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Florida pizza shop selling pies topped with snake meat

By Mason White 6:02 PM January 18, 2014
The weird toppings 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) Ever wondered how snake meat would taste with your pizza? Now, you can buy a pie topped with all types of weird toppings.

A Florida pizza shop has become known for selling pies topped with almost all animals living in the Everglades, including python, alligator and frog legs.

Evan Daniell, the owner of Evan’s Neighborhood Pizza, said he came up with the recipe two years ago after discussing the invasion of pythons in the swamps.

The Everglades Pie, which also includes wild boar, swamp cabbage and tomato, is making the store very popular.

Avis, the wife of Daniell, said that people come from across the country to try the $50 pizza.

So far, the store has sold about 150 of those weird pizza pies.

The success has encouraged Daniell to consider selling other recipes made with roadkill, which would include raccoon, armadillo and possum meat.