German school’s Anne Frank chestnut tree cut and destroyed

An Anne Frank chestnut tree 
By: David Ross

Vandals cut down and destroyed Anne Frank’s chestnut tree that was planted in a school outside Frankfurt, Germany.

Police said that a sapling cloned tree, which lifted the spirits of Anne Frank as she hid from the Nazis in Amsterdam, during World War Two, has been cut and stolen from a school in Frankfurt, carrying the name of Anne Frank.

Manfred Fuellhardt, a spokesperson for the police, said on Wednesday, the 8 foot tall tree was cut down over the weekend, which was planted on the grounds of the Anne Frank School.

Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt, and died in the concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen. She made ​​several references to a chestnut tree outside her home in the diary she kept during the 25 months she hid from the Nazis.

The tree blew over in a storm in 2010, but dozens of young cloned trees have been planted around the world, including the one donated to the Frankfurt School in 2008.

16-year-old Palestinian boy charged with killing Israeli soldier on Egged bus named

Hussein Rwadra 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A Palestinian boy was arrested and charged with murder after he allegedly killed an Israeli soldier onboard an Egged bus, according to military court proceedings in Israel.

Israeli military officials said that a Palestinian teenager, Hussein Rwadra, who murdered Israeli soldier Eden Atias in the central bus station in Afula, was charged with six counts of murder in the first degree.

According to the indictment filed with the military court in Samaria, in 2012, the defendant, 16, volunteered to participate in a stabbing terror attack against a soldier working at a security check point.

During a conversation among several Palestinians, the defendant showed a knife to his friend, and said that he planned to use it to carry out a terrorist attack. However, his friend refused to participate. Several months ago, the defendant bought a knife with a 10 centimeter blade, in order to kill an Israeli soldier at a checkpoint or inside Israel.

Two weeks before the terrorist attack, the boy infiltrated Israel. While in Israel, he worked in Nazareth and other cities.

On the morning of November 13, the defendant boarded Egged bus line 823 towards Afula.

When the bus arrived in Afula, he saw Israeli soldier Eden Atias, and after the bus stopped, he drew his knife, and went over to Atias. He grabbed Atias’ head and slit his throat.

Atias tried to push the boy away, but he was stabbed 17 times until a border police officer intervened.

The boy was also accused of throwing rocks at Israeli vehicles.

Man caught pouring his urine into woman’s handbag

Man seen pouring urine into woman’s handbag 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A woman freaked out when she saw a man pouring a liquid into her handbag.

The woman stopped two police officers and complained about the man, who had damaged her handbag and the items she had inside.

Police stopped and questioned the man. He was identified as Hiromasa Koyama, 26, who works as a caregiver in Yokohama, Japan.

During the investigation, police found that Koyama had a bottle filled with his own urine, and that was the liquid he poured into the woman’s handbag.

He was arrested by police in Kanagawa, and was accused of destroying the woman’s property.

Koyama allegedly admitted to his pee-dumping act.

Police said that Koyama filled a 350 ml plastic bottle with his urine, and then poured it into the handbag of at least one woman while aboard a commuter train.

Man shoves hot spoon up wife’s privates as punishment for cheating

Auditor Ndlovu 
By: John Roberts

A woman was burned by her jealous husband, who accused her of cheating.

Auditor Ndlovu, 25, of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, suffered serious injuries to her private parts after her husband took a metal spoon, made it hot and shoved it up her privates, as punishment for flirting with other men.

The husband, Njabulo Ncube, 33, then sexually abused her while saying “I want to bring to an end your habits of flirting with other men.”

Judge Maphios Willard Moyo heard how Ndlovu had to crawl to a neighbor's house while bleeding profusely in order to seek help because she was unable to walk after the brutal assault.

The couple was having marital problems before this incident, the court heard.

The husband is denying any wrongdoing, and is denying the allegations, claiming it was a misunderstanding.

