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Kiev rabbi beaten on his way home from synagogue

By Mason White 4:40 PM January 13, 2014
Street in Kiev illustration 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
A rabbi was beaten on his way home from synagogue, according to police reports in Ukraine.

Kiev Police said that a local rabbi, who studies with children, was beaten on Sunday night, by three young men on his way home from his evening prayers.

After completing his prayers he left the synagogue, and after a few minutes he realized that three locals are following him.

Near his home, they three suspects began beating him all over his body as they were screaming anti-Jewish epithets.

When the rabbi began screaming for help, the three young men fled. Passersby found the rabbi unconscious on the sidewalk and called police. The rabbi was transported by an ambulance to a local hospital for treatment.

Police said that the attack was captured on surveillance video, and that the three suspects are known to the police.