Home needed for dog with fetish for eating women's underwear

Barney with the panties found inside it 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A dog was found with three pairs of women's underwear in its possession.

The stray dog was taken to the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, in London, England, where he was found to have an unusual liking for women’s panties.

The dog has a tendency of eating the underpants.

Since being admitted to the facility, three articles of women’s underwear have passed through the dog’s digestive system and were found to be intact.

Veterinarians said that they were surprised to find the two pairs of black cotton panties and a black thong in its deposits.

Other than its unusual fetish for women’s underwear, the nine-month-old Staffordshire bull terrier, named Barney, is healthy.

After finding the three pairs, veterinarians at the center took an X-ray of the dog and realised that there were a couple more panties inside the dog.

Staff at the shelter are looking for a new home for the animal, and are
advising the new owners to keep Barney away from the laundry basket and washing line.

Bank robber gets robbed minutes after leaving bank with stolen money

Larry Poulos 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) Larry Poulos of Arlington, Texas, got a taste of his own medicine minutes after he robbed a bank.

Poulos entered the Educational Employees Credit Union, and handed the teller a slip with the word "bomb" scrawled on the back.

The teller initially thought he was joking, but she soon realized he was seriously trying to rob the place.

The teller handed him more than $5,000 in cash in a bag before he fled the scene.

The man wore an “I love Texas” shirt at the time of the robbery.

While he was walking home, neighbors saw Poulos suspiciously running to his apartment, while dollar bills were spilling out of his bag and trailing behind him without him realizing.

The neighbors called police.

At the same time, two men walked by and witnessed Poulos carrying the bag full of cash.

The two entered Poulos’ apartment, and they fought with him, leaving him bloody before they fled the scene.

When police showed up at Poulos’ apartment, they found that he was bleeding from his head.

They also noted that he was wearing the same “I love Texas shirt” in which he was seen in the surveillance video robbing the bank.

Both Poulos and his roommate told police that he had just been robbed.

Poulos faces federal robbery charges, while the men who robbed him have not yet been caught.

His roommate was arrested on an unrelated warrant.

Romantic man gets his heart and guitar broken by annoyed girlfriend

The singing duo with the annoyed girlfriend 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A man wanted to do something special for the woman who he was falling in love with.

However, instead of impressing the woman, he had his heart and guitar smashed.

The Beijing, China college student, went to the woman’s house with his guitar, and had a female friend accompany him with a drum.

The duo began playing, hoping to impress the woman, who was inside her house.

The man called the woman, asking her to come outside.

When the woman finally came out, the woman confronted him, but it was not what he thought.

She was not the least bit impressed by his romantic gesture.

On the contrary, she was annoyed and demanded the man to stop singing.

She began shouting: “shut up, you’re so annoying, just stop already.”

The man did not give up, and he replied "I like you."

After that, the woman went out of her way to demonstrate that she seriously wants nothing to do with him.

She grabbed his guitar and smashing it on the road, leaving the man with a broken heart and a broken guitar.

Disney World surprise goes wrong leaving child in tears

The 3-year-old girl  
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A 3-year-old girl was disappointed when her parents surprised her with a trip to Disney World.

There are many videos online of parents surprising their children with a trip to Disney World.

While most children jump up and down with excitement or scream for joy after finding out that they are going to Disney World, this girl was different. She burst into tears and refused to go.

In the video below, the family is seen at Pensacola International Airport, in Florida, where the mother was heard asking her 3-year-old daughter if she knows where the family was going.

“Do you know where we're going? We're going to Disneyland right now! We're all going!” The mother said.

However, the child was very disappointed, as she thought they were going to Mobile, Alabama, to visit family.

Instead of being happy about going to Disney World, the girl and ran off crying.

Man arrested during marriage proposal, police hands ring to girlfriend

Elaina Rios and Justin Harrell 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A police officer ruined the special moment for one couple.

The officer refused to wait a few moments so the man can finish his proposal to the love of his life.

