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Never before seen photos and documents of top Nazi Heinrich Himmler pops up in Israel

By Mason White 7:41 PM January 25, 2014
Heinrich Himmler 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
A large collection of photos and documents belonging to a top Nazi leader was discovered on Israel.

The private letters written by Heinrich Himmler, who ran the Nazi security service SS, have been rediscovered in Israel.

Hundreds of letters have been kept there for years in a private home, and were now in the hands of a private archive.

Experts have examined the documents and they have confirmed their authenticity. Some letters were written to Himmler’s wife, Marga, from 1927 to only five weeks before Himmler committed suicide in Berlin, Germany, in 1945.

Himmler was in charge of the SS, Nazi concentration camps, and the Gestapo.

The cache includes many previously unknown photos, documents belonging to the adopted son of Himmler, and other papers.

Many of the letters were signed Daddy or Heini.

Himmler was one of the top lieutenants of Adolf Hitler. He was captured at the end of the Second World War, but he committed suicide by swallowing poison.