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Woman, 21, stabs her boyfriend because he didn’t call her every 2 hours

By Mason White 2:35 PM January 7, 2014
Rhiann Burnie and Shane McMullen 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
A woman was arrested and charged with aggravated assault after she stabbed her boyfriend because he didn’t call her every two hours, according to court proceedings in the United Kingdom.

The young mother beat and stabbed her boyfriend because he did not call her every two hours one night, leaving him seriously injured that paramedics believed he was dead, a court heard on Monday.

Rhiann Burnie, 21, punched Shane McMullen, 23, and stabbed him in the shoulder before lighting a cigarette and cleaning up his blood while he was lying on the floor clinging to his life, the Burnley Crown Court heard.

Prosecutors said that she was furious about him going to an engagement party and leaving her at home with her ​​two-year-old daughter.

Despite cutting a main artery and causing significant blood loss, McMullen survived. He suffered memory loss and has nightmares of being stabbed again.

A jury was told that he had been attacked simply because he forgot to call her every two hours as she demanded.

The couple had been in a relationship for a year and at first, they were happy. However, a darker more sinister character emerged, the jury was told.

Burnie had twice before threatened McMullen with the knife.

She had also broken doors and furniture during heated arguments. Burnie had been advised to attend anger management courses.