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Dog saves woman’s life by performing Heimlich maneuver after choking on piece of chocolate

By Mason White 6:13 AM January 14, 2014
Lesley Hailwood and her dog Nell 

By: Debbie Gross
A British woman is lucky to be alive after choking on a piece of chocolate thanks to her dog.

When Lesley Hailwood began choking on the chocolate, her dog, Nell, wasted no time and jumped into action.

The German Shepherd cross retriever jumped on the couch and pounced on her chest, which was similar to a person performing the Heimlich maneuver. After several pounces the chocolate dislodged.

“There is no doubt that Nell saved my life. The dog was amazing. It never jumped on me like that before. The dog knew that I was in trouble and it knew exactly how to help me,” Hailwood said.

Hailwood cares for guide dogs at her home in Liverpool, as they are being trained.

She will find it hard to say goodbye to the 17-month-old Nell, when it will be assigned to a blind person in several months.

“The chocolate was stuck. I was so relieved when Nell came to my rescue. I’ve had a couple of dogs and they always surprise me with their intelligence,” Hailwood said.

“If not for the dog, Hailwood would have been dead,” a doctor said.