Ncube claimed that his wife had consented to having sex with him after the two got into it about her infidelity.

Ncube was released after posting $200 bond.

Boy left blind after aunt gouges his eyes out before killing herself

Guo Bin learning to live without his eyesight 
By: Moses Gold

A boy lost his eyesight in a bizarre eye gouging attack.

6-year-old Guo Bin, of Shanxi, China, was attacked and his eyes were gouged out.

At first, the family did not know who had committed the horrific crime against their son.

The family wanted justice after Bin lost his eyes in the disturbing attack.

Fenxi County Police offered a reward of 100,000 yuan ($16,000) for information leading to the arrest of the suspect, who police said was a woman.

Zhang Huiying, the boy’s aunt, was a suspect in the case, however, the family said that she had a good relationship with the boy and his parents.

Soon after the incident, Huiying committed suicide, which increased the suspicion that she was behind the attack.

Authorities found traces of the boy’s blood on her clothing.

“DNA tests proved that the blood on Zhang's clothing belonged to Bin,” police said.

Police have not yet released a motive for the gruesome attack.

Doctors have successfully fitted the 6-year-old with prosthetic eyes, and his health is in good condition.

Bin is receiving psychological help. He is being trained how to live as a blind person so that he can become independent and more confident in his abilities.

Drug addicts intentionally hurt their pets to get pain pills for their own use

Injured dog illustration 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

Drug addicts are known to do dangerous and criminal activity to get their next fix.

Sadly, people are now hurting their animals in order to get drugs.

The Ohio Attorney General believes that drug addicts are now getting their prescription pain pills from their veterinarians after injuring their pets.

Attorney General Mike DeWine is working with the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association, to educate veterinarians to recognize the sign of intentional abuse to animals when people are seeking medicines for dogs, cats and other pets.

Lawmakers are toughening penalties for cruelty to “companion animals,” such as dogs, cats and other animals that live indoors.

Jill Del Greco, a spokesperson for the Attorney General, said that they have heard from police and community leaders that people are abusing drugs, which were prescribed to their pets, and that some people were intentionally injuring the animals to get the drugs.

Del Greco said that it is not always pet owners who abuse the drugs, but a family member might steal the animal’s drugs to use it or sell it.

Frustrated protesters hospitalized after swallowing poison to make their point

The protesters 
By: Eva Fett

A group of protesters put their life on the line to get the government's attention.

In a desperate attempt to draw attention to the plight of the people in Wuhan, China, a group of 12 traveled to Beijing, to carry out a "collective suicide."

The protesters were poisoned after drinking pesticide while they were gathered outside the Qianmen Watchtower in the heart of the Beijing.

Each of the protesters drank about 50 milliliters of pesticide and laid on the ground until police and emergency workers arrived.

The protest was held after houses in Wuhan, were demolished by the government, despite failing to reach an agreement on compensation.

These people have tried to reach out to government officials to discuss the issue without success before their homes were demolished.

The protesters survived and were rushed to the hospital where they are being treated for poisoning.

"We've been protesting and petitioning the government for a while, but we were either dragged back home, locked in up in prisons and beaten. No one has been willing to help us," Wang Yuping, a resident of Wuhan, said. "We feel like there's no hope,” he said

New machine lets you print food in your kitchen

Food made with the Foodini 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) We all know that a printer prints on paper, but now, you can purchase a printer that will print food in your kitchen.

Forget about all the plastic toys, a new 3D printer lets you cook up your own dinner.

3D printer inventors have unveiled a new prototype that revolutionizes home cooking.

The device, known as the Foodini, squirts out anything from pizza to cakes in a variety of ways.

Different ingredients are built up in layers following the selection of a design on the printer’s control panel.

It is expected that the device will go on sale for the public soon, and the machine is priced at $1,200. Capsules of fresh ingredients are sold separately.

Natural Machines, a company based in Barcelona, Spain, said that they combined technology, food, art and design.

