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Woman finds $30,000 diamond after sifting through dog poo for 3 days

By Mason White 12:26 PM January 9, 2014
Diamond illustration 

By: Eva Fett
A woman is happy after she found her lost diamond while sifting through her dog’s poo.

For three days, the British woman, whose dog ate her $30,000 diamond from her ring, sifted through the poo.

Angie Collins, 51, left her ring on a table when she went to bed. When she woke up, the ring was there, but the stone was missing.

Her German shepherd named Jack, a police dog, had gnawed the gold ring and swallowed the diamond.

Collins took the 18-month-old dog to a vet, who said that there was a small chance she would see the rock again.

The woman did not give up, and she sifted through her dog’s poo for three days until she finally recovered it.

Collins inherited the ring from her late mother Ann in the 1990s. She did not have insurance on her diamond ring.