Newly elected Crown Heights councilwoman blames Jews for “Knockout Game” attacks because they oppress blacks in Brooklyn

Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo 
By: Eva Fett

Jewish leaders, including Assemblyman Dov Hikind, have expressed their outrage
after the incoming Crown Heights Councilwoman, Laurie Cumbo, blamed Jewish landlords for the “Knockout Game” attacks.

Cumbo caused a firestorm after she posted a message to Facebook, saying that the “Knockout Game” attacks on Jews happen because of the Jewish landlords, who are oppressing the black people in Brooklyn, New York.

Cumbo, who will be representing the people of Crown Heights, when she takes office next month, said that many black voters told her that they feel threatened by their Jewish landlord. They want to throw them out of the community, she said.

“I recognize that the accomplishments of the Jewish community triggers feelings of resentment,” she wrote.

“These sentiments among black Crown Heights residents offer a possible insight as to why young black teens commit such hate crime against the Jewish community, who they know very little about,” Cumbo said referring to the black teens sucker punching Jewish elderly women and children in Brooklyn.

Assemblyman Dov Hikind said the comments were off base and did more harm than good.

"Some of Cumbo’s comments were downright counterproductive," Hikind said in a letter posted on his blog.

“Cumbo’s words sounds like an apology for those who are committing violent crimes in response to their resentment towards Jews,” Hikind said.

Rabbi Marc Schneier, president of the Foundation for ­Ethnic Understanding, also responded to the councilwoman’s claims by saying that Cumbo’s comments were “groundless and baseless.”

The Anti-Defamation League went further saying that the letter "evokes classic anti-Semitic stereotypes."

“We are troubled by Combo’s sentiments, particularly her comment about resentment over Jewish economic success, which evokes classic anti-Semitic stereotypes," New York Regional Director Evan Bernstein wrote in a statement.

International airline punished after refusing to sell tickets to Jews

Saudia Airlines 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A large international airline was punished after it was revealed that they refuse to sell tickets to Jews.

A second division German football club has canceled a short-term contract of sponsorship with the national airline of Saudi Arabia after protests from the local Jewish community and others.

The agreement with FSV Frankfurt, was revealed last week, but was immediately canceled after a report emerged that Saudia Airlines refuses to sell tickets to Jews or Israeli citizens.

FSV Frankfurt said on Monday, that Saudia had been asked for clarification, but they had been told to contact the Saudi Embassy in Berlin. Then, both parties agreed to terminate the contract by mutual agreement, immediately.

The football club did not disclose the value of the sponsorship agreement, which was negotiated by the management team of the club.

Florida woman who complained about festival gets hateful note telling her to move to Israel

Gerry Franciosa 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A Florida woman is shocked after she received a note on her door telling her to move to Israel.

Gerry Franciosa is disgusted by the note someone sent to his wife on Tuesday. The sender wished to remain anonymous.

"For me this is a person without a backbone, a coward. My wife feels threatened by this," Franciosa said.

The post-it note reads: "Very comical. It is what you are. Go to Israel."

The note was in response to a letter to the editor that Mrs. Franciosa wrote in the local newspaper. She expressed disappointment at the public menorah lighting ceremony on Wednesday. She noted that it did not comply with Jewish tradition.

"There were a lot of things missing. It was a very quick ceremony, they lit the candles and everyone left," Franciosa complained.

City Commissioner Adam Frankel, who is Jewish, agrees that the ceremony was mishandled.

"There is no doubt that this was a disservice to our families and children in the local Jewish community of Delray Beach," Frankel said.

"When you're in the U.S., in a diverse community like Delray Beach, you do not expect such a note," Franciosa said.

5 Jews injured in Jerusalem terror attacks win $9 million from Iran

Pile of cash illustration 
By: Moses Gold

Several Jewish victims of terror attacks won a $9 million judgement, according to court proceedings in California.

A federal court in San Diego on Tuesday ordered the Iranian Defense Ministry to pay $9 million in damages to victims of a double suicide bombing in Jerusalem, that occurred way back in 1997. The suicide attacks were funded by Iran.

The plaintiffs, including five U.S. citizens injured in the attacks and four members of their families, were represented by Shurat Hadin, an Israeli law firm.

