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Waitress forces man to have sex with her friend at gunpoint

By Mason White 3:15 PM January 8, 2014
Cierra Ross 

By: David Ross
(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested and charged with rape after forcing a man to have sex with her friend, according to police reports in Illinois.

Chicago Police said that a fast food waitress has been charged with sexual assault on a man. The victim told police that the 25- year-old had forced him to have sex with her friend in the back seat of a car after offering a ride.

Cierra Ross, a mother of two, was arrested on Tuesday, for her role in the alleged rape of the 33-year-old.
According to police, the victim was walking in the 400 block of North Kingsbury when Ross stopped him and offered him a lift home.

Shortly thereafter, the Denny’s waitress allegedly pulled out a gun on him and ordered him to climb into the back seat.

Ross then forced the 33-year-old at gunpoint to have sex with her friend.

The man was instructed to caress the breasts and buttocks of the woman.

The two female suspects also allegedly stole $200 cash, credit cards and an iPhone.

The unidentified man reportedly pleaded with his attackers to stop, but eventually, he was able to escape the car, running down the street naked from the waist down.

The 33-year-old saw a taxi driver and asked for help. The good Samaritan agreed to let him use his cell phone to take a picture of the suspect’s license plate and emailed it to himself.

The alleged victim then contacted police and identified Ross at a lineup. Her friend was not charged in connection with the violation.

Ross, who also goes by the alias of Octavia Brown, is being held on $75,000 bail.