Williamsburg restaurant owner caught making extra cash by selling illegal drugs

Carl McCoy inside his restaurant 
By: Eva Fett

A restaurant owner was arrested and charged after he was caught selling drugs to boost his store’s income, according to police reports in New York.

Brooklyn Police said that the owner of Gwynnett St., was arrested for allegedly trying to increase his bottom line by selling the Molly drug.

Carl McCoy told federal agents that he was having money problems and agreed to receive a package containing rock solid synthetic methylone, according to a complaint in federal court in Brooklyn.

McCoy, whose Williamsburg restaurant opened to rave reviews last year, with dishes like smoked black cod and duck with spaetzle beet, was released on $25,000 bail on Wednesday, after agreeing to testify against his accomplice.

Federal agents intercepted a package at John F Kennedy Airport, which was sent from China, after suspicion that it contains the Molly drug.

The package was addressed to McCoy, whose restaurant features a tasting menu that costs $120 per person.

Comedian spends time in jail after iPhone cookie prank on police officer backfires

Randy Liedtke 
By: Eva Fett

A Comedian came up with an interesting way to prank police officers.

Randy Liedtke wanted to entertain people with a funny prank, but he could never have imagined that the joke will turn on him.

Liedtke had this clever idea of using cookies to deceive police offices in California, but he ended in a police station cell.

The Los Angeles comedian baked a batch of cookies and decorated them to look like iPhones.

He posted a photo of his creations on Twitter and Tumblr.

His plan was to pretend to be talking on the cookie phone while driving in hopes of getting stopped by police for talking on a cellphone while driving.

Liedtke told fans that when the officer will pull him over he will take a bite out of the fake iPhone and ask the officer if cookies were against the law.

However, things did not go exactly as planned.

Liedtke tweeted all his mischief live as it happened.

When he spotted an officer he wrote:

“Just saw a police car going the other way. Going to turn around and see if I can catch up,” he wrote.

Sure enough the officer stopped him.

"I took a bite out of the cookie. He was so confused and angry. He told me to hold tight, and he is back in his car now," Liedtke tweeted

When the officer returned, Liedtke updated his followers, writing: "He said I have a warrant for unpaid parking tickets? He is making me go with him," a surprised Liedtke wrote.

When he was finally released from Los Angeles police custody he tweeted: "It wasn't worth it. I'm an idiot."

He added a photo of himself looking sad while holding up his ticket. "No more iPhone Cookies," he wrote.

Teens break into mansion to hold party while charging party goers an entrance fee

The mansion, the $250,000 leopard and woman
who attended the party that was held at the
Nick Radoi home 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) In a bizarre incident, about 100 teens managed to get into a mansion in California, while the homeowner was out of the country.

The mansion belongs to Romanian-born trucking magnate, Nick Radoi. He was in Europe at the time of the break in.

Radoi is known for holding elaborate parties in the backyard of his beautiful mansion in Los Angeles.

Therefore, when the teens partied at his mansion, the neighbors did not suspect that anything was wrong.

Three 18-year-olds, who invited people to the party, only planned to use the back yard of the mansion.

Word of the party got out through social media, and about 100 teens showed up to the party.

The 18-year-olds charged an entrance fee from all participants.

Unfortunately, some teens managed to break into the 9,000 square-foot mansion.

They raided the mansion, causing $1 million in damages. They stole many expensive items including a rare stuffed leopard which is worth $250,000. The also took the homeowner’s Italian suits and many more items.

Many of the teens took Selfies of themselves in the house and with the stolen items.

Police arrested Nickolas Koontz, Kevin Larios and Andres Uribe, all 18, who are believed to be the organizers of the event at the La Habra Heights residence.

13 other high school students were also arrested after they were found in possession of the stolen items.

Police were able to recover many of the stolen goods.

Man banned from all supermarkets in Britain after being caught masturbating in store

Eugenio Freitas 
By: Sarah Weiss

A man was arrested after he masturbated in a supermarket aisle.

Shoppers were stunned as Eugenio Freitas, 49, of Staffordshire, England, masturbated in the aisles of Sainsbury supermarket.

Police were called and the man was arrested.

For now, Freitas was banned from entering any supermarket in Britain.

Freitas, who is a father of 4, and a grandfather of 1, said that he went to the local supermarket with the intention of shopping, but became overwhelmed by his "excessive sexual drive."

Freitas did not actually expose himself to the shoppers, but had his hands in his pocket and pleasured himself through his pants for 10 minutes.

Freitas pleaded guilty to charges of public indecency.

He avoided jail and was given a six month suspended prison sentence. He was banned from entering any supermarket in Britain for 18 months, unless he is supervised by an adult.

This was not the first time that Freitas arrested for masturbating in public.

In 2010, he was ordered to register as a sex offender for seven years.

