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Squeaky Clean Business Tips for 2014

By Mason White 10:50 AM January 8, 2014
Employees at work 

By: Shifra Unger
A survey done by the U.S. government showed that quitting smoking, losing weight, and eating healthier are three of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, many of those resolutions are forgotten before the end of January. This year, why not make your resolution getting your business in shape? Starting out fresh for 2014 doesn’t have to involve major changes or long-term planning. Instead, you can make those resolutions that will have the new year shaping up to be your best year ever for your business. Consider some of the following clean-up tasks:

Clear the Clutter – No one is at their productive best amongst chaos. Broken equipment, piles of papers, out-of-date magazines, and disorganized overstock all needs to go out the door. If you have a lot of large items, you may want to look for more information on renting a dumpster to haul away the clutter. Business News Daily recommends evaluating your work space and getting organized by filing, recycling, and cutting out the waste. Sprucing up the office with new artwork can also inspire in the months to come.

Computer Clean-up – Cleaning up your computer can have your business running at top speed. The Huffington Post reminds us of all the times we clicked cancel on our computer scans because we were busy. When was the last time you dumped your cookies or cleared your cache? Getting rid of old software, running full scans, and cleaning out computer files can restore speed and improve the operation of the much-needed office computer.

Cut Away Employee Dead Weight – Unfortunately, not all employees you hire will work out. Many businesses keep employees even when it is no longer beneficial to the business or the employee. Forbes reminds business owners and managers that it’s okay to let employees go if the employee is no longer benefiting the business. If they aren’t responsive to feedback, can’t be relied upon to produce results, and are not team players, it’s time to cut them lose and start the year with a team focused on success.

Website Make-Over – A fresh year can mean a fresh look for your website. Keeping your website looking good and feeling exciting can get lost in noise of jumping on the social media bandwagon, according to Mashable. Don’t neglect your own business website, since this is where all those leads are going to hopefully end up.

Dust Off the Books – Facing the new year with your finances in order is an excellent feeling. Many of those little financial tasks can pile up if gone unchecked. Take the time to reconcile your bank and credit card statements. Look over petty cash spending for savings. Search for ways to save money, through actions such as lowering interest credit cards, or changing service providers for phone services and vending services.

Prepare for Tax Time – Solid Growth Accounting points out that tax time is right around the corner. Putting all your financial records in order makes this uncomfortable time a little bit easier. Whether you do your taxes yourself or have them prepared by tax accountant, having what you need organized and ready to go can make the road a lot smoother.