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Burglar tricks locksmith into opening victim’s house lock

By Mason White 12:12 PM January 5, 2014
Picking a lock illustration 

By: David Ross
A burglar almost had a steal of a deal after he persuaded a locksmith to open his victim’s house lock, according to police reports in Virginia.

The locksmith was initially pleased to have gained access to a house for his client, but there was only one problem, the man was actually a thief.

The unsuspecting worker was called to the property under the false pretext that the man had been locked out.

After gaining access, the locksmith became suspicious when the man was unable to prove that the house really belonged to him.

“My internal alarm immediately went off,” the locksmith said.

“The locksmith told the man that he will call the Albemarle County Police Department if he cannot prove ownership of the house,” a police department spokesperson said.

“That’s when the suspect fled on foot,” the police spokesperson added.

Police have launched an investigation, but so far, no arrests have been made.

The locksmith said that next time he will ask for identification before opening a lock.