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Dog seen taking car on joyride and crashing into vehicle

By Mason White 3:20 AM January 12, 2014
Toby on a joyride 

By: John Roberts
(Scroll down for video) A dog decided to have some fun with its owners car, so it took it for a joyride.

However, it did not take long for the dog to crash the vehicle. The damage was minimal, but the shock value was not.

A Washington woman, who was stopped at a red light at Crestline and Empire, said that a car hit her vehicle out of nowhere.

The woman said she did not see anyone inside the car at first.

“I was driving, hoping to just get home,” Tabitha Ormaechea said.

Ormaechea had worked all day and all she wanted to do was rest. Her plans got a little hairy at the red light.

“I bent down to get some lipstick, and that’s when it hit me,” Ormaechea said.

“When I looked up, there was nobody in the car, just a little dog up on the wheel looking at me,” Ormaechea said.

“I was surprised, I did not know if I was crazy, or if this little dog had taken a joyride,” she added.

Dog owner Jason Martinez said that his dog took his car for the joyride.

Martinez said he had been in the store for a few minutes, when his dog, Toby, decided to get into action.

“The dog must have hit the shift and the car began moving,” Martinez said.

There were no injuries and the damage was minimal.