"We still remember the atrocious murders carried out by the representatives of Iran, Hamas, in 1997," said the founder of Shurat Hadin, Nitsana Darshan-Leitner in a statement.

"We are still struggling every day for a measure of justice and compensation from the outlaw regimes that support terrorist organizations," Darshan-Leitner added.

Woman kills herself after accidentally texting her husband a message meant for her lover

Gail Crocker 
By: Eva Fett

In a very sad story, a woman killed herself after she was caught cheating on her husband.

The woman of England, who worked as a police officer, committed suicide by overdosing on pills and sleeping in the trunk of her car.

The incident began, after she wrote a text message to her lover thanking him for a wonderful date they had, but accidentally sent it to her husband.

Police officer Gail Crocker, 46, of St Stephen, Cornwall, met a colleague while her husband Peter Crocker, 49, was on a business trip to London, and they went out together.

In the text message she wrote: "Thank you for a wonderful evening. Just wish we could do this more often.”

However, the mother of two sent the message to her husband to whom she was married for 30 years.

When her husband returned home and confronted his wife, she admitted to having a one time encounter with a male colleague, but she insisted that it was the first time.

The couple fought about the situation. The husband said that his wife begged him for forgiveness over the incident.

“She was in floods of tears saying she was sorry. She said it was an isolated incident and that she had never done it before,” Peter Crocker said.

The next day, while Peter Crocker was still angry over her betrayal, Gail Crocker called him at work. He became so angry that he threw his phone to the floor, breaking it.

Later that day, on his way home from work, he went to get a new phone and came home late from work.

He found that his wife had disappeared, and that she had called in sick to work that day.

Friends later called Mr. Crocker when they spotted his white Audi at a park in a nearby town.

Crocker opened the trunk to find his wife's body next to an empty bottle of pills along with suicide notes.

The suicide notes were addressed to her husband and to her two daughters.

“She was my life. Nothing was worth her taking her life. I’m lost without her,” the broken-hearted husband said.

Wife swap party between police officer his wife and another couple ends with gunshots

Swingers party illustration 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) For months, two men were planning their “wife swapping party.”

When the night finally arrived, things turned out very different from they had planned.

Officer Frankie Salazar, 29, of the Olmos Park Police, in Texas, and his friend, Jesus Guitron, 33, got together for the swingers party with their wives.

However, things took a nasty turn when one woman got cold feet and decided against having sex with her husband’s friend.

The officer’s wife became angry because she was not told beforehand that it was going to be “that kind of party.”

At that point, Salazar became frustrated and ordered Guitron and his wife to leave his house.

As the couple was leaving, Salazar went on the porch and shot at them.

The bullets hit Guitron, and he suffered wounds to the chest, hands and leg.

Guitron is expected to make a full recovery.

Salazar was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, according to police.

He was later released on $50,000 bail, and was suspended from the police department without pay pending an investigation.

Shoplifting woman sexually assaulted by store owner in exchange for not calling police

Man and woman in bathroom 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A woman was caught shoplifting at a supermarket.

The Japanese woman was seen putting food into her purse.

The store owner, who saw the woman stealing food, decided to take advantage of the situation.

Michihiro Fuchigami, 50, approached the victim as she left the supermarket in Toda, Saitama, just outside of Tokyo.

He told the woman that he had seen what she has done, and informed her that he will not call the police if she followed him.

Rather than face jail time and embarrassment over her cowardly act, the 30-year-old woman reluctantly followed Fuchigami into the men's bathroom.

The store owner then began to fondle the woman.

Luckily for her, a worker entered the bathroom, and she asked for help.

Fuchigami tried to flee the scene, but the worker caught up with him and held him until police arrived.

While questioned by police, Fuchigami allegedly confessed to the charges.

Police said that the man thought he could get away with the sexual abuse crime because he believed that she would not dare call the police after she committed the robbery at his store.

Robber who messed with wrong woman makes off with nothing but burns to his face

Teresa Mendez with her wax pot 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A man messed with the wrong woman when he tried to commit a robbery at knifepoint.

The only thing the would-be robber made off with was burns to his face.

Beautician Teresa Mendez, of Dallas, Texas, was heading home from work.

When she reached her house, a man with a knife approached her and demanded money.

Mendez said she had no money and she was not willing to let the man take her work utensils, which she had in her shopping bag.

