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Teen injured after bomb explodes at Rachel’s tomb

By Mason White 7:05 PM January 7, 2014
The scene of the incident 

By: Eva Fett
A teen was hospitalized after a bomb exploded at Rachel’s tomb, according to police reports in Israel.

Police officials said that two serious incidents occurred in the West Bank, this week

In one incident, a 19-year-old man was injured when a homemade bomb exploded at the complex of Rachel’s tomb near Bethlehem. A large number of police officers responded to the scene, and they launched an investigation.

An initial investigation found that the bomb was thrown from the east side of the complex into the lower parking lot, where the teen was standing. He was injured by shrapnel and received medical treatment. He was transported by Magen David Adom to a local hospital for further treatment.

Police at the scene examined the explosive device and began searching for the suspects.

The case followed an incident in which a grenade was thrown at an IDF base near Bethlehem. There were no injuries or damage in that incident.