However, the officer was unable to break the couple apart, as the woman who loves her boyfriend, was willing to stand by him even as he was taken to jail in handcuffs.

Justin Harrell, 32, had planned a romantic proposal in which he asked his girlfriend, Elaina Rios, to marry him in Elk City, Oklahoma.

Everything was going as planned until an off duty police officer, Detective Steve Bonds, recognized Harrell as someone who had several arrest warrants against him in connection with bounced checks.

Even though Bonds was off duty at the time, he was unwilling to let the suspect walk free.

Bonds handcuffed Harrell, and he was getting ready to take him to the police station.

Harrell begged the officer for five minutes because he was about to propose to his girlfriend.

"Can you give me five minutes? I was about to propose to my girlfriend,” Harrell asked the officer.

“Yeah go ahead and do that," the officer responded.

Harrell then asked the office if he would take off the handcuffs for a couple of minutes so he can get down on his knee and propose properly.

The officer refused to remove the handcuffs, Elk City Police Chief Eddie Holland said.

However, the officer agreed to take the ring out of Harrell’s pocket and handed it to Rios, who accepted the proposal and said: “yes.”

“We are best friends. He completes me, he is my rock and I am his rock,” Rios said.

Wife beats up husband then sends him to jail

Derrick Maynard 
By: John Roberts

A man got the short end of the stick when he tried to fight his wife.

Police in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, were called to the scene of a domestic violence incident between a husband and his wife.

When they arrived, they found the husband badly bruised.

Derrick Maynard, 32, was arrested at the scene after he allegedly started the fight with his wife.

Maynard’s wife told police that she beat her husband up in self-defense after her husband assaulted her.

According to a court affidavit, the wife told police that Maynard was drinking whiskey when he started screaming and threw a Wii remote control at her.

She told police that Maynard then grabbed a pellet gun and pointed it at her while screaming "you deserve to die."

The affidavit states that Maynard also hit his wife in the head.

She admitted to officers that she kicked him several times in self-defense.

Police said that Maynard appeared to be drunk and was unable to keep his balance. Officers also located the pellet gun in the living room.

Maynard was booked into the Washington County Jail on complaints of aggravated assault with a weapon and threatening to kill.

Maynard Court records show that he pleaded guilty in September, for domestic assault and battery.

He was sentenced to 52 weeks of domestic violence counseling for those offenses.

For now, he remains in jail in lieu of $25,000 bail.

Lifeguard, 21, arrested for sexually abusing young girls after meeting them at pool

Samuel Patrick Melthratter 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A few girls in Gresham, Oregon, came forward and told police that a 21-year-old man sexually abused them.

Samuel Patrick Melthratter had allegedly taken advantage of his position as a lifeguard at the Mt. Hood Community College pool.

During his job as lifeguard, Melthratter befriended young teenage girls and then sexually abused them.

Police arrested him after three underage victims came forward with the same allegations.

Gresham Police said that the 21-year-old Melthratter was arrested at his home on Wednesday afternoon, after a grand jury indicted him on third-degree sodomy, and second and third-degree sex abuse charges.

Melthratter is no longer employed by the college, according to police.

However, police fear that there are more victims and are asking people with information to contact them.

Freaky lamb born with just two legs seen walking like a human

Lamb walking like a human 
By: Sarah Weiss

A freak lamb that was born with just two legs learned how to walk like a human, according to photos uploaded to the Internet.

The lamb was born in August, in the village of Liucheng in Zhoukou City, which is part of Henan Province, central China.

The original owner of the lamb, Lin Zhao, was amazed to see the incredible solution, which the crippled animal came up with.

"I'm 60-years-old, and this is the first time I've seen such a lamb. I was sure it was going to die sooner rather than later, so I decided to keep it," Zhao said.

"However, I was surprised that a month later, the lamb began to learn to walk on its back legs," he said.

The lamb quickly became famous in that area of ​​China, and it inspired student Xiu Wang, 31, to buy the lamb for $700.

