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Man shoots himself after being involved in road rage incident

By Mason White 11:57 AM January 22, 2014
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By: Shifra Unger
(Scroll down for video) A man was hospitalized after he shot himself in the foot during a road rage incident, according to police reports in Florida.

Orlando Police said that Richard Coles, was taken to a local hospital with gunshot wound to his leg.

“He was taken to the local hospital, and he refused to press charges. He is no longer cooperating with investigators,” sheriff’s spokesperson Jeff Williamson said.

The details are still few, but Coles, 36, told Orlando Police that he had been driving towards Orlando, when another motorist brandished a pistol.

Feeling threatened, the man grabbed his own gun and it accidentally fired. The bullet hit one of his legs, causing a non-life threatening wound.

Police searched for witnesses to the incident, but so far, they were unable to locate any.

Road rage incidents resulting in injuries remain relatively rare, with 13 reported last year, in Central Florida.