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Man seen on video shooting off beer cap with shotgun

By Mason White 6:17 PM January 18, 2014
Anders Rodenberg shooting the lid off a beer bottle 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
(Scroll down for video) A hunter showed how real men open their beer bottles, according to video uploaded to the Internet.

The dangerous stunt, which was uploaded to YouTube, showed a Swedish hunter holding a bottle of Carlsberg beer with his arms outstretched before blowing the lid off with his gun.

Then, he showed off the glass bottle, which appeared to be in good condition, to the camera. The man took a sip from the beer bottle and seemed to really enjoy it.

The short clip, which was uploaded by Anders Rodenberg, quickly went viral on the Internet.

In the clip, the man pointed the barrel of his gun at the top of the beer bottle, pulled the trigger and blew the lid off.

Apart from a slight drip of foam, the glass beer bottle seemed to be completely unaffected by the close encounter with a shotgun.

Some people criticized the hunter saying that he wasted a bullet.