Wang, who had to abandon his studies at a university in the Anhui Province, after being diagnosed with cancer in the lymph nodes, was inspired by the lamb.

“I see myself in the lamb,” Wang said. “It keeps my spirits up,” he added.

Wang promised to tell the story of the lamb to other cancer patients.

"I think it's the best cure for us," he said.

Murderer sentenced to life in prison walks free after victim’s brother forges court ordered release documents

Joseph Jenkins (left) and Charles Walker 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A murderer walked out of jail a free man after the victim’s brother forged court ordered release documents, according to police reports in Florida.

Tallahassee officials said that a plot that allowed two murderers to walk out of the Orange County jail, began to develop when one of the murderers befriended his victim's brother in jail.

The brother was one of the four inmates accused in the case on Thursday. Lawmakers are calling to strengthen security in Florida.

Officials said that Willie Slater Jr., 36, has developed a relationship with the murderer of his brother, Joseph Jenkins, while they were in jail together.

Slater and others helped forge court ordered release documents from prison this fall that allowed Jenkins and a fellow Orange County murderer, Charles Walker, to walk from the prison where they were sentenced to life.

The murderer took responsibility for a crime that his victim’s brother did, so the brother owed him a favor.

Jenkins mailed fraudulent documents to Slater, who introduced them to the Clerk's Office in Orange County.

Slater is charged with seven counts of forgery, judicial manipulation, conspiracy and aiding the escape of a prisoner.

The investigation is still ongoing, and more arrests are possible.

West Point Cadet caught emailing child porn videos and images

Ricky Patrick Hester 
By: David Ross

A West Point Cadet was arrested and charged with distribution of child porn after he was allegedly caught emailing child pornography, according to a statement released by the United States Attorney’s Office in New York.

Ricky Patrick Hester was arrested for possession and distribution of child pornography. Hester, a cadet at the United States Military Academy at West Point, was arrested by HSI agents today on the West Point campus and presented in White Plains federal court before United States Magistrate Judge Lisa Margaret Smith.

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara stated: “As alleged, Ricky Patrick Hester possessed and distributed illegal child pornography, a crime that victimizes the most vulnerable members of our society. Thanks to the efforts of Homeland Security Investigations, Hester’s alleged illicit conduct was brought to light, and he will now have to answer to these serious charges.”

HSI Special Agent-in-Charge James T. Hayes, Jr. stated: "Few crimes are more damaging and disturbing than the willful possession and distribution of explicit sexual images of children. This is not a victimless crime and HSI will work tirelessly to target and arrest those who enable exploitation by purchasing child pornography."

According to the allegations in the criminal Complaint filed today in White Plains federal court:

From at least as early as February 2013, and up to on or about September 29, 2013, on a number of occasions, Hester possessed and distributed images and videos containing child pornography.

According to the Complaint, during their investigation, DHS agents learned that Hester used an email account to exchange numerous videos with other internet users that contained what appeared to be minor children engaging in sexually explicit conduct.

When Hester was questioned in his barracks yesterday, he admitted that he sent and received numerous images and videos containing child pornography using a private email account.

Hester, 23, of Granger, Indiana, is charged with one count of receiving or distributing child pornography, which carries a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in prison and a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison, and one count of possessing child pornography, which carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. Both counts also carry a maximum fine of $250,000 or twice the gross gain or loss from the offense.

New giant real size Lego car seen on video running on air

The giant Lego car 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A creative man has shown the world that a car can run on air, according to video uploaded to the Internet.

It took more than half a million Lego pieces to create the car, the young Romanian, who got an investment from an Australian, said. The Lego engine drives through air, and easily seats two.

The main investor in the project, Steve Sammartino, said that the car can accelerate to just over 18 miles per hour, but he prefers to drive it slow.

The car was built by 20-year-old Raul Oaida, after Sammartino tweeted way back in February 2012, that he was interested in investing $500 to $1000 on an awesome project.

Now, over a year later, the project has been completed, and can be seen moving in the video below.