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Government child safety hotline turns into phone sex line

By Mason White 12:46 PM January 9, 2014

By: Ryan Lee Hall
(Scroll down for video) An official Colorado child safety hotline turned into a phone sex line.

The phone line operated by the Colorado State Patrol, continues to be listed by some agencies despite it now being a phone sex line.

The Colorado Children’s Hospital and the Colorado Department of Transportation, which lists the child seat safety hotline as 1-877-LUV-TOTS, said they had no knowledge that the line is no longer in use, and that the number has since become a phone sex line.

The groups, which lists the number on its web pages, said they are investigating the matter.

The spokesperson of the Colorado State Patrol, Mike Baker, said that the number was established in 2002, to advise parents on child safety information, but an informal directive came to stop using the number in 2008, when they started having technical problems. Partners were told that the number will no longer be in use.

Baker said that the number became a phone sex line in 2012, and that the Colorado State Patrol has no control over the use of the number.