Doctors find 40-year-old fetus inside stomach of 82-year-old woman

X-ray of the 40-year-old fetus 
By: Debbi Gross

(Scroll down for video) An 82-year-old woman was taken to a hospital with stomach pain.

Doctors in Colombia, were stunned to find a fetus that had been inside her for the past 40 years.

The woman of Bogota, had what is known as Lithopedion, or stone baby. Lithopedion is a fetus that develops outside the uterus.

Doctors originally thought she was suffering from a stomach infection.

However, x-rays revealed the fetus, which became calcified.

There are less than 300 cases of fetuses remaining in the woman’s body reported in medical literature.

Now, the woman will undergo surgery to remove the dead fetus.

Dr. Kemer Ramirez of Bogota's Tunjuelito Hospital said that the doctor, who was treating the woman, noticed something abnormal in her abdomen, and suspected that it might be gallstones or an infection.

"This happens when the fetus does not develop inside the womb, and moves elsewhere in the woman’s body,” Dr. Ramirez explained.

The first reported case of Lithopedion was of a 68-year-old French woman named Colombe Chatri.

She did not know about the baby, and an autopsy after her death in 1582 revealed she had been carrying a fully developed stone baby in her abdominal cavity for 28 years.

In 2009, a Chinese woman, 92, was found to have a 60-year-old stone baby inside her.

5 girls killed because man was jealous of land purchase

The victim's names are highlighted  
By: Ryan Lee Hall

In a very sad incident, five young girls were found dead in their beds.

The incident took place in Bihar, India, were 5 girls have been killed with blunt force trauma to their heads in what is believed to have been done as a revenge attack in a dispute over property.

The girls were between the ages of 12 and 17, and all of the same extended family.

The killing was due to a dispute over agricultural land in the village.

Police are investigating the matter.

The girls’ grandmother said that each of her 3 sons, Shashibhushan, Bharatbhushan, and Bipin, had two sons and two daughters.

The men were not home for the night and their sons were sleeping with neighbors that night as their have been some threats of harming them.

Sadly, the suspects took their anger out on the young girls.

The girls slept in the same house in Gaya, but in different rooms.

The oldest daughter of Shashibhushan is married, and therefore, was not at the home at the time, and was unharmed.

One of the brothers told police that Bipin had recently bought a plot of land from a villager and got it registered.

However, villager Naveen Singh was unhappy, as he had been eyeing the plot.

Khizersarai police arrested five people in connection to the murder.

The suspects were identified as Naveen Singh and his wife, Kishori Singh and his wife, and brothers Anand Singh, Abhimanyu Singh, and Santosh Singh.

Child rapist, 60, goes free after 11-year-old victim said she loves him

Holding hands illustration 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) People have expressed outrage after a judge freed a child rapist because the child was in love with the man.

Is it possible for a 60-year-old to be in a romantic relationship with an 11-year-old girl?

According a an Italian supreme court judge, it is possible and it is fine.

The pedophile has been convicted of raping the 11-year-old child, and was sentenced to five years in prison for sexual violence against a minor.

However, the conviction was recently overturned as the supreme court in the southern Italian town of Catanzaro, ruled that the 60-year-old was in a "real relationship" with the girl.

The girl is said to be from a disadvantaged background and had been placed in the custody of the 60-year-old man, who worked for the local social services department.

The man was found naked in bed with the victim when police raided the man’s villa.

The age of consent in Catanzaro is 14, and rises to 16 when one of the partners is in position of authority or is caring for the younger participant.

However, in this case, the judge ruled in favor of the man because the 11-year-old claimed that she was in love with the man

Man treats baby mama to lavish day at spa in order to kidnap her daughter

Gemma Mountney and Kyshan Van Der Zanden with their daughter 
By: David Ross

A woman was very happy when her boyfriend offered to take care of the child for the day and treated her to a relaxing day out.

The woman, Gemma Mountney, who is originally from Oxfordshire, England, had moved to Spain, where she lived with her boyfriend Kyshan Van Der Zanden, 22.

Zanden hatched a plan to flee the country with his daughter, but without her mother.

He gave Mountney some shopping vouchers as well as a certificate to visit a spa.

While the woman was out, Zanden packed the belongings of their 21-month-old daughter Laylah, and his own belongings, and fled before his girlfriend returned.

When Mountney returned home after a wonderful and relaxing day out, she found that her daughter’s belongings were gone. She called the police.

"I miss Laylah so much, I just want her back in my arms. I thought he loved me and cared about me, but clearly he did not,” Mountney said.

Spanish detectives have launched a hunt for Zanden and the baby.

Woman, 72, who ran over her husband with car walks free because she still loves him

Sally and John Stickland walk out of court 
By: John Roberts

A woman walked out of court a free woman despite running over her husband with a car, according to court proceedings in the United Kingdom.

Southampton prosecutors said that a retired woman, who ran over her husband and left him to die, has avoided jail after a court heard they're still in love.

