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Man slams Jetstar after being ‘squashed by smelly human fat for 4 hours’

By Mason White 3:44 AM January 5, 2014
Fat person illustration 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
A man is slamming a low-cost airline after he was seated next to a fat person who smelled really bad.

Rich Wisken of Australia, is demanding compensation from Jetstar “for physical pain and mental suffering caused by being squashed in human fat for four hours.”

Wisken was upset about paying an additional $25 for an emergency seat that he thought would give him ample room, only to find himself next to “what appeared to be a baby hippo” smelling “like the behind of a decomposing homeless man.”

“Shortly after I managed to dig into my seat, I was hit with a bad body odor. It smelled like blue cheese and Mumbai slums, with hints of sweaty flesh and human feces sprayed with cologne. Considering that I was visibly distressed, I found it odd that the cabin crew didn’t offer me another seat,” Wisken said.

Weskin decided to demand another seat, but his request was denied.

“I went back to me seat where I drowned in side-boob and cellulite, taking shallow breaths to avoid gas poisoning,” he wrote.