Lynette Kucsma, the co-founder of the company, said that retail stores have shown heavy interest.

However, a company spokesperson admitted that the machine has its limitations.

"Foodini cannot automate all your cooking, or cook food. Foodini can design food in different ways, make a quiche in the shape of a dinosaur, create images with sauces that kids can fill with vegetables or write messages on pieces of toast for breakfast. You can also make food more visually appealing by adding an intricate filling in a cupcake,” the spokesperson said.

Man takes revenge against his girlfriend by killing her grandmother

The former girlfriend (right) with her mother 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A man was furious when he saw photos of his former girlfriend with another man, so he decided to kill her beloved family members.

The man was unable to handle the rejection of being dumped by his girlfriend.

Police believe that the man wanted to kill his former girlfriend so she won't be with another man, before turning the knife on himself.

The 27-year-old Taiwanese man, Koa, took a taxi to his former girlfriend’s home, which she shares with her mother and grandmother.

He went to look for his former girlfriend, however, when he arrived at the house she had already left for work.

The grandmother invited him in as she recognized him as her granddaughter's former boyfriend.

He went inside and chatted with her grandmother for a bit, but he lost control when he saw photos of his former girlfriend with another man displayed in picture frames in the house.

The man’s anger and jealousy took over him, and he grabbed the elderly woman and choked her to death.

As Koa was leaving the house, his former girlfriend’s mother came in. The man grabbed the mother and tried to choke her as well.

Luckily, a friend heard the screams and came to save her.

As Koa tried to flee the scene, the woman screamed for help. Two neighbors stopped him and held him until police arrived.

The man’s former girlfriend was inconsolable when she heard about her grandmother's death.

She was devastated when she learned the identity of the man responsible of killing her grandmother, knowing full well that he did it to get back at her.

Man caught red-handed having sex with his 15-year-old niece

Kissing illustration 
By: David Ross

A man was being held in prison without bail after he was caught having sex with his underage niece.

A family was in shock when they found out that a man of the Queens Park neighborhood in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, was being intimate with his 15-year-old niece.

Angry family members called police to report the uncle.

The court heard that the two were caught with their pants down, and were being intimate in a bedroom of a family member's home.

Their names cannot be published because the girl is a minor. The pair was accused of sleeping together a number of times in the past 7 months.

Prosecutor Mazwi Goto told the court that the man proposed love to his niece and she consented.

They are both facing charges of incest.

The matter came to light when a relative noticed unusual behavior between the two and became suspicious.

“The relative kept a close eye on the two and caught them in the act before raising the alarm to other family members," Goto said.

After a police investigation, both the girl and her uncle were arrested.

The man was denied bail and was remanded into custody.

The girl, because of her age, was released into the custody of a relative in th Makokoba suburb.

Grandpa suffering from Alzheimer's killed by homeowner after accidentally knocking on wrong door

Ronald Westbrook 
By: Debbi Gross

(Scroll down for video) Ronald Westbrook, 72, of Chickamauga, Georgia, was gunned down by a homeowner when he knocked on the man’s door.

Westbrook, who has Alzheimer's disease, walked out of his home unnoticed at 1:00 a.m., and took his two dogs with him.

After wandering around for three hours, the elderly Alzheimer's patient knocked on a stranger's door.

Joe Hendrix, 34, and his wife, were inside the house.

While Mrs. Hendrix dialed 911, her husband got his .40 caliber pistol, went outside and shot Westbrook dead.

The 34-year-old man, who killed the innocent grandpa, may be protected by the Stand Your Ground law, just like Mark Zimmerman.

Westbrook's widow struggled to understand how she lost her husband of 51 years.

“I cannot imagine that anyone felt threatened by my husband, that's what surprises me," Deanne Westbrook, 70, said.

“He was probably cold and looking for help when he rang that bell. I think he just wanted someone to help him," she added.

Hendrix's attorney, Lee Davis, described his client as distraught.

