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2 dead after fight breaks out over broken toy train

By Mason White 6:43 AM January 21, 2014
Toy train illustration 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
(Scroll down for video) Two adults are dead after a fight broke out over a toy train, according to police reports in Tennessee.

Smyrna Police said that an argument over a broken toy started a family fight that ended with two people dead on Thursday night.

Kayleigh DuPont, 28, called police from her cellphone, but she hung up before saying anything. Police sent officers to the location, and when officers arrived to the home, two dead bodies were found in an upstairs bathroom.

DuPont had been fatally shot by her future brother-in-law, who then committed suicide.

Police found a 2-year-old child, who was unharmed.

The family has been fighting for the past several weeks.

Police believe that Justin Bennett, 32, killed his future sister-in-law, because he was upset with DuPont for filing charges against his father, Timothy Bennett.

Timothy Bennett said that he and DuPont had a fight about a broken toy train.

DuPont obtained a restraining order against her future father-in-law.

The child was transferred to the custody of a family member.