Disabled seen on video lighting Hanukkah candles underwater

Lighting the menorah underwater 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) About forty disabled people were seen on video lighting Hanukkah candles underwater, according to a video uploaded to the Internet by Channel 2 News.

Members of the diving club "Aqua Sport" decided to do something original and exciting for Hanukkah.

The group of divers, including forty disabled divers, lit the Hanukkah menorah underwater in Eilat.

"As part of our activities we do a diving course for disabled people," Eran Ashkenazi, a diving instructor at Aqua Sport, said.

"We lowered the menorah, which was placed inside a box, into the water, balancing it with ropes. We emptied the box from water using air pressure," he said.

Divers put candles and a lighter inside the sealed box. Ron Pitkovski, a volunteer at the club who built the menorah, lit it.

"Our group has members without legs and others who are blind," Ashkenazi said.

"This was something unusual, and everyone was very excited. It's just great to see people with disabilities having fun," Amir Weizman, who recorded the event, said.

Man afraid to eat after frying mouse that came in bag of frozen scampi

The mouse in the scampi 
By: David Ross

A man is traumatized after accidentally frying a mouse that came inside a bag of frozen scampi he bought at a Tesco store in the United Kingdom.

Environmental Health officials have launched an investigation after the claimed to have cooked a mouse that came out of a sealed bag of frozen scampi.

Mohammed Ali, 37, said he is too upset to eat anything after accidentally frying the rodent.

The plumber of Stoneyburn, West Lothian, bought the package of scampi for 3 pounds at Tesco in Bathgate.

When he emptied the contents of the bag into his fryer, he discovered the mouse cooking with the lobster tails.

He put the scampi into the fryer and after two minutes he realized something was wrong.

"I saw something black inside the fryer and I thought 'what the hell is that?' I took it out and it was a mouse. I was shocked, upset and angry," he said.

He said that the experience has left him unable to eat anything.

“I’m only drinking juice,” Ali said.

Ali reported the gruesome discovery to Tesco and environmental health officers in West Lothian, who are now investigating.

Woman eats ghost Cheerios before it destroys the world

The ghost Cheerios 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A Cheerios lover is scared to have another plate after finding a ghost shaped Cheerios one morning, according to a photo uploaded to the Internet.

The woman was in her breakfast room when she was getting for her daily dose of corn, oats and rice, when she saw the expressionless Cheerios looking back at her.

It was clearly not something she was used to seeing every day, the Cheerios fan said after taking a photo to share with the online world.

“This was the day that my breakfast tried to eat my soul," she said. “I ate it for fear that if I did not, it would get up and destroy the earth," the woman also said.

Two cousins force neighbors to strip naked before stealing their food

Phillip Robinson and Nyqueena Owens 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) Two cousins were angry when their adult neighbors were hanging out with an underage girl, so they took everyone in the house hostage.

Phillip Robinson, 24, and his cousin, Nyqueena Owens, 21, of Rochester, New York, knocked at their neighbor's door and went inside.

They demanded to know why the adults were hanging out with a 16-year-old girl.

Robinson and Owens reportedly forced their way into the apartment.

Robinson had a gun and threatened to use it. He then held them hostage from Friday until Saturday, according to the criminal complaint.

Robinson and his cousin are accused of punching and beating several people before forcing everyone to strip naked.

The suspects then stole food from the victims’ apartment, and told everyone to get dressed.

The cousins walked the victims to Robinson’s house where the suspects cooked the stolen food.

On Saturday, all the hostages were finally released.

Robinson and Owens face 23 charges including kidnapping, imprisonment, assault and theft.

They are being held in the Beaver County Jail.

Woman loses driver’s license after hiding in trunk of car to sober up after crash

Police searching car trunk illustration 
By: Moses Gold

A minor car crash turned into a long and painful ordeal for a drunk woman.

The woman of Germany, was under the influence when she had a minor car accident.

It was nothing too serious after she crashed lightly into a wall.

However, the 30-year-old woman from Bad Kreuznach, was afraid that police, who showed up at the scene, would arrest her for drunk driving.

To avoid being arrested, the woman hid in the trunk of her car.

When police found the crashed car without a driver they had the car with the woman hidden inside the trunk, towed to a garage.

The woman had food in her car and was able to use it throughout her ordeal.

36 hours after the accident, the woman finally decided to come out of her hiding place.

After a day and a half of being curled up in the trunk, the woman came out and confessed to police that she had been under the influence of drugs and alcohol at the time of the accident.

It turns out that she was right to be afraid of the police as she was arrested and she lost her driving privileges.

Her license was revoked because of her drunk driving.

Woman sets her boyfriend’s underpants on fire because he was selfish

Amber Lynn Gray 
By: Eva Fett

A 21-year-old Nevada woman, burned her boyfriend’s underwear as punishment after he was selfish.

Amber Lynn Gray was arrested by officers of the Carson City Sheriff's Office on Tuesday.

According to the arrest report, deputies were called to the couple's home at about at 5:30 a.m.

Before police arrived, Gray fled from the house.

Her boyfriend told police that the two had been drinking and had an argument when Gray set his underpants on fire in the hall. She then threw a water bottle that hit him in the face.

The boyfriend said that the argument started after he returned from a store where he bought cigarettes.

The man told deputies that Gray was upset because he did not get cigarettes for her, and that he only bought the brand of cigarettes that he liked.

The boyfriend told officers he put out the burning underwear in the bathtub.

Officer took photos of the fire damage in the hall as well as the burned underwear in the bathtub.

Officers later found Gray in a casino and took her into custody.

She faces one count of felony arson and misdemeanor domestic battery.

Gray’s bail was set at $43,000.