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Human remains fall from sky onto populated street

By Mason White 11:07 AM January 8, 2014
Scene of the incident 

By: Sarah Weiss
Residents were horrified to see human body parts falling from the sky and onto their street.

Saudi Police said that parts of a human body were dropped from an airplane mid flight onto the city of Jeddah, on Sunday.

Police said that the remains could be of a person that was trapped in the undercarriage compartment.

“Police received a call at 2:30 a.m. of a witness, who reported the falling of human remains at an intersection in the Mushrefa neighborhood,” police spokesperson Nawaf bin Nasser al-Bouq said.

Al-Bouq added that the remains “fell from the undercarriage of a plane.”

A photo claiming to be that of the body parts has appeared on social media sites.

The incident comes after a Saudi Arabian Airlines plane with 315 passengers made an emergency landing in the city of Medina, on Sunday.

However, a spokesperson for the General Civil Aviation Authority said there was no connection between the emergency landing incident in Medina and the body parts in Jeddah.