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Woman seen on video discovering large snake living in her couch

By Mason White 12:44 PM January 1, 2014
The snake in the couch 

By: Debbie Gross
(Scroll down for video) A woman was horrified when she discovered a large snake living in her couch, according to video uploaded to the Internet.

Holly Wright made ​​the startling discovery two months after moving a second-hand couch into her bedroom. She discovered a boa constrictor living under the cushions.

Wright said that she does not know from where the snake came from. She found the sofa, which had a sign saying it was free, on the sidewalk in front of a house in Heritage Hill, Michigan.

Wright said that she did not think twice before taking the couch home.

“We smelled it and everything looked fine,” she said.

“We cleaned it, and we never saw anything,” she added.

Over the weekend, the snake emerged from inside the sofa. Wright, along with her ​​boyfriend, recorded the discovery.

“It had been living in the couch for two months in my room, and I had no idea. It looks pretty big,” she said.

Wright said the snake was lethargic. She suspects that the snake came out because it was dying from cold.

“It did not really react or hiss, but when I poked it with a coat hanger is moved a bit, so at that point we flipped the couch over,” she said.

They took out the snake in order to nurse it back to health, but it died.