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Woman has her toe bitten off after making unwanted advances towards man’s girlfriend

By Mason White 6:37 AM January 3, 2014
Foot illustration 

By: Debbie Gross
A woman learned the hard way not to mess with another man’s woman, according to hospital officials in Massachusetts.

Dorchester Police said that the toe of a woman was bitten off during a fight at a loud party.

At 5:00 a.m. on Wednesday, police officers received a call from the Boston Medical Center. Doctors reported that they were treating a patient, who was assaulted.

The victim, whose name was not disclosed, was attending a friend’s party when a fight broke out around 3:00 a.m., Nicole Grant, a spokesperson for the Boston Police, said.

The fight started after the victim approached a woman at the party and asked if she would like to “hook up.”

According to police, the woman’s boyfriend was upset by the suggestion, grabbed the neck of the victim, and forcefully pulled her hair back. She eventually escaped after continuously screaming.

The woman then told the host of the party what happened. Her friend did not believe the story and accused her of ruining the party.

The host then attacked her, beating her until other guests separated them.

The host grabbed her belongings and threw her out of the home. Once outside, the fight continued.

The two women fell to the ground, with the victim on top of her friend. They fought until they were separated again. That is when the host grabbed the victim’s left foot and bit off her little finger.

Another friend took the victim to Boston Medical Center. The victim also suffered from scratches to her forehead, neck and chest.