At first, she brandished a pair of scissors, but was unsuccessful in deterring the robber.

That’s when the quick thinking Mendez decided to use the hot wax, which she had in her hand.

She threw the pot of hot wax at the man's face, giving him an eyebrow waxing he’ll never forget.

That did the trick, and the thief fled to a nearby car, which had several men waiting inside. They fled from the scene.

Her husband, Antonio Santiago, returned home shortly after the incident. He was a bit surprised that his wife fought back over a plastic shopping bag, with a few work utensils.

Dallas Police have not yet identified the assailant, but described him as a black man.

According to Mendez, he may have burns or peeling skin on the face and eyebrows.

Police officer arrested for making child porn by forcing girls to pose nude as part of ‘police investigation’

Marc Washington 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A man used his power as a police officer to take nude photos of children.

Washington D.C. police officer Marc Washington, 32, has been arrested and charged with child pornography.

Washington, who works with the Metropolitan Police Department, is accused of taking nude photographs of a 15-year-old in her own bedroom while her mother was in another room.

The girl had been reported missing by her mother, and Washington was sent to the home to take a missing persons report, according to court documents.

The next day, the mother called police asking the child to be removed from the missing persons list.

Later that day, Washington returned to the girl’s apartment.

He asked to talk to the girl in private, supposedly to talk to her about where she had been.

Once inside her bedroom, Washington ordered the girl to remove her shirt and bra so he can photograph her injuries.

The girl insisted that she had not been injured. The officer ordered her to comply by saying it was part of the police investigation.

The officer then told the girl to remove her underpants in order to take pictures of the tattoos on her hips for "identification purposes."

When she removed her clothing he photographed her private parts.

After Washington left the apartment, the girl told her mother what happened, and the mother called 911.

When Washington learned about the 911 call he deleted all the photos.

Police confiscated the camera and experts were able to recover the photos.

They found the photos of the 15-year-old victim, along with other unidentified victims.

Washington has been with D.C. police department since 2006.

Disabled mannequins placed on display in major department stores

Disabled mannequin illustration 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) Are you tired of the perfect looking mannequins? Now, you can see mannequins with disabled figures popping up at several major department stores, according to video uploaded to the Internet.

If you had the opportunity to have a mannequin molded from your body shape and displayed in a department store, would you go for it?

That was the question posed to four people with physical disabilities. However, the disabled people’s moving reactions when they saw their mannequins were recorded on video and viewed more than half a million times in just two days.

Pro Infirmis, a Swiss organization for people with disabilities, was behind the idea of ​​helping to create awareness, and worked with people suffering from curved spines, short limbs, and a woman in a wheelchair, to create mannequins in their form.

The mannequins were displayed in a street shop in the main shopping street of Zurich.

The project was designed to commemorate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

The video captures each of their reactions as they come up close to their mannequins for the first time.

"It's special to see yourself like this," one woman said.

"Usually, I cannot look at myself in the mirror," she added.

The video then shows the impeccably dressed mannequins, which were placed in the front window of a display in Zurich, which raised astonished looks from passersby.

College student shot dead in an online Playstation sale gone wrong

Ikenna Uwakah 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A College student in California, was shot dead by a man, who agreed to buy his Playstation 4.

San Francisco Police arrested Ronnie Collins, 21, who killed another man over a PlayStation 4.

The suspect, arranged to buy the new console from the victim, Ikenna Uwakah, 22.

It was reported that Uwakah advertised the new Sony console on Instagram for about $600.

Collins agreed to buy the console. The two met at 3:30 p.m. on Mendell Street and Hudson Avenue, to complete the sale.

Uwakah was in the passenger seat of a car, which was driven by his girlfriend.

Instead of receiving money for the game, Uwakah was shot and the suspect fled the scene.

Uwakah died in a hospital on Sunday. His girlfriend was not injured.

The victim’s father, Onyebuchi Uwakah, said that his son had sold many items online before, and he had no problems.

"He did it all the time. He buys electronics and sells it. This is what he does,” the broken-hearted father said.

“He did not have to tell me every time he did it. It kept him busy when he was not occupied with school," the father added.

Uwakah was an economics student at Santa Monica City College.

