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Pastor caught firebombing home while family was asleep

By Mason White 6:27 AM January 14, 2014
House on fire 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) A family is lucky to be alive after a pastor firebombed their home while they were asleep, according to police reports in California.

Vacaville Police said that a local pastor was arrested on suspicion of arson on Friday, after someone threw a Molotov cocktail at a local residence on Thursday.

Mark Lewis, 39, the pastor of the Fellowship Baptist Church, was arrested along with three other people on charges of arson of an occupied house, which is located on Chateau Circle.

Lewis had also been named as a suspect in four other incidents of harassment and vandalism against the victim. In one incident, plants in front of the victim’s house were burned.

In the latest incident, police received a call at 3:30 a.m. saying that someone threw a firebomb at a home.

Police said there were no injuries and damage to the house was minimal, as a fire extinguisher was used to extinguish the fire before firefighters arrived.

Six people, including three children, were asleep inside the residence at the time of the incident.

Police began combing the area and located a suspicious vehicle.

Inside the vehicle were Anthony Newbolt, 33, of Sacramento, Richard Wright, 28, of Sacramento, and Kristen Broyles, 30, of Citrus Heights.

Newbolt, Wright and Broyles were arrested and imprisoned on charges of arson of an inhabited dwelling and possession of an incendiary device.

The three suspects live at the church where Lewis is the pastor.

Detectives said they found evidence implicating Lewis as a co-conspirator in the firebombing attack.

Lewis was arrested on suspicion of arson on an inhabited dwelling, conspiracy and stalking. He is currently jailed at the Solano County Jail in Fairfield, and bail was set at $500,000.