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Police officers take time to report theft of cookies and milk inside police station

By Mason White 3:17 PM January 1, 2014
Cookies and milk illustration 

By: Moses Gold
Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? Apparently, a hungry police officer.

Officers in the United Kingdom wrote up crime reports for their missing possessions.

Police officers have filed reports for items that went missing inside their police station.

A box of cookies, a liter of milk and other petty items were amongst the reported items stolen from police stations.

Other items that were allegedly stolen from police stations in Devon and Cornwall, included toiletries, makeup, phone chargers, and £2 (about 3.30) in cash.

Officers filed theft reports while being called to deal with about 100 real thefts a day.

It is believed that the “thieves,” who took the cookies and milk without asking, were hungry colleagues.

All of these offences were officially classified as unresolved.

Following a Freedom of Information request, Devon and Cornwall Police revealed that the 18 petty theft robberies, which took place in the police stations have been officially registered as crimes during the past two years.

Among the items that have disappeared from the premises are two phone charges, a dress, a designer coat and a gym belt.

Toiletries was the popular target for “thieves.” Items such as perfume, eyeliner, foundation and aftershave were also stolen. Shockingly, someone took the time to write-up a report for the stolen toiletries.

None of these items were ever recovered.