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Boyfriend seen on video popping marriage proposal to his girlfriend while being arrested

By Mason White 10:44 AM January 26, 2014
Man in handcuffs illustration 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) In a shocking turn of events, an apparent arrest turned into a marriage proposal, according to police reports in Connecticut.

New London Police said that Matt Van Vliet proposed to his girlfriend Samantha Labo, who was crying, while he apparently was being handcuffed by police. Labo later discovered that the arrest was just part of the marriage proposal.

The incident began when police pulled over the couple while they were traveling in New London, and asked them to step out of their car.

Van Vliet was taken to a side, and when the officer began to put handcuffs on him his girlfriend began to cry.

The officer then pulled a ring from Van Vliet’s pocket, which was the signal for him to go and ask Labo, to marry him.

“I went from being the most terrified I’ve ever been to the most ecstatic,” Labo said about the incident.

Once she had said yes, the couple’s friends came running and taking pictures of the happy event.

The police officers then left the scene.