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New app allows couple to see sex with each other’s eyes through Google Glass

By Mason White 2:27 PM January 21, 2014
Couple in bed 

By: Eva Fett
If you ever wondered how your partner sees sex, you can now experience it with a new application.

The Sex With Glass was recently revealed at a trade show in London, England. The Sex With Glass app allows Google Glass holders to see sex with the partner’s eyes.

Everything was designed to make sex a little better, the developers said.

“We asked ourselves ‘How can we make sex more impressive with Google Glass?’ This is our answer,” they said.

The application can also provide a little help along the way as lovers can ask the Sex With Glass app for some suggestions on how to please their partner. All that needs to be done is say “glass give me ideas.”

When you’re done you just say “glass pull out.”

The app will also record the session for five hours.

“You can now see sex in a completely different angle,” the developers added.