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Mother horrified after finding glass inside Tesco ice cream while eating with her children

By Mason White 1:47 PM January 15, 2014
Ice cream illustration 

By: Shifra Unger
A mother was horrified when she bit into a piece of glass while eating ice cream she bought at her local Tesco supermarket.

Tesco has promised an investigation after the mother of three said that she found glass in her ice cream.

Julie Taylor, 40, bought the Knickerbocker Glory ice cream at the Tesco located on Norham Road, North Shields, United Kingdom.

The ice cream was on sale and it cost £3.50 ($5.00) for two.

However, when the family began to eat the ice cream at their home in Wallsend, pieces of what is believed to be glass were found.

Her daughters, Reo, 2, and Tillie, 9, are not believed to have swallowed glass.

The family later filed a complaint with Tesco, and the woman was asked to bring the ice back to her store for further investigation.