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Group of female adult dancers kidnap and beat man because he told them to keep their clothes on

By Mason White 6:15 AM January 13, 2014
The four suspects 

By: John Roberts
A man was kidnapped, beaten and robbed by a group of female dancers after he told them to keep their clothes on, according to court proceedings in the United Kingdom.

Prosecutors told a judge that a club owner was abducted by three lapdancers and their managers, with the women wearing miniskirts, stilettos and Daisy Duke shorts.

Curtis Woodman was leaving his workplace in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, when the women and two men arrived in two BMWs.

Woodman told jurors at the Bristol Crown Court that the group surrounded him before throwing him in one of the vehicles.

Woodman of Cheltenham, was abducted, robbed of £60 in cash ($100), a £4,650 ($7,000) Brietling watch and assaulted during a two-hour incident.

Woodman also claims he was forced to transfer £4,800 ($7,100) to the lapdancers’ managers.

The women said that Woodman refused to pay them for their services.

Woodman said that he stopped paying the dancers because they took off their clothes when the contract clearly stated that they must stay dressed.

Officials closed the club after the dancers were caught performing nude.

The women and their managers were identified as Charlotte Devaney, 34, Mandy Cool, 29, Stephanie Pye, 31, Rachel Goodchild, 24, Robert Morris, 27, and Alexander Morris, 23.