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Gaza man electrocuted while smuggling in cross border tunnel

By Mason White 2:55 PM January 12, 2014
Gaza smuggling tunnel 

By: Eva Fett
A man is dead after he was electrocuted while smuggling goods inside a tunnel, according to hospital officials in the Gaza Strip.

A doctor said that a Palestinian worker died from electric shock inside an underground tunnel early on Sunday.

Bassam Al-Farmawi died instantly from the shock, and his body was taken Martyr Yousef Al-Najjar Hospital in the border city of Rafah.

The incident occurred while a group of Palestinians was involved in illegal smuggling despite efforts by the Egyptian army to demolish these underground tunnels.

Up to 180 Palestinians have been killed in such accidents.

Palestinians use these makeshift tunnels to smuggle items such as food, medicine and fuel, as well as rocket making materials and weapons.