Sally Stickland, 72, was sentenced to 18 months jail suspended for two years, for attacking her husband, John, 73. The couple was seen hugging each other as she walked free.

Her husband suffered multiple fractures after being run over on a country road.

Judge Gary Burrell told the Southampton Crown Court that the 50-year marriage was marred by violence mainly by the husband.

In 2004, John kicked his wife in the head. He also tried to strangle her.

The husband told the court that he would be devastated if she received a jail sentence.

However, the mother of three children must now live with her child.

Drunk man ordered to write apology hundreds of times for stealing nude female painting from men’s bathroom

The nude portrait 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A man who was caught with a stolen painting, was ordered to write an apology over and over again as his punishment.

Barent Larkin, who is the general manager of the Citizen Hotel in Sacramento, California, said that an expensive painting that hung on the bathroom wall of the men’s bathroom went missing.

The drunk man decided that it was an attractive piece to take home after drinking too much at a wedding. That guest took it off the bathroom wall and tucked it in his garment bag.

Larkin checked the hotel surveillance videos and did a little detective work online through Google and LinkedIn. He found the thief and contacted him by phone.

"He sounded legitimately upset by what he did, it was a drunken mistake, one he wanted to take back," Larkin said.

Police went to the man's house to retrieve the portrait. However, he did not go to jail.

Instead, Larkin did something only done in elementary schools. He ordered the thief to sit down with a piece of paper and a pencil, and write one line over and over again.

“I will not get drunk at a wedding and go steal the naked picture of a woman on a cigar over the urinal in the Citizen Hotel," the man wrote.

The portrait will hang again in the bathroom in a more secure manner. The anonymous letter from the thief will be right beside it.

Snake bites Ghana man’s penis while sitting on public toilet

Snake in toilet 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A man suffered from serious pain after he was bitten by a hungry snake lurking in a public toilet, according to rescue workers in Ghana.

A routine trip to the toilet took an unexpected twist for a man when he was bitten on the penis by a hungry snake, which caused him extreme pain.

Kwabena Nkrumah, 34, was sitting in the public bathroom in the Ashanti, when the big black snake jumped out from below and grabbed his genitals.

The man told rescue workers that he nearly fainted with shock when the snake prepared to attack him for a second time before fleeing the toilet.

His cries of “snake, snake,” caused panic, and others soon began to run from the bathroom in the middle of the call of nature.

Nkrumah was treated at a local hospital, and is now recovering at home after his ordeal.

What to Expect When an Ethical Employee Files Suit Against an Employer

By: David Ross

Nearly 100,000 equal opportunities claims were filed throughout the nation in 2012, according to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

For an employee to file a lawsuit against a workplace, there needs to be a sense of harm.

The employer has to have betrayed the employee's trust in one way or another—or, the employee needs to perceive that such a betrayal has taken place. Without looking at the merits of the suit, state and federal statutes or legal precedents, the simple act of betrayal will change a person. If you're thinking about suing your employer, know to expect the following in your life:


This is one of the first emotions to manifest when a person feels he has been wronged. Anger is a neurological process related to fear and shock. It was passed down from our caveman days—it can force us to stand immobile in our cave or give us the strength to take down a hostile invader. Denying your anger and its associated stresses cannot only "eat you up," it can cause actual illness.

Letting anger control you, however, can cause recklessness that could cost you your case. Monitor your anger. Put it on a scale. When you feel the burning flames of wrath, give it a number from one to 10. When you are hitting the high numbers, redirect it to fuel logical, helpful actions. If there is nothing for you to do, then release the anger with the stress reduction techniques that work for you.


Instead of worrying what will happen, take the time to research what to expect. Companies have lawyers and insurance agents to handle the litigation and pay out the damages (if any are awarded). Since a representative from your employer's insurance company may be sitting on the opposite side of the table, familiarize yourself with the various types of business insurance. If your case will be paid out under an omissions and errors clause, then the lawyer will be paid by the insurance carrier. Understanding how the system works will help you to stop the preoccupying voices in your head.


Defense attorney Robin Shea wrote on the LexisNexis labor and employment law blog that employees filing a claim against their employer may find that coworkers are not on their side. Remember that the employer holds the purse strings, and your coworkers have no reason to put their jobs in jeopardy for you. Some of your coworkers will simply not agree with you. This can be very disheartening and lend to self-doubt. Do not let your emotions dictate your interactions with coworkers. It's best not to discuss the details of your case, anyway. Allow them to disagree with you without hard feelings.

Life-Altering Change

Prepare yourself to look for another job. A corporate lawsuit can drastically alter your personal and professional life, and you've made no friends with the management by filing a lawsuit. Betrayal often brings change, so use this to your advantage. Look for new educational and entrepreneurial opportunities. Use this experience to learn to protect yourself from a wrongful work environment.