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Woman desperately looking for strange man who kissed and urinated on her in public

By Mason White 6:27 PM January 4, 2014
The Craigslist post 

By: Moses Gold
A woman is desperately looking to be reunited with a strange man, who kissed and urinated on her in public, according to a posting on Craigslist.

The unconventional love story took place in Bloomington, Indiana, when at midnight she was kissed by a total stranger.

The fateful kiss took place shortly after she began to cry, but then, she suddenly realized that she was being covered in urine. The man fled from the scene.

While most people would freak out, the puzzled woman posted a notice on Craigslist looking to hook up with the strange man.

She wrote in the post that despite feeling urine on her leg she wished the man had stayed.

The anonymous poster is also determined not to be fooled by any potential impostors.

“Please reply to my post, and when you do tell me why I began to cry, so I know it’s you,” the woman wrote.