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Lifelong vegetarian devastated after restaurant accidentally serves her meat

By Mason White 3:14 PM January 1, 2014
Roshni Barot 

By: Eva Fett
A woman is very angry after she accidentally put meat into her body.

Roshni Barot, 28, of Tividale, West Midlands, United Kingdom, is a vegetarian, who never ate meat in her life.

She was left outraged after she was accidentally served a chicken sandwich at a restaurant.

Barot was at Nando’s restaurant where she had ordered a grilled halloumi cheese pita.

She said that she had eaten most of the sandwich before realizing it contained chicken rather than the halloumi cheese she ordered.

“I was not paying attention to my food as I was talking to my friend,” Barot said.

“I had never thought that I would need to recheck my food. I trusted them and they let me down. I was in shock and started to cry at the restaurant,” she added.

She was so distraught after eating the chicken that when she got home, she tried to get sick so she could throw up the food. She cried all night and was unable to sleep.

Barot was raised in a Hindu household where none of the family eats meat.

The restaurant manager apologized and offered her vouchers for another meal, which she refused, as she does not plan to ever go back to their restaurant.

“I feel it is not my body anymore. They took away my choice of what I put into my body. Now, I can never say that I never ate meat. I have dedicated my life to this for 28 years and they have taken this away from me,” Barot said.

“We deeply regret the error. Nando’s has the utmost respect for all our customers’ eating choices, and this was an honest and extremely rare mistake. The restaurant is extremely sorry about it,” a Nando’s spokesperson said.

“We are currently in contact with the customer and we have offered our sincere apologies. We are investigating how this has happened to make sure it does not happen again,” the spokesperson added.