Newlywed Missouri man killed by police officer during his wedding reception celebration

Anthony Bruno 
By: Debbi Gross

(Scroll down for video) What was supposed to be the start of a happy life for a couple ended in tragedy when a police officer killed the groom.

Kansas City Police were called to an assault between a man and a cab driver.

The police officer responded to a report of a driver being beaten up by a man identified as firefighter Anthony Bruno.

When the officer arrived he saw the man running from the car.

A family member said that the incident began when the groom, Bruno, 26, had left his wedding reception to help a drunk guest get into a cab.

He and the driver got into a dispute over the cab fare.

Bruno and his new wife, were celebrating their nuptials with their family and friends at the Marriott Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri.

When the officer caught up with Bruno, the firefighter resisted arrest, and allegedly struck the officer in the head and face.

The officer, who has not been identified, was beaten so badly that he had to be hospitalized for head injuries.

The officer will need surgery to repair his facial injuries, according to police spokesperson Tye Grant.

"The suspect began assaulting the officer, and it got pretty bad," Grant said. "The officer, who feared for his life, fired his weapon, striking the suspect," he said.

The officer fired two fatal shots before collapsing, police said.

The officer was still unconscious when backup arrived.

Bruno was taken to the hospital where he later died from the gunshot wounds.

In a statement, the Fire Department of Kansas City said that Bruno is remembered as a courageous and dedicated firefighter, who had been with the department since 2008.

He was a member of the third generation of firefighters.

Bruno left behind his new wife, his parents and two sisters.

Maryland teacher, 25, flees to Hong Kong after being caught sleeping with 15-year-old autistic student

Yee Tak Sharon Kui 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A young Maryland teacher fled the country for Hong Kong, after being caught sleeping with her 15-year-old autistic student, according to police reports.

The 25-year-old woman, Yee Tak Sharon Kui, a teacher at the Frost School, which serves children with emotional and behavioral disabilities, abused the boy at his home in Silver Spring last month, while his parents were away, the Montgomery County Police reported.

The police learned that the woman fled the country after obtaining an arrest warrant because she was accused of several crimes, including sexual abuse of a minor and sexual solicitation of a minor.

Investigators from the Department of Homeland Security, believe that she fled to Hong Kong to avoid prosecution, police said.

Children accidentally shown Nymphomaniac instead of Disney animation

Nymphomaniac scene 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) Dozens of Florida children were horrified after seeing a sexually explicit movie clip instead of a Disney animated movie.

The group of children did not quite get the Disney movie they were expecting, and they saw Nymphomaniac instead.

The incident occurred at a cinema in Tampa, where some parents were seen covering the eyes of their children, while others made ​​a quick jump for the exit.

Lynn Greene, who had taken her grandchildren to see the Disney animation Frozen, said that there were some technical difficulties that delayed the start of the movie at the theater.

However, while waiting, the cinema showed the sexually charged clip.

"At first it looked like an old Mickey Mouse cartoon was playing, and then, all of a sudden, this other scene popped up,” Greene said.

"It seemed like an eternity. I did not have enough hands to cover their ears too, as the sound was terrible as well. My concern is that there should be safeguards in place to prevent this from happening again," Greene also said.

The cinema has offered free movie tickets for the audience as an apology.

Poisoned dead mice thrown from helicopter to kill snakes

Brown tree snake illustration 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) It was raining mice, according to witnesses at the scene.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture said that 2,000 mice, which were spiked with acetaminophen, were launched on the territory of Guam, to poison invasive brown tree snakes.

Tino Aguon, the acting chief of the U.S. Guam Department of Agriculture, said that the 2,000 dead mice were each spiked with 80 milligrams of Tylenol, far less than the 500 mg found in a standard pill. The mice were parachuted from a helicopter in the area around Anderson Air Force Base to poison the brown tree snakes.

Aguon said that the poisoned mice technique has been used more than three times in the past in Guam, as part of an $8 million program intended to kill off the snakes, which first arrived on Guam during the 1950s.

The government also wants to protect the populations of exotic native birds, which are harmed by the snakes.

"Whenever there is a technique that is tested and shows promise, we jump on the band wagon, promote it and help facilitate its implementation," Aguon said.

Some of the mice were equipped with small radios that transmit data to help officials gauge the effectiveness of the technique, officials said.

