Married woman who was caught in bed with her student sentenced to 5 months jail

Zeng Cing-Jyu 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A married woman who works as a teacher, was jailed after she was caught in bed with her student.

Zeng Cing-Jyu, 39, of Taiwan, was sentenced to 5 months in prison while her student was sentenced to 3 months in prison for the affair.

Cing-Jyu was caught by her husband having sex with a student, who is 17 years younger than her.

The student, Chen Yu-siang, who is 22, was found in bed naked.

Zeng Cing-Jyu has been married to her husband for 13 years, and they have a son and a daughter together.

Three years ago, Cing-Jyu was caught flirting with a colleague, but her husband decided to forgive her.

However, Zeng did not learn from her mistakes and started a romantic relationship with her student.

One day, when her husband came home early, he heard sexual sounds coming from the third floor of the house. He grabbed the camera and busted into the room, where he found his wife in bed with the student.

With the evidence in hand, the husband went to the police.

In Taiwan, adultery is a crime. The woman told the court that she and her student were just eating rice pudding and watching movies.

The judge did not believe her and sentenced her to 5 months in prison.

The student was also jailed for having an affair with a married woman.

Cing-Jyu was fired from the college where she worked and met the student.

Yu-siang was allowed to continue going and graduate from the college.

Woman, 60, gives birth to twins so she is not lonely

Sheng Hailin 
By: Debbi Gross

A woman was devastated when her only daughter died in an accident.

Instead of feeling self-pity and lonely, she decided to have another child.

Sheng Hailin, now 62, has become the oldest mother of newborns in China, after she gave birth to twin girls at age 60.

The children were born 16 months after her 29-year-old daughter and son-in-law, died in a gas poisoning accident.

Instead of spending a lonely retirement with her husband in their home in east China's Anhui Province, Hailin decided to have more children to bring joy back into their lives.

The joy that accompanied the birth of their new twin girls helped them overcome the pain, grief and loneliness after losing their only daughter.

She had taken medication and had undergone IVF treatment to become pregnant.

Hailin's experience is a microcosm of the growing problems of bereaved parents in China, who have lost their only child. These people are referred to as shidu fumu.

According to statistics, there are at least one million shidu fumu parents in China, with the number growing by 76,000 each year.

To address the problem, some organizations are providing community services and counseling support to the elderly, who were left lonely without their children.

Woman arrested 36 years after trying to kill former husband

Kathlyn Regina Rose and brother-in-law Jalen Rose 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A woman who was accused of trying to kill her common law husband, managed to escape justice.

Now, 36 years later, the United States Marshals have arrested her.

Kathlyn Regina Huff, 58, was arrested outside her current home in Michigan, after she was indicted on charges of attempted murder in Texas, 36 years ago.

Huff, who has since married and changed her name to Regenia Kathlyn Rose, had been on the run since 1977, after police claimed she shot her partner in the head.

The man survived.

Residents of the quiet neighborhood of Farmington Hills, expressed dismay at the news.

"You never know who your neighbor is. You live in a quiet neighborhood, but you never know who lives behind this door, you know?" Madhuri Raju said.

The suspect is currently married to the brother of former NBA star Jalen Rose.

Rose said that he will support his sister-in-law, who is married to his brother Kevin, and he will help pay her legal bills.

Thousands of women become pregnant without ever having sex

Pregnant woman illustration 
By: Sarah Weiss

Thousands of young U.S. girls said that they have become pregnant without ever having sex, according to a recent survey released by the British Medical Journal.

One in 200 young women reported being pregnant without having sex, doctors in the U.S. have found.

Researchers interviewed 7,870 adolescents over a period of 14 years in which they discovered that today, virgin births are a reported phenomenon.

Participants were asked about their history of vaginal intercourse, pregnancy history, and their use of assisted reproductive technology.

Of the thousands of young women surveyed, 0.5 percent confirmed that they had become pregnant despite being virgins and not using IVF or other assisted reproduction.

The results also found that 31 percent of those who reported pregnancy, had once signed a pledge of chastity.

These girls were also more likely than non-virgins to have parents who don’t talk about sex.

The researchers conducted their study at the University of North Carolina.

Couple with green skin seen getting married in festive ceremony

Amanda and Nathan Gibbs 
By: Shifra Unger

A couple who painted themselves green for their wedding ceremony, is receiving much attention.

Amanda Gibbs was so determined to make her big day unforgettable she painted herself green in honor of Shrek.

The 44-year-old married her boyfriend, Nathan, 39, in full costume.

The couple had planned a small ceremony after being together for eight years.

After losing a number of friends to cancer, the couple, who runs an ironing business, decided to dress as a fairy tale and use their festive day to raise funds for charity.

They married in Priory Hall in Priory Park, Dudley, West Midlands, United Kingdom.

The wedding guests were also integrated with the theme, with participants dressing up as the Gingerbread Man, Mickey Mouse, and Jack Sparrow of the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Instead of wedding gifts, the couple asked people to donate money for Cancer Research.

"We had a great day today, and it's fantastic to think that the money we raised will go to help support people with cancer and their families,” Nathan Gibbs said.

Former GE executive charged with murder after killing pregnant woman while attempting to commit suicide

Robert Dellinger 
By: David Ross

A man was arrested and charged with murder after he allegedly killed a pregnant woman while attempting to commit suicide, according to police reports in New Hampshire.

The former General Electric executive was charged on Friday, with second-degree murder in an accident that killed a young couple, who were expecting their first child.

Attorney General Joseph Foster and the New Hampshire State Police announced charges against Robert Dellinger, 53, who lives in Sunapee.

Dellinger faces two counts of second-degree murder for the death of Jason Timmons, 29, and Amanda Murphy, 24, who was eight months pregnant when she was murdered.

Dellinger said he was depressed and was trying to kill himself, while driving his full-size pickup through a grass-covered median on Interstate 89. Police said that the truck went airborne and slammed into the family car, killing them instantly. The unborn child did not survive.

Dellinger suffered cuts to his head and face. He was released on bail of $250,000 cash. He was also ordered to wear an electronic monitor and undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Dellinger was arrested at the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center.

He also held senior positions at Sprint Corp., and Delphi Corp.