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Waffle House customer outraged after being charged $1,666 for $16 breakfast

By Mason White 11:46 AM January 16, 2014
Jim Andrews and the receipt 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
(Scroll down for video) A customer was left shocked after being charged more than $1,500 for a small breakfast.

Now, the Waffle House restaurant chain has apologized to a man of South Carolina, who was charged $1666.61 instead of $16.51 for breakfast.

Williamston resident Jim Andrews, said that he and his wife ate at the Waffle House in Piedmont, on Friday, when he gave the cashier his credit card to pay the bill.

“I signed it, and I looked again. I was shocked, as it said $1666.61,” he said.

Andrews said the cashier refused to cancel the charge, so he put in calls and emails to the corporate office of Waffle House. Corporate was able to reverse the charge.

“Our accounting department spoke with Andrews this morning to apologize and correct the matter,” Waffle House said in a statement.

Andrews said that the most frustrating part of this was not being able to speak to the local restaurant manager.