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Baby born from sperm smuggled out from prison

By Mason White 4:48 PM January 11, 2014
Dalal and her baby 

By: Moses Gold
A woman was able to give birth after smuggling out her husband’s sperm from prison, according to hospital officials in the Gaza Strip.

The woman of Gaza, gave birth on Friday, to a boy using sperm smuggled to her from her husband, who is a Palestinian prisoner in an Israeli jail.

The mother said that she was “very, very happy.”

Her husband Tamer, was detained during an Israeli military incursion in the town of Beit Hanoun, and is imprisoned for 12 years for his ties to the Islamic Jihad terror group.

The parties involved refused to disclose the details of the operation.

This is not the first case of sperm smuggling. In August 2013, a boy was born from sperm of Hamas member Ammar al-Zayn.

The boy, al-Zayn, was conceived by his third wife Dalal, through artificial insemination in a hospital in Nablus.