charged with murder after she allegedly slammed her toddler into a wall because she was whining, according to police reports in Florida.

The woman first told the Citrus County Police that the death of her 2-year-old daughter was caused by insect repellent, but she later admitted that she struck the child’s head against a wall because she was whining.

Chelsea Huggett, 21, initially said that her boyfriend had killed her daughter, Aliyah Marie Branum, by spraying insect repellent. However, police noted the child’s bruises, marks and other injuries.

Branum's death was ruled a homicide and the manner of death was determined to be blunt force trauma. A coroner documented a fractured skull and bruising to the forehead, cheeks, lips, shoulders and back.

Huggett said that she did not intend to kill her daughter, but she could not take any more whining.

Huggett was charged with aggravated child abuse and murder in the course of aggravated child abuse.

According to court documents, Huggett is eight months pregnant. She is being held without bail at the Citrus County Jail.

Florida mother kills daughter while holding her baby after believing she was her boyfriend

Ruby Bing with her daughter 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested and charged with murder after killing her daughter because she thought she was her boyfriend, according to police reports in Florida.

Winter Haven Police said that they arrested the mother after being accused of shooting and killing her daughter while the woman held her 4-month-old daughter in her arms.

Adele Bing, 52, told police she shot her daughter in a case of mistaken identity. She also told police that she should be locked up forever.

Ruby Bing went to her mother's house on Monday night. Adele Bing told authorities that her 26-year-old daughter was banging and kicking on her door. Bing thought that the person at the door was her boyfriend, with whom she just had a fight with.

Bing armed herself with a .22 caliber pistol, opened the door and shot her daughter in the chest, authorities said.

The baby was unharmed.

Bing told authorities that her boyfriend had threatened to kill her.

"How can I look my grandchildren in the face and say ‘I killed your mother?’" She said, according to the police report.

Bing faces second-degree murder and child abuse charges.

Puerto Rico man rapes his underage granddaughter and fathers two children with her

By: Shifra Unger

A man is behind bars after he raped his granddaughter and fathered two children with her, according to police reports in Puerto Rico.

Cidra Police said that they have arrested and charged a 65-year-old local man on Wednesday, after being accused of raping his little granddaughter and having two children with her.

Angel Manuel Natal Bracety is being held on $800,000 bail.

Prosecutors accused him of sexually assaulting his granddaughter starting when she was 12-years-old and until she was 15-years-old. Authorities said that the alleged assaults began in 2008.