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Teen girls seen on video holding down their girlfriend to be gang raped by group of men

By Mason White 6:39 AM January 13, 2014
Patricia Montes and Erica Avery in court 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) Two teen girls were arrested and charged with assault after they were seen on video holding down their girlfriend to be raped by a group of men, according to court proceedings in Florida.

Hollywood Police said that a 16-year-old was allegedly beaten by other girls before being raped in a horrific attack, which was recorded on a cellphone.

Patricia Montes, 15, and 16-year-old Erica Avery, are accused of punching, kicking and pepper spraying the girl before subjecting her to being raped by Jayvon Woolfork, 19.

The barbaric attack was recorded by Lanel Singleton, 18. The video showed the half-naked girl writhing and crying in the yard of a house in Hollywood, while her attackers raped her.

Dwight Henry, 17, was also charged with rape, police said.

The victim managed to stop a car and get home, where she lost consciousness and was taken to a hospital. She spent several days in the hospital with facial fractures, swelling and eye trouble.

The victim told police she was attacked after smoking marijuana and drinking beer with people she believed to be her friends, including a girl who had been her best friend since kindergarten.

Patricia Montes, 15, and Erica Avery, 16, are charged with two counts each of felony sexual assault and armed kidnapping. Both have been charged as adults.

Henry, 17, of Hollywood, Singleton, 18, ​​of North Miami, and Woolfork, 19, all face charges of felony sexual assault and capital kidnapping.