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United Airlines cancels flight because a dirty diaper was flushed down the toilet

By Mason White 2:10 PM January 5, 2014
Baby diaper illustration 

By: John Roberts
(Scroll down for video) A flight was canceled after someone decided to flush a diaper down the toilet, according to a statement released by United Airlines.

Some residents in Ohio, are breathing easier after suffering a flight delay in Arizona.

Rick Milligan of Bay Village, was with his wife and two children in Phoenix. On Monday, their return flight was canceled after it was delayed for several hours. According to Milligan, they were told that a dirty diaper was flushed down the toilet.

“I do not think anyone would be so ignorant that they would put a diaper in the toilet of an airplane,” Greta Bonne of Chagrin Falls said.

A spokesperson for United Airlines could not confirm how many people were affected by delays and cancellations, but said that the bathroom was unusable and the plane could not fly as scheduled.

Most passengers were rebooked on other flights.
The United Airlines spokesperson said that such problems are not a common occurrence.