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Group of drunk men seen on video urinating on Holocaust memorial

By Mason White 6:38 PM January 6, 2014
Man urinating on Holocaust memorial 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
(Scroll down for video) A group of drunk men were captured on video urinating on a Holocaust memorial in Germany, according to video uploaded to the Internet.

Berlin Police said that they are considering additional security for the main Holocaust memorial after the video seemed to show revelers urinating on the site.

The YouTube video appeared to show drunken revelers urinating and launching fireworks within the 2,711 concrete slabs commemorating the 6 million Jews killed by the Nazis.

The site is in the heart of Berlin, near the Brandenburg Gate.

Police spokesperson Thomas Neuendorf said on Monday, that the site was specifically designed to be open to the public, but a fence would be erected during major events.

Jenifer Stolz, a spokesperson for the foundation that takes care of the memorial, said that a temporary barrier would be acceptable.