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Government employment website advertises prostitution job

By Mason White 1:13 PM January 2, 2014
A screenshot of the advertisement 

By: Moses Gold
Visitors to the British government employment website were shocked to see a job opening for prostitution, according to a screenshot uploaded to the Internet.

The Department of Works and Pensions allowed the no experience necessary offer for a single girl willing to work as a prostitute to be published on its website.

The advertisement, which offers 10 pounds an hour, was placed by an agency called Horny Escorts. The job offers flexible hours, and the only requirement is that you must love sex.

“Looks and race is unimportant. You need a mobile phone. No experience is required,” the advertisement states.

A department spokesperson admitted the mistake but refused to say how many people read the advertisement.

“The advertisement was inappropriate and was removed the next day. When advertising jobs, employers must agree to the terms and conditions. When an unsuitable job is found it is immediately deleted,” the spokesperson said.