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Elderly man left permanently disfigured after electricity from his clothes sparked gas explosion

By Mason White 11:16 AM January 23, 2014
Electric spark illustration 

By: John Roberts
An elderly man was left permanently disfigured after static electricity that built up on his clothes sparked a gas explosion, according to rescue workers in China.

The man has been left with severe burns after static electricity from his clothes caused a gas explosion in his home.

Wen Chung, 78, was disfigured after suffering second and third degree burns on the face, neck and hands.

Chung is currently being treated in Northern Jiangsu People’s Hospital, after the incident that occurred last week in his home in Jiangsu Province, in eastern China.

The man suffered injuries to his hands while trying to put out the fire.

“The power of the explosion was very strong. I felt the explosion 300 meters away,” a family member said.

The force of the explosion broke windows several houses down the block.

According to the initial investigation, a gas pipe leaked inside Chung’s home, and it ignited by a spark.