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Underpants belonging to the mayor of Brussels stolen from bar

By Mason White 6:35 AM January 23, 2014
Underpants illustration 

By: Eva Fett
A bar said that it has discovered that the underpants belonging to the mayor of Brussels is missing, according to police reports in Belgium.

The pair of underwear belonging to the mayor of Brussels has been stolen from a museum showcasing underwear belonging to Belgian politicians and artists.

Until recently, one of the key pieces in the Brussels underpants museum was a donated pair of underpants that was signed by the mayor of Brussels, Yvan Mayeur.

“We only realized the theft last Sunday, The underpants were displayed at the pub section of the museum, a place that is much less secure than the museum on the first floor,” Jan Bucquoy, the landlord of the museum, said.

Bucquoy said that he now intends to ask Mayeur for a new pair of underpants.