The district attorney has not decided whether to file criminal charges against Hendrix.

Christian Minister seen on video preaching while exposing her chest

LaTascha Emanuel 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A female preacher decided to attract men to the church by exposing her chest, according to video uploaded to the Internet.

A black American preacher, LaTascha Emanuel, who claims to be a Christian evangelist, has been turning quite a few heads recently after a video of her preaching the Bible has gone viral on the Internet.

Many people were shocked to see that the woman’s chest was overexposed. In the video, Emanuel titled her sermon as “The Gospel from the stripper pole.”

She spoke about a “forked tongue," and how the word of God will restore it. People familiar with her said that the woman already has quite a large following, mostly men.

“I am an unconventional minister who is trying to reach the world with the Bible, and with the grace of Jesus Christ," Latascha Emanuel wrote on her Twitter page.

Emanuel serves as an associate Minister at the Perfecting the Saints Family Worship Center under pastors Marion and Bea Wade.

She grew up in Panama City, Florida, but ended up in Savannah, Georgia, after a short stint as a pole dancer.

She now teaches the word of God full time.

Girl, 14, hangs herself during house party after being bullied because she was too good looking

Sarah Clerkson 
By: Eva Fett

A young girl is dead after she was bullied because she was very good looking, according to police reports in the United Kingdom.

Sarah Clerkson, 14, allegedly committed suicide at a party after she was being attacked by party goers, who were jealous of her good looks.

Clerkson was found hanging in a house in Spennymoor, County Durham, on Saturday. She was taken to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead.

"It is a shame that a girl Clerkson was bullied to death. The bullied are the scum of the earth,” a friend of Clerkson said on Facebook.

On her own Facebook page, she posted a day before the house party that she might end it all during the party.

"She was emotionally disturbed, but we thought things were beginning to change for her," her grandfather, David, said.

"The last month or two, since she has been with her new foster parents, it was all positive," he said. "However, to begin with, there had been a problem with her entry into a new school. She was intimidated for about a week," David also said.

The host of the party, John Moore, said that they were worried about her after she went to bed early because she was sick.

“We knocked on the door, which was locked, so we broke the door down. I started giving her CPR after being instructed by the ambulance service," Moore said.

A spokesperson for the Durham Police said that so far, no arrests have been made.

Man jailed for telling his girlfriend he was mugged after spending his cash at the bar

Christopher Kimberley 
By: Moses Gold

A man was arrested, charged and convicted of perverting the course of justice after making up a story about a mugging so his girlfriend wouldn't get angry, according to court proceedings in the United Kingdom.

Christopher Kimberley decided to go out with friends to a local bar, and managed to empty his bank account buying drinks.

Later, he worried that his girlfriend would get angry because he spent all the money on drinks, so the 24-year-old decided to lie, saying that his money was stolen.

The lie spiraled out of control. Kimberley said that his boss, Jamie Cox, was the mugger.

He stated that Cox took his bank card, demanded cash and stole all the money from the account.

The man’s girlfriend and her father reported the story to the police. Cox was arrested and interrogated.

Kimberley stuck to his story, while his boss was questioned and detained in a police cell for 12 hours.

The baffled Cox told police that Kimberley must have made ​​up the story to avoid problems with his girlfriend.

However, investigators realized that the money came out of the account before he was allegedly mugged.

Now, Kimberley has been jailed for wasting police time after he pleaded guilty to intending to pervert the course of public justice and fraud.

Kimberley has since apologized to Cox.

Woman seen on video being taken to an ambulance with a toilet seat glued to her bottom

Ilyanna De La Keur glued to toilet seat 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) A woman, who went to use the bathroom while shopping at Home Depot, became superglued to the toilet seat, according to video uploaded to the Internet.

The woman had to be rescued by paramedics after she became superglued to the toilet seat.