Man pulls out gun because he didn't like the way the victim parked his car

Richard Sinotte 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) A shopper was left traumatized after a man pulled a gun on him because he didn’t like the way he parked his car in the parking lot, according to police reports in New Hampshire.

Manchester Police said that a man pulled out a shotgun and pointed it at another motorist because he did not like the way the man parked outside a supermarket.

53-year-old Richard Sinotte, was pulling into a parking space at the Hanaford Supermarket when he started screaming at another man. Sinotte believed that the man was invading his space.

The man in the next parking space was 38-year-old Craig Driggers with his ​​2-year-old daughter in the back seat of the van. His 62-year-old mother was loading groceries into the trunk.

"I said: 'Look man there is a baby in this car. Do not hit this car. It is not going to be good.’ Then he reached down and pulled a gun,” Driggers said.

Sinotte then raised a rifle out the window of his truck and made a threatening statement.

The victim told police he felt threatened.

"He just acted like a complete maniac," Driggers said.

Sinotte was arrested and charged with one count of felony criminal threatening.

Two Florida men seen stealing hundreds of condoms

The two suspects 
By: John Roberts

Police are asking for help from the public after two men were seen stealing hundreds of condoms from a CVS store, according to police reports in Florida.

Tampa Police said that they are looking for two men, who stole more than $400 in family planning materials and condoms, from a Town ‘N’ Country CVS.

According to the Sheriff's Office of Hillsborough County, the two men entered the CVS located at 8603 West Hillsborough Avenue, shortly before 3:00 p.m. on November 26.

The men took $460 worth of condoms and other family planning materials, put them in a bag and left the store without paying.

Texas police officer shoots friend after wife swapping deal falls apart

Wife swapping illustration 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A police officer who planned to swap his wife for his friend’s wife, was arrested and charged with assault after allegedly shooting his friend, according to police reports in Texas.

San Antonio Police said that a shootout over the weekend involving an officer was stimulated by a failed attempt to trade sexual partners, according to newly released documents from the police.

On Monday, police also identified the accused officer, Frankie Salazar, in the report.

The officer has been placed on leave with pay pending administrative action, according to the Police Department in Olmos Park.

Salazar, 29, and the man who was shot in the chest and hand, Jesus Edward Guitron, had been discussing exchanging sexual partners for several months, one female witness told police.

A woman and Guitron, 33, went to Salazar's house on Saturday, to have some drinks. When the witness went to the bedroom, Salazar came behind her and started kissing her.

The woman told police that she didn't feel right and wanted to abandon the plan, so she pushed Salazar away.

Another woman, 29, became angry at Salazar for not telling her what he was planning. She started arguing with Salazar, and the first woman tried to leave with Guitron.

Before they could leave, Guitron and Salazar got into a fist fight, and Salazar told the 29-year-old woman to get his gun.

When the other woman and Guitron tried to leave Salazar fired three times.

Police were called shortly after 3:30 a.m.

Guitron suffered bullet wounds to the chest, right hand and possibly his left little finger. He was taken to the Military Medical Center in San Antonio, where he was later listed in critical but stable condition.

A Glock .22 pistol belonging to Salazar was confiscated, and he was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He was later released on $50,000 bail.

Man freed after claiming he had no choice but to drive drunk

Breathalyzer test illustration 
By: Shifra Unger

A man was acquitted of drunk driving charges after he claimed he had no choice but to drive drunk, according to court proceedings in Canada.

The Nova Scotia man successfully argued a drunk driving necessity defense after stating that he had no choice but to drive an injured friend to the hospital last year.

Roger Pleau and his friend Eldon Deegan were drinking beer in Deegan’s apartment in Upper Nappan, while their wives went out to play bingo in Amherst.

Pleau and Deegan went out to smoke a cigarette. The apartment was on the second floor of a complex. Deegan stumbled down the stairs, cut his scalp in an iron railing and sustained a concussion.

The men were locked out of the apartment building, and the two keys to the building, the main and the spare, were with their wives. None of them had a cell phone.

Deegan was incoherent and having trouble breathing. Pleau, 54, from Maccan, panicked and drove his friend to a local hospital, according to court documents.

In the hospital, the nurse noticed that Pleau was drunk so she called police.