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Drunk driver arrested after parrot tells police ‘he’s drunk he’s drunk’

By Mason White 10:11 AM January 15, 2014
Parrot illustration 

By: Debbie Gross
A man was arrested and charged with drunk driving after his parrot ratted him out to police, according to police reports in Mexico.

Mexico City Police said that Guillermo Reyes, 49, was arrested by traffic police at a checkpoint that was set up to catch drunk drivers.

When the man stepped out of his blue Chevy for a field sobriety test, police heard a voice saying: “He’s drunk, he’s drunk.”

At first, they thought that there was someone else inside the vehicle.

However, on closer inspection, they were astonished to find that the suspect’s bird was warning police.

Reyes was indeed found to be drunk and was subsequently arrested.

Animal control was called to the scene to take care of the bird.

Later, police allowed the bird to accompany its owner to jail after they feared that the bird would die if separated from its owner.

The two were taken to jail to spend the night.