Ilyanna De La Keur was visiting her local Home Depot in Banks County, Georgia, when she needed to answer a call of nature.

However, when she tried to get up she found she could not move after a prankster had smeared the seat with superglue.

The 40-year-old was screaming for 25 minutes before anyone realized that she had become stuck.

Paramedics tried to remove the seat from her bottom as store employees watched in disbelief. However, they were not able to pull the seat off her skin.

So they had to remove Ilyanna with the seat attached to a nearby table where paramedics sprayed WD-40 to release her from the seat.

She can be heard screaming in pain when the seat was finally removed along with some of her skin.

She is recovering at home.

"I'm a grown woman who cannot even sit," she said.

Investigators are reviewing surveillance cameras in an attempt to catch the prankster responsible for Ilyanna’s pain.

"It was not fun. Whoever decided to do this, it was not fun," she said.

Nigerian man, 34, rapes 12-year-old girl to death

Samuel Chukwunyere and the well 
By: John Roberts

A man was arrested and charged with child rape after he allegedly raped a young girl until she died, according to police reports in Nigeria.

Imo State Police said that they recently arrested a man behind the death of 12-year-old Ifunanya Favour Iberi.

34-year-old Samuel Chukwunyere was arrested and charged by police on Wednesday.

Ifunanya’s parents reported her missing 2 months ago, after she did not come from school.

During questioning, the suspect confessed that he raped the little girl until she died.

"I raped her. She tried to scream and fight back, but I held her down. I held her mouth until she fell unconscious,” Chukwunyere told police.

“Later, I took her body and dumped her into a well,” the suspect also told police.

Police said that they believe Chukwunyere to be a serial rapist and murderer, who is responsible for raping and killing many girls throughout Nigeria.

He was brought before a Magistrate's Court judge for a bail hearing, and he was remanded into custody.

Woman and pastor kill husband after they fell in love

The pastor and his lover 
By: Sarah Weiss

A woman and a her pastor were arrested and charged with murder after they killed a man because they fell in love, according to police reports in Nigeria.

Edo State Police said that they have arrested a woman and her lover, a pastor, for the murder of the woman’s husband, Victor Nsongbunyo, a director of the Nigeria Petroleum Development Company in Benin.

The woman and her husband, who was recently promoted at the company, fought about the paternity of their children after he suspected that his wife was having an extramarital affair with her pastor.

When the woman became pregnant, the husband demanded that a DNA test be taken in order to determine the paternity of the child.

The wife became furious and conspiring to murder her husband with her pastor.

One day, when the victim came home from work, he was beaten to death, and his mutilated body was dumped into one of his old cars. The car was driven to Sapele Road in Benin, and was set on fire.

When police went to question the pastor they realized he had burns on his hands. That is when the pastor and his mistress were arrested and charged with murder.

Landlord beats his tenant to death because he flushed the toilet

Leaky toilet illustration 
By: Shifra Unger

A man was arrested and charged with murder after he beat his tenant to death for flushing his toilet at the wrong time, according to court proceedings in Nigeria.

Police said that 65-year-old Adebayo Akinrinlade, was charged in court on Wednesday, for allegedly beating his tenant, Uche Michael, to death.

Akinrinlade was brought before the Tinubu Magistrate's Court in Lagos.

The suspect, who lives at 40 Church Street in Aboru, Iyana-Ipaja, is currently facing a charge of one count of unlawful assault causing death.

Michael, who was a tenant in Akinrinlade’s home, fought with his landlord about a broken toilet pipe that was leaking. Akinrinlade warned his tenant not to flush the toilet during a ceremony for his grandchild.

Michael flushed the toilet during the ceremony, causing a leak and interrupting the ceremony, which angered the suspect and his son.

Michael was beaten on the head with a stick by the accused, and he collapsed and lost consciousness.

He was rushed to a hospital where he was confirmed dead, police said.

Akinrinlade pleaded not guilty to the charges. Akinrinlade was granted bail.