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Man arrested for killing entire Borough Park area family ruled unfit to stand trial

By Mason White 4:16 AM January 28, 2014
Mingdong Chen 

By: John Roberts
A man who was arrested and charged with killing an entire Borough Park area family, was ruled unfit to stand trial, according to court proceedings in New York.

A Brooklyn judge has found that a Chinese immigrant accused of killing five members of his own family, is suffering from a mental illness that makes him unfit to proceed with the criminal case.

Mingdong Chen, 25, has been exhibiting symptoms of severe mental illness that prevents him from making normal decisions, the suspect’s attorney said.

Chen will be taken to a psychiatric facility.

As we reported earlier, Mingdong Chen was arrested after he stabbed to death his entire family at their 57th Street apartment.

Police identified the victims as 1-year-old William Zhuo, 5-year-old Kevin Zhuo, 7-year-old Amy Zhuo, 9-year-old Linda Zhuo, and 37-year-old